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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUBJECT

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AstrologyAND THE RAYS What I have to say first on this subject is entirely of a preliminary nature. I seekAstrology, 6:I shall not, therefore, deal with the subject of esoteric astrology from the standpoint of theAstrology, 8:which we shall have briefly to consider. The subject is so vast that I have been faced with theAstrology, 14:today only learning the ABC of this stupendous subject and are occupied with the exoteric fringesAstrology, 20:to emerge out of that illusion and is no longer subject to the glamor and to the effect of theAstrology, 26:influences and not astrology, per se. Our subject is the seven rays and [27] their relationship toAstrology, 27:terms. If, in the presentation of this vast subject, and in the process of indicating the attitudeAstrology, 31:Basic Statements Bringing the theme back to the subject of this treatise, which is that of theAstrology, 38:knowledge that has thus far been revealed on the subject, and it is as correct as possible underAstrology, 48:substance of all that is. We might regard the subject as follows: The four superior groups are theAstrology, 52:they become "reversed" upon the astral plane and subject to the great illusion; astrology mustAstrology, 58:upon the temporary truth that ordinary man is subject to the illusory nature of manifestation andAstrology, 60:or nonconformity to inner conditions will be the subject of attention. Thus the life pattern willAstrology, 69:begin to study the point in evolution of the subject, prior to casting his horoscope. He mustAstrology, 80:of the soul in incarnation. 4. Elaborate the subject of the interplay between the three groups ofAstrology, 81:with the more technical aspects of our subject, I would like to elaborate this theme of the zodiac,Astrology, 89:know or to guess it accurately; if, however, the subject is an advanced person, then the chart willAstrology, 103:then arise, requiring reasoned answers: Is the subject a personality, progressing around and aroundAstrology, 103:experience and the working of the Law of Karma, subject to the Great Illusion and arrivingAstrology, 115:nature of His eternal purpose is for us only a subject of interested speculation. There is aAstrology, 118:a good expression of the individual Sagittarian subject and shows also the tendency of the soul toAstrology, 129:is closely related to the human kingdom. This subject is too vast and complicated to be elaboratedAstrology, 131:of the waxing and the waning influence upon the subject, man. Bear this in mind and - at the sameAstrology, 140:the soul, then the personality forces become subject to the diffusion of the soul energies and theAstrology, 145:students would find it illuminating to study the subject along the following lines: SubjectiveAstrology, 165:reference to the tabulations already given. The subject is, however, definitely confusing to theAstrology, 166:after determining the approximate place of the subject upon the evolutionary path in one or otherAstrology, 169:true, for only when the Capricornian subject learns to kneel in all humility and with his kneesAstrology, 174:them and their progressive effect upon the subject [175] passing under their influence periodicallyAstrology, 182:Pisces. A treatise could be written on the subject of the relation of the opposites in the zodiacalAstrology, 186:to be declarative in connection with the subject. The Rising Sign - The ascendant can be one of theAstrology, 186:and have a united and definite effect upon the subject. The same statement applies to the other twoAstrology, 189:become the initiate. This is the set goal of the subject born in Sagittarius - whether it is theAstrology, 190:work with a phase in their own lives which is subject to their own mental direction. Then and onlyAstrology, 235:handling of the [235] world teaching on the subject of physical sex. This teaching will come fromAstrology, 238:and this will be increasingly the case. The subject is too vast and too important for me to do moreAstrology, 249:of these rays definitely predispose the Libran subject to concrete understanding, to intelligentAstrology, 294:all disciples and initiates must tread. The Leo subject treads this burning ground with will andAstrology, 297:When Neptune is thus active in the advanced Leo subject, then emotion-desire have been transmutedAstrology, 298:triangle of force which affects the Leo subject - the Sun, the Moon and Neptune; these are anAstrology, 298:In connection with the horoscope of the Leo subject and the theme of initiation, I would point outAstrology, 299:to initiation in Capricorn. As we are upon the subject, one other point might be touched upon here.Astrology, 303:in developing in the three worlds. The whole subject is most abstruse and will be only understood,Astrology, 303:I do not here advise much reflection on the subject, as it is an exceedingly difficult one,Astrology, 307:paramount importance and why the intelligent Leo subject can usually attain his goal, once heAstrology, 308:are controlling factors in the chart of the Leo subject: The Sun - 2nd ray - love-wisdom. Uranus -Astrology, 309:an imposed self-discipline - the thing the Leo subject sorely needs and which must always beAstrology, 309:to control which frequently gives the Leo subject an apparently negative attitude to life; heAstrology, 310:be increasingly understood as the advanced Leo subject makes his appearance. He will beAstrology, 311:individual Leo. I Am That - the Word of the