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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUBHUMAN

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Astrology, 114:permits contact with the spirit of the planet (subhuman consciousness, and which was the basis ofAstrology, 255:a study of the zodiac in connection with the subhuman kingdoms of nature is not as yet possible.Astrology, 295:or of focused personal sensitivity to all subhuman soul expression, plus awareness (conscious orAstrology, 355:and the third kingdom (the synthesis of the subhuman kingdoms) leading to a Great Approach betweenAstrology, 358:the form-consciousness (planetary, human and subhuman) and the soul within all forms. InAstrology, 387:the fourth kingdom fashions or conditions all subhuman kingdoms. Astrology, 449:the destiny of humanity to transmit life to the subhuman kingdoms. With these triangles of supernalAstrology, 617:focused for the redeeming of the life of all the subhuman kingdoms. This can only take place whenAtom, 19:those types of consciousness which we consider subhuman, through the human, up to what may beAtom, 92:self-consciousness is the goal for all [92] the subhuman forms of life, and as group consciousness,Atom, 93:these atomic forms can be seen manifesting all subhuman types of life, from the life of the atom ofAtom, 144:intelligence. We passed on then to atomic forms, subhuman forms, and saw how the forms in the twoAutobiography, 289:of the divine Life, informing as it does all the subhuman kingdoms, the human family and theBethlehem, 94:Yet is this so? All aspects of the three subhuman kingdoms - animal, vegetable and mineral - areBethlehem, 94:so-called lesser manifestations of deity. In the subhuman kingdoms of nature we find three majorBethlehem, 140:their presentation of divinity. Some are really subhuman as yet. Others are simply human, and stillDestiny, 124:agency for spiritual energy to the three subhuman kingdoms. This is the major task of service whichDestiny, 139:can reach the whole of humanity and the subhuman kingdoms likewise. The second planetary center -Discipleship1, 70:the three superhuman kingdoms and the three subhuman. Again, the fourth plane (which must beDiscipleship2, 72:energy and life and of inspiration to the three subhuman kingdoms. It is this mechanism which [73]Discipleship2, 158:is a fundamental of the occult teaching. The subhuman kingdoms find their consummation in humanity,Discipleship2, 161:appeal going forth continuously from the three subhuman kingdoms in nature, but that appeal focusesDiscipleship2, 213:to humanity and, through humanity, to the subhuman kingdoms in nature. From the human family, allDiscipleship2, 213:is constantly working; and into humanity all subhuman lives must eventually proceed. As regards theDiscipleship2, 214:somewhat to clear your minds: [214] The three subhuman Kingdoms in Nature. Esoterically, theDiscipleship2, The fu:and then, through humanity, to the three subhuman kingdoms; in this way, these lower kingdoms areDiscipleship2, 297:unknown, downwards into kingdoms which we call subhuman, outwards into the human environment andDiscipleship2, 315:the karmic quota of their time, and lift the subhuman kingdoms (with its reflex activity of liftingDiscipleship2, 315:will rapidly follow. The process of lifting the subhuman kingdoms has been amazingly forwarded byDiscipleship2, 327:with a subsequent reflex action on the three subhuman kingdoms. Nothing which affects humanity orDiscipleship2, 433:via any appropriate center. In working with the subhuman kingdoms, initiates use the centers belowEducation, 126:also with a possible range of existence in the subhuman realms on a lower rung of the ladder ofExternalisation, 57:which will further human interests, relate the subhuman to the human through a right interplay ofExternalisation, 58:issues: The relation of the human soul to the subhuman kingdoms in nature and the place of theExternalisation, 58:lower. The quality of the soul in the three subhuman kingdoms, with particular emphasis upon theExternalisation, 123:man's magical ability to subdue and control the subhuman kingdoms and the elemental forces of theExternalisation, 148:invocation as it applies to elemental forces and subhuman agents, with the consequent evocation ofExternalisation, 163:consciousness, the superhuman states and the subhuman kingdoms. Thus humanity will becomeExternalisation, 165:three worlds of manifestation, and in the three subhuman kingdoms through the medium of the human;Externalisation, 440:groups of Masters Who work with the human and subhuman kingdoms will (in response to His demand)Externalisation, 473:all stages of consciousness and awareness - subhuman, human and superhuman. This inclusiveExternalisation, 479:expands the consciousness of humanity and of all subhuman states of awareness and sensitivity, allExternalisation, 519:protected that protection extends to all the subhuman kingdoms, of which the fourth kingdom, theExternalisation, 525:directly by humanity and by certain of the subhuman kingdoms, particularly the mineral kingdom.Externalisation, 526:and secondarily for the development of the subhuman kingdoms, the Hierarchy has made certainExternalisation, 532:He remains also a part), and with the human and subhuman kingdoms in nature. As evolution proceeds,Externalisation, 655:the responsibility for its distribution to the subhuman kingdoms in nature. 