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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUBJECT

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Astrology, 587:must be done. I cannot give you more upon this subject until you have given time to itsAstrology, 587:not be organized a group who would take this subject as the theme of their meditation and who wouldAstrology, 587:of the divine will so that the general subject may be ready for presentation to the thinking publicAstrology, 607:Before entering into a closer analysis of our subject, I would remind you that we are in realityAstrology, 618:which changes not but remains ever immovably subject to its own inherent purpose. When the discipleAstrology, 631:and triumph. Can more be said anent this subject? The major Rays of Aspect embody the entire story;Astrology, 640:in the solar system. The intricacy of the whole subject will be apparent when it is borne in mindAstrology, 640:is hidden in esoteric astrology and until the subject of energy, working through the etheric body,Atom, 31:deal adequately in any way with this stupendous subject, even were I equipped to lecture on such aAtom, 31:not, and hence the further complicating of the subject. Therefore I want to preface my remarksAtom, 38:the different scientific books dealing with the subject of atomic matter, and note which of theAtom, 54:in four divisions: First, we will take the subject of the evolutionary process, which, in thisAtom, 68:get some broad, general idea if we approach the subject with sufficient reverence and sensitivenessAtom, 77:recapitulate, in order that we may approach our subject tonight with certain ideas clearlyAtom, 78:arrived at a more technical discussion of the subject of substance itself, dealing not with theAtom, 82:We now come to the consideration of our subject for tonight, that of the evolution of man, theAtom, 82:divinity. Browning, in "Paracelsus," covers the subject that we have been considering in a mostAtom, 99:the majority of the textbooks dealing with this subject is apt to find them very confusing, forAtom, 114:There is great interest everywhere today in this subject of initiation, and an over-emphasis hasAtom, 143:on Cosmic Evolution, because, of course, it is a subject which neither I nor any other mortal knowsAtom, 143:or development, in connection with this subject. We [144] considered the aspects which were evolvedAtom, 152:are divided, yet which is nevertheless a subject of [153] contention, and one upon which theAtom, 153:books of the East point out, in considering this subject, that the seven stars of the Great Bear,Autobiography, 2:reality (if we may use such a phrase) or as a subject of faith and belief. I want to show Them asAutobiography, 3:to many more. I have no more to say on this subject. What, I often ask myself. could I have doneAutobiography, 14:matter what my rising sign, I am a true Gemini subject and that sign has apparently conditioned myAutobiography, 43:as life went on and - at this time - I seemed subject to a most curious "protection" in theAutobiography, 50:I was ready to discuss every conceivable subject, knowing that my point of view would be right.Autobiography, 84:my mind to find out more about it. I studied the subject for a month and I particularly read theAutobiography, 84:need of my audience. I was carried away with my subject; I forgot my surroundings in the thought ofAutobiography, 86:The headaches to which I had always been subject increased and I was worn to a frazzle. ThreeAutobiography, 99:fatal; had no effect upon the mentality of the subject and the victims were usually people of goodAutobiography, 121:who so befriended me, started me off on a subject about which I am acutely concerned. The problem,Autobiography, 134:having a drawing room meeting on some peculiar subject and a mutual friend managed to get me anAutobiography, 137:and lacks continuity. H.P.B. starts with one subject, wanders off to another, takes up a third atAutobiography, 162:All from some inner source of beauty. This whole subject has been made difficult because of theAutobiography, 164:deteriorates as time goes on. Many a time, the subject's negativity permits the entrance of aAutobiography, 186:intention of dealing at greater length with this subject but it has its bearing on the problem withAutobiography, 191:that if you write a book on such a technical subject as meditation that you know all about it. IAutobiography, 206:out of every free lecture, no matter what the subject was, and never really benefited from anythingAutobiography, 235:it was followed by other pamphlets on the same subject written by the Tibetan and enlarging uponAutobiography, 247:body. Many occult books have been written on the subject of the physical body and its purificationAutobiography, 247:Volume three is entirely given over to the subject of esoteric astrology and forms a unit inAutobiography, 248:of the Soul. The fourth volume deals with the subject of healing, and with the bridging by theAutobiography, 255:owing to the disrepute into which the whole subject had fallen because of the false presentationsAutobiography, 259:found which has previously been written on the subject. The mental faculty or body must thereforeAutobiography, 263:to which the neophyte in the future should subject himself must be understood and the rightAutobiography, 302:the human family and certain other things are subject to our responses to developing events. WhatBethlehem, 41:upon one or two points in connection with the subject as a whole. So much peculiar and unsoundBethlehem, 49:or entering into lengthy expositions of the subject, the