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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUBDIVISIONS

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Atom, 99:state of being aware into numerous divisions and subdivisions, until one is left in a state ofFire, 46:controlled by the Law of Economy in one of its subdivisions, the Law of Adaptation in Time. 2.Fire, 50:seen eventually to include the other two laws as subdivisions. The subsequent result of forwardFire, 409:whole. Congeries or aggregations of cells, the subdivisions of groups. These must be similarlyFire, 427:functionaries are Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. Subdivisions of their functions give rise to the namesFire, 485:It will be seen from a close study of these subdivisions, how close is the cooperation between theFire, 524:of the three magnetic groups, in their various subdivisions with their consequent effectualFire, 604:each of the triple forms of Agni has numerous subdivisions. The solar fire is distinguished byFire, 904:manifesting in myriads of forms. Certain of the subdivisions of this group are known to students,Fire, 1046:by the most advanced Dhyan Chohan. 8 The four subdivisions of desire should be studied in theFire, 1046:the attainment - these respectively are the four subdivisions, cognitive desire, desire proper,Healing, 44:These five groups of disease, and their various subdivisions are responsible for the bulk of theHealing, 163:into many parts and organisms. Yet these many subdivisions function in a unified manner, and theMagic, 42:into many parts and organisms. Yet these many subdivisions function in a unified manner and theMagic, 521:major groups, which embody necessarily certain subdivisions. Inclusively they constitute all formsMeditation, 296:1920 The one fundamental school. Its national subdivisions. The location, personnel, and buildingsMeditation, 299:heads: The one fundamental School. Its national subdivisions. The location, personnel, andMeditation, 306:branches. Today I would take up: 2. The National Subdivisions of the One School At the outset IPatanjali, 25:it is not necessary to enumerate more intricate subdivisions) memory includes also the accumulatedPatanjali, 45:In these three groups are to be found various subdivisions and it is interesting to note that inPsychology1, 163:seven great rays is in operation. The seven subdivisions constitute the "seven rays" which, wieldedPsychology1, 225:seven main groups, corresponding to the seven subdivisions of the influencing rays, those ofPsychology1, 329:divisions of mankind and its forty-nine subdivisions. The division of humanity into seven main raySoul, 38:regulate the bodily processes, consist of two subdivisions. "The first of these contain glands with
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