2. The energy of theFire, 7:in Nature, so man is the Macrocosm for all the subhuman kingdoms. The goal for the evolution of theFire, 240:man now is; on the other side are hosts of the subhuman evolutions who in future kalpas willFire, 245:"I am." Consciousness or Atomic Consciousness - Subhuman consciousness. The goal of consciousnessFire, 279:- S. D., III, 573, 574. These three embody the subhuman consciousness. Human consciousness 4.Fire, 282:cosmic. So also can it be narrowed down to the subhuman, and to the involutionary lives,Fire, 433:of entities, whether cosmic, systemic, lunar, or subhuman. The planetary Logos of this fifthFire, 451:deal with dense physical matter and control the subhuman evolution through certain groups of devas.Fire, 488:the self-induced activities of the central life, subhuman, human or superhuman. The black MagicianFire, 489:be considered as the life of all forms that are subhuman. A magician, therefore, who transmutes inFire, 535:have been or are MEN. We have not dealt with the subhuman, or with the lunar lords or lesserFire, 704:are the positive energy of the atom, cell or subhuman form, for instance, while the electrons orFire, 717:or elemental kingdoms and the three subhuman [718] kingdoms find their seventh principle in theFire, 730:is apparent and predominant. This covers the subhuman stages, and the first three cycles of theFire, 744:as it is released from form of any kind in the subhuman kingdoms. Pralaya is the result ofFire, 847:of three types of consciousness, deva, human and subhuman, in all their many grades andFire, 891:in mind by the occult student when studying the subhuman forms of existence. There is a distinctFire, 925:the devas who form the attractive force of all subhuman forms, holding the forms of the three lowerFire, 1032:the quality of the Life who informs each of the subhuman kingdoms of nature is known with greaterFire, 1043:love nature, of the planetary Logos. The three subhuman kingdoms have for objective the [1044]Fire, 1139:relative to the periodical appearing of the subhuman forms of life. The subject is too obscure, andFire, 1167:from the point of view of the subhuman beings it is that which draws all forms of life on toFire, 1185:enabled to bring together those lives (human, subhuman, and superhuman) which have earlier beenFire, 1209:aspect, of every life - superhuman, human and subhuman - and only when the true psychology isFire, 1211:individuality, awareness of the forces which are subhuman and [1212] which must be controlled, andFire, 1212:for all the three groups, superhuman, human, and subhuman. Above him stand those who are too pureFire, 1212:and of transmitting them consciously to the subhuman states. [1213] All this has to be accomplishedFire, 1214:lives which find their place in the six subhuman kingdoms (the [1215] three elemental, and theFire, 1216:there being self-consciousness. The work for the subhuman kingdoms is the establishment ofFire, 1232:to be true of all forms, of all souls, human, subhuman, planetary and solar. [1233] Fire, 1234:rational quality. The lesser devas and all the subhuman entities and all those builders who must inGlamour, 42:prior to taking the third initiation. The subhuman kingdoms in nature are free from glamor andGlamour, 221:plane - a man-created sphere of activity. The subhuman kingdoms of nature know no astral plane; theHealing, 12:and the integrating principle where the subhuman kingdoms are concerned. Disease appears whereHealing, 112:vibrates creatively to the call of the three subhuman kingdoms in nature. Healing, 154:the three superhuman kingdoms to the three subhuman kingdoms, and thus establishing the new heavensHealing, 244:of the planetary life itself. In the case of the subhuman kingdoms in nature, death is the directHealing, 247:place; this is true of all forms in the [247] subhuman kingdoms as they respond to the drag or pullHealing, 247:are three major stages in the life cycle of all subhuman forms, and in the human form likewise whenHealing, 248:of promoting the evolutionary process within the subhuman kingdoms, and to the devas whose task itHealing, 297:for the human kingdom but also for the three subhuman kingdoms. The Law of Imperfection existsHealing, 587:sense can also flow through humanity into the subhuman kingdoms in nature. This is evidence ofHealing, 613:of the indwelling conscious life in the three subhuman kingdoms have an analogous but lessHealing, 688:Lives in evoking response from the human and subhuman kingdoms or grouped lives within the threeMagic, 12:grasped. There is the force which animates the subhuman kingdoms in nature, - the ensouling energyMagic, 21:to be found in every kingdom of nature, subhuman and superhuman. This is as yet practically unknownMagic, 33:i.e. the human, and the other that of the subhuman kingdoms in nature, which, it must beMagic, 40:the soul can be in touch with all animal or subhuman souls, through its work on its own plane, withMagic, 46:kingdom. Some of them can be registered in the subhuman kingdoms, and the apparatus of the vitalMagic, 49:kingdom, and through the human kingdom, to the subhuman kingdoms. This is a part of the plan of theMagic, 49:the vibration of those forms which we designate subhuman. This microcosmic symbol of the soul notMagic, 99:waxes more potent, its effect upon [99] the subhuman kingdoms is analogous to that of theMagic, 99:Humanity is macrocosmic in relation to the subhuman states of consciousness, and this H. P. B. hasMagic, 100:human kingdom acts upon and affects the three subhuman kingdoms. The downpouring spiritual Triangle
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