growth of the Plan and of the racialBethlehem, 58:written between A.D. 69 and 93, is silent on the subject, though had the Virgin Birth then been anBethlehem, 76:(the place of renewed consecration), and was subject unto them... And Jesus increased in wisdom andBethlehem, 108:God, or did He meet them as a man and therefore subject to temptation? What is meant by the devil?Bethlehem, 108:purpose of this book to deal with the difficult subject of evil, nor to define the times whenBethlehem, 108:IV, 15.) He came in a human body, and was subject to human conditions as also we are; He sufferedBethlehem, 110:attack. For through this guilt they were still subject to the power [111] of ungodliness. ThisBethlehem, 136:sincere, as was St. Paul. In dealing with the subject of Deity, we have always been told that weBethlehem, 155:true rapidly appears, and the man becomes the subject of illusion. It is this body of illusionBethlehem, 164:did, to the plains of everyday life, and there subject our knowledge to the test, discover itsBethlehem, 176:It is surely evident, if one approaches the subject intelligently, that Christ did not die in orderBethlehem, 176:Most of the treatises and writings upon the subject are controversial and argumentative, usuallyBethlehem, 189:of the sons of God. For the Creation was made subject to futility, not of its own choice, but byBethlehem, 190:world. But we have been so preoccupied with the subject of sin that we have forgotten our divinity;Bethlehem, 211:men shall be saved. We have fought over the subject of baptism, and [212] over the at-one-ment. WeBethlehem, 240:with definiteness one's beliefs upon the subject. It is a statistical fact that about fifty millionBethlehem, 257:alike of angels and of men." We approached the subject of the five crises in His life from theBethlehem, 272:consciously functioning therein, voluntarily subject to its laws, and striving steadfastly for itsDestiny, 5:[5] invalid. It might perhaps clarify the subject if I pointed out that there are five energiesDestiny, 25:the meantime humanity is experimenting or is the subject of experiment; it is exploiting or beingDestiny, 27:and correctly be deduced but the general subject remains until today much too nebulous forDestiny, 44:of true values and right understanding. The subject is too vast a one for me to deal with here,Destiny, 63:other angles from which we could approach this subject of what predisposes people, nations andDestiny, 70:of astrologers who have an esoteric bias. The subject is, however, sufficiently abstruse to deterDestiny, 70:need for discouragement, for this is a science, subject to moments of intense illumination when theDestiny, 75:be upon the available energies and the use the subject makes of them and the opportunity which theyDestiny, 94:holy. I would like to enlarge somewhat upon this subject of the centers through which spiritualDestiny, 103:Chicago, Kansas City and Los Angeles will be the subject of scientific research; the psychicDestiny, 106:understood) of the energies must be the subject of human research and self-ascertained. The cluesDestiny, 108:hatreds are the two major instruments. This is a subject upon which you would do well to ponder.Destiny, 136:connection with this, so as to make the entire subject considerably clearer than it is at present.Discipleship1, XIII:will not be answered at any time. It is the subject matter of the teaching which is of importanceDiscipleship1, 27:initiate. I shall not deal further with the subject of glamor as it affects or might affect thisDiscipleship1, 33:of this general picture and return to the subject of the specific work that this particular groupDiscipleship1, 43:to you to know a little of how we approached the subject. As you all know, I am a second rayDiscipleship1, 59:I may assign you, by a renewed interest in the subject of telepathic work and by a closer andDiscipleship1, 79:a static group, a critical group and a group subject to pronounced glamors - such is the materialDiscipleship1, 84:of importance to a disciple are: The whole subject of humanity - its present status, its problemsDiscipleship1, 84:mark of the initiate and of the Master. The subject of initiation. A study of this subject willDiscipleship1, 84:The subject of initiation. A study of this subject will lead to a consideration of its secondaryDiscipleship1, 84:as a whole and with the soul in all forms. The subject of service. This is not service as it isDiscipleship1, 107:seek to avoid all emphasis on the form side. The subject of your meditation could be summed up inDiscipleship1, 118:in the form of written papers upon this subject deals with the effect that your work and life hasDiscipleship1, 142:and the discipline to which you may voluntarily subject yourself will determine the scope and theDiscipleship1, 143:thing I will add before definitely closing this subject. When the heart is full of love and theDiscipleship1, 153:an interlude wherein to think with clarity, to subject yourself to self-imposed discipline, and toDiscipleship1, 162:are constructing becomes public property and subject, therefore, to criticism and outer help. ThenDiscipleship1, 194:this attitude there is no need for you to subject yourself to constant criticism. Each day,Discipleship1, 194:to constant criticism. Each day, however, subject yourself to a brief and exact analysis. I suggestDiscipleship1, 196:light, but am going to ask you to make light the subject of your daily review. I call it not anDiscipleship1, 204:teaching. I know you have thought much upon the subject of which rays condition what are your rays
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