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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUBJECT

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Discipleship1, 234:are not many or potent, for you are more [234] subject to illusions than to glamors, being soDiscipleship1, 235:you may receive from me at any time. On this subject, I will say no more for you will comprehendDiscipleship1, 248:and significance of love. After pondering the subject of love for three weeks each month, you canDiscipleship1, 253:words of Patanjali who deals fully with the subject. Identification with others and then the finalDiscipleship1, 290:is entirely true, but has no bearing on the subject. I suggest that you take until next May beforeDiscipleship1, 335:The occult phrases which should constitute your subject of meditation during the coming months andDiscipleship1, 354:[354] books and there is much anent this subject in the doctrine of the Church as to the "laying onDiscipleship1, 364:study my last communication to you on this subject) and attention to practical, loving, efficient,Discipleship1, 429:through indifference," writing a paper upon the subject for the helping of others? This constitutesDiscipleship1, 510:to take up with you in this instruction is the subject of glamor. Glamor is the powerful enemy ofDiscipleship1, 510:the Path of Discipleship. The whole world is subject to glamor, as well you know, but when a manDiscipleship1, 514:a great deal of fluctuation. You have been more subject [515] to external impression and lessDiscipleship1, 552:to bring about an intense focusing upon the subject of healing, its laws and methods. You masterDiscipleship1, 553:key thoughts from my words and make them the subject of your close attention. Upon them make andDiscipleship1, 561:in this initial training to which I ask you to subject yourself. Let me [562] make it clear to you.Discipleship1, 571:in your own case as that to which you seek to subject others? Your answer to both these questionsDiscipleship1, 572:until you know more about them! I ask you to subject that which I have to give you to due trial,Discipleship1, 585:it is peculiarly valuable for the personality to subject itself to group vibration and contactDiscipleship1, 597:prepare for your brothers a compilation on the subject and a summation of the significance of theDiscipleship1, 597:a useful bibliography of the literature on the subject. Each group of my disciples has somewhat toDiscipleship1, 597:which you belong should ascertain much upon the subject of the intuition. Follow the breathingDiscipleship1, 634:by ancient thought-forms and is consequently subject to facile deception. [635] With first rayDiscipleship1, 669:ask you that you take as your special work that subject which is today of such interest to you -Discipleship1, 669:When you have further steeped yourself in the subject, approaching it in happiness and in theDiscipleship1, 682:is just because you are beginners that the whole subject evokes your deep interest. The beginner isDiscipleship1, 693:- Part III PART III In considering this whole subject of discipleship there are certain things ofDiscipleship1, 693:will also enrich your general concept anent this subject. The first point which I would like toDiscipleship1, 709:I would remind you that I am approaching the subject from the angle of what the Master has to do,Discipleship1, 709:work. There has been so much written on that subject from the angle of the disciple and so manyDiscipleship1, 709:of the disciple and so many books put out on the subject that familiarity with the theme militatesDiscipleship1, 716:and mature in his consciousness and is ready to subject himself to hierarchical impression withoutDiscipleship1, 719:stage guarded and guided by someone who is still subject to glamor, but is, at the same time, awareDiscipleship1, 726:choose the more difficult way of initiation must subject themselves, voluntarily and by freeDiscipleship1, 741:now because he is a disciple, he will not be subject to this, that or the other experience. He hasDiscipleship1, 743:The Christ * The Hierarchy * Humanity The entire subject of the chela on the thread and theDiscipleship1, 761:but it is not my intention to take up this subject of the centers in this series of instructions. IDiscipleship1, 761:of instructions. I shall be dealing with the subject at some length in the final part of A TreatiseDiscipleship1, 767:emphasize as I seek to give some light upon this subject. Being within the Master's Heart in no wayDiscipleship1, 779:Many occult books have been written upon the subject of the physical body and its purification andDiscipleship1, 779:Volume three is entirely given over to the subject of esoteric astrology and forms a unit [780] inDiscipleship1, 780:Tibetan's Work The fourth volume deals with the subject of healing, and with the bridging, by theDiscipleship1, 787:owing to the disrepute into which the whole subject has fallen because of the false presentationsDiscipleship2, 7:Definite planned Meditation. Teaching upon the subject of Initiation. Training in Telepathy.Discipleship2, 9:I would have you demonstrate you grasp of the subject and also your response to the effort I amDiscipleship2, 12:is very rare indeed, not only because of the subject matter, but also because of the delicateDiscipleship2, 21:things will bring to our attention the entire subject of the centers and this we will approach fromDiscipleship2, 22:to the teaching of the Piscean Age upon this subject and also to the Piscean interpretation. It isDiscipleship2, 26:if you follow instructions correctly - that you subject your subtle bodies to six equal points ofDiscipleship2, 39:of the Hierarchy. As regards our sixth subject, my personal instructions to each of you, you willDiscipleship2, 45:which is entirely his own fault