Leo subject who is rapidly gaining the higherAstrology, 316:the complete purification of desire. The entire subject of rebirth is but little understood atAstrology, 316:distorted and diverted the wide sweep of the subject [317] and ignored the true import of theAstrology, 323:which are brought to bear upon the Cancer subject and thus lead to the unfoldment of the form ofAstrology, 323:Cross (of which Cancer is a part), the Cancerian subject is affected by or influenced by five otherAstrology, 323:Mercury, Uranus, Venus and Saturn. The Cancerian subject becomes responsive to the uses of conflictAstrology, 324:soul. Bear this always in mind as you study the subject of rebirth. In themselves, rebirth andAstrology, 327:many lines is more clearly seen then the whole subject will be better understood, evoking the playAstrology, 331:The response of the individual Cancer subject to the incoming influences and to his environmentAstrology, 334:that the astrologer knows whether the subject is relatively unevolved, whether he is an advancedAstrology, 335:- where, upon the path of evolution, the subject under consideration stands. One other hint I willAstrology, 341:exoteric and esoteric - which brought the Cancer subject into contact with Virgo, Aquarius andAstrology, 344:is not yet revealed to the modern astrologer or subject to revelation through his science. As weAstrology, 345:This is the nurturing force of substance itself, subject to the nine cyclic changes of the cosmicAstrology, 346:of development and the spiritual status of the subject whose horoscope is under consideration. TheAstrology, 347:be Leo-Aquarius-Gemini. When dealing with a subject whose Sun is in Gemini itself, the conditioningAstrology, 347:twelve signs of the zodiac which have formed the subject matter of our past instructions have beenAstrology, 348:as it is sometimes called. For instance, the Leo subject who has an initiated consciousnessAstrology, 354:way, therefore, Mercury increases in the Gemini subject the latent sense of duality in its variousAstrology, 358:the soul within all forms. In considering this subject you will have to consider the followingAstrology, 360:is to condition the soul within the form and subject it to those influences which will lead to theAstrology, 363:A non-sacred planet, such as the Earth, is still subject to the ray of the personality of theAstrology, 364:easily account for the versatility of the Gemini subject. The effectiveness of Mercury is alsoAstrology, 376:and sublime plan of Deity. This is the subject which light reveals. There is at this time, owing toAstrology, 380:potency of Taurus to bring this about. As this subject concerns the astrology of the astral vehicleAstrology, 389:only find outward expression in the life of the subject and be consciously directed and controlledAstrology, 394:the already difficult task of the Taurian subject. Only indirectly does the second Ray ofAstrology, 398:there is no longer any fear that the Taurian subject will blunder blindly forward again in his ownAstrology, 401:is so marked a characteristic of the Taurian subject. It prepares the inner man for the sharpAstrology, 402:the dominance of the form nature in the Taurian subject and his release through the Venusian Son ofAstrology, 408:and interpretation is not possible. This whole subject is one of the greatest obscurity and quiteAstrology, 420:its own interior mathematical conditioning - a subject of such vast dimensions and mystery that noAstrology, 430:much light upon the theme of this particular subject: "The sevenfold light of the Father broughtAstrology, 461:energies. Some light on this most abstruse subject can be gained if the student will attempt toAstrology, 462:More along this line I may not here dictate. The subject is too vast, abstruse and complicated. IAstrology, 463:is found only in the consciousness of the subject but not in the Reality. It must be noted by theAstrology, 477:a minute to consider our next approach to this subject and choose the theme by means of which weAstrology, 484:to use as the theme in elucidating this immense subject, this emphasis upon the consciousnessAstrology, 510:he must decide (from a study of the chart of the subject and any knowledge he may have) what is theAstrology, 512:are possible, owing to the vastness of the subject and the immensity of detail in the world ofAstrology, 512:astrologer is sure of the two major rays of the subject. [513] Certain basic assertions canAstrology, 514:and microcosmic - is standing. The whole subject is constantly shifting and changing, just as theAstrology, 529:Chicago, Kansas City and Los Angeles will be the subject of scientific research; the psychicAstrology, 532:understood) of the energies must be the subject of human research and self-ascertained. The cluesAstrology, 553:THREE CROSSES I shall not be able to handle the subject of the three zodiacal Crosses - theAstrology, 556:and help to illumine this most difficult [556] subject, indicating the significance of thisAstrology, 558:(temporarily) unattainable. Will it clarify the subject technically and academically if I point outAstrology, 564:is the effect of one arm of the Cross upon the subject born in a particular sign. But there is aAstrology, 568:will bring to light and livingness this whole subject of the three Crosses. It is needless for meAstrology, 568:arms of each Cross has produced an effect in the subject is a transition in consciousness made fromAstrology, 575:3. The Cross of the Risen Christ More upon this subject I may not give to you, nor will it profit
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