and which is subject to cure if he employs the right measure ofDiscipleship2, 82:and understanding; the challenge is for them to subject themselves (and by that I mean theirDiscipleship2, 90:which will close all that I have to say on the subject in the two volumes of the book DiscipleshipDiscipleship2, 94:with profound earnestness to make this theme or subject true and vital, because it is anDiscipleship2, 95:in his life, as well as in your own. The entire subject of group interplay is far deeper and [96]Discipleship2, 102:not necessary for me to say much more upon the subject. I would start with some questions. Do youDiscipleship2, 143:is an expression of the free will of the subject, choosing and recognizing its relationships andDiscipleship2, 151:Part VIII Before we proceed further with this subject of meditation, I would like to call yourDiscipleship2, 153:by the fifth meditation, which has been the subject of your attention during this past year. YouDiscipleship2, 165:like to indicate to you three approaches to the subject of this Invocation. I will do so briefly,Discipleship2, 204:with the Hierarchy; they are, however, subject to hierarchical impression and are determined toDiscipleship2, 211:stands midway between Shamballa and Humanity, is subject to impression from Shamballa, via theDiscipleship2, 233:They, in their turn, make this impression the subject of their ashramic meditation, adapting itsDiscipleship2, 236:construction or creation of the antahkarana and subject to impression from the Ashram with which heDiscipleship2, 237:used are essentially meaningless; the whole subject requires revitalizing; it needs to be endowedDiscipleship2, 244:towards his Master and towards the general subject of initiation, and then consider the immediateDiscipleship2, 248:name of the Revelation of Group Feeling. This subject is vaster in its implications than you mightDiscipleship2, 256:never gives this information. Light on the subject comes through the recognition of tests and theDiscipleship2, 267:instructions we have seen that teaching upon the subject of initiation is given by me (as by allDiscipleship2, 268:The approach of the disciple to the entire subject of initiation differs today from that of earlierDiscipleship2, 276:- Part IV Part IV As you together study this subject of initiation, I would ask you to keep an openDiscipleship2, 280:and therefore, from the complexity of the subject, inadequately. The primary task of the Master isDiscipleship2, 284:and in that phrase you may find light on the subject - provided you know what philosophy is! To theDiscipleship2, 294:clarity and with spiritual brooding upon this subject during the coming year, it may be possibleDiscipleship2, 299:in this task of revelation. More light on this subject will come as we study the Science ofDiscipleship2, 303:recollect that in my last Instruction the whole subject of meditation was summarized for you asDiscipleship2, 304:with so brief an attempted elucidation on the subject. But even if I can convey but little of theirDiscipleship2, 310:something I said to you in connection with this subject: "These few thoughts upon the significanceDiscipleship2, 328:initiations, for each initiation carries the subject another step forward. At present, the physicalDiscipleship2, 351:effects in relationship. Approaching this subject from another angle, the mental polarization ofDiscipleship2, 354:for you a series of questions relating to the subject of hints, but I did not tell you that theyDiscipleship2, 366:There is nothing more that I need to say on this subject. Later teaching on the matter will beDiscipleship2, 367:here be noted by you, as we consider this entire subject of revelation from the angle of theDiscipleship2, 368:of unfoldment which are referred to when the subject of the Christ arises or of those times when heDiscipleship2, 388:As I have told you, they are each of them subject to seven interpretations, but for our purposes weDiscipleship2, 411:these ideas on group initiation, I leave the subject and will now proceed with the subsidiaryDiscipleship2, 412:intuition. When this was grasped, the whole subject was shifted, within hierarchical circles, fromDiscipleship2, 424:an understandable law - still lies ahead and is subject to future elucidation. The second pointDiscipleship2, 430:and towards a common sense approach to this subject. My reason for so doing was given you in ourDiscipleship2, 467:the complete silence hitherto held upon this subject. Adeptship was achieved in the Atlantean raceDiscipleship2, 469:This may give you a needed hint. It is a subject which you will do well deeply to consider, and toDiscipleship2, 470:it so) to aid in my Ashram. We discussed the subject as to whether the sufferings of the past fewDiscipleship2, 488:long in answering. As it has a bearing on the subject we are considering, I shall answer it here.Discipleship2, 519:as the theme of your meditation, light upon the subject may break forth: Shamballa is the place ofDiscipleship2, 538:instruction I would call your attention to the subject of karma. There comes ever in the life of aDiscipleship2, 543:this factual consciousness of yours to this subject. The Ashram as a center of life. This willDiscipleship2, 553:essentially to your attention; fire will be the subject of your thinking. Do not infer from thisDiscipleship2, 566:nature of the will. A disciple's ideas on this subject are apt to be far removed from the reality;Discipleship2, 567:takes effect and you see deeper into the subject of the will. Sound the OM consciously as: TheDiscipleship2, 583:Do not the majority of you regard the subject much along the following lines: This ray in myDiscipleship2, 596:consciousness for his reappearance. With the subject of that reappearance I deal not here, but
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