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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUBJECT

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Fire, 100:via the three centers, proceeds unhindered. The subject has necessarily to be handled in aFire, 100:here in a larger sense than heretofore, and the subject may later be enlarged. Two fundamentalFire, 101:of Prana We have touched but little on the subject of the fire, the purpose of the etheric bodyFire, 104:fundamental ailments to which the etheric may be subject, and the trend which applied medicine mayFire, 110:of the organic form. Now we can look at the subject from a third angle and therefore study: 47 TheFire, 110:seen, has its interesting correlations when the subject is viewed (as we must consistently endeavorFire, 127:sound a warning note to those who approach this subject of the fires of matter with all its latentFire, 134:of revealing much on this necessarily dangerous subject, we will consider the subject of kundaliniFire, 134:dangerous subject, we will consider the subject of kundalini and the spine. We must remember hereFire, 136:to lay any stress on the sex side of this subject, for these are organs with which the occultistFire, 136:to elucidate somewhat this rather abstruse subject. The three major head centers (from the physicalFire, 138:and its ultimate triumph. Other angles of this subject, such as the centers and their relationshipFire, 139:danger. No more can be imparted concerning this subject. He who directs his efforts to the controlFire, 146:and, in relation to our planet, via Venus. This subject of the first Logos, manifesting only inFire, 151:endeavor to confine ourselves strictly to the subject of fire in matter, and its active effect uponFire, 151:juncture we will not deal with this angle of the subject, but will study the rotary action of theFire, 162:I do not in any way intend to take up the subject from such an angle as to convey rules andFire, 163:development. To do this, as before stated, the subject will be divided into the followingFire, 163:As can be seen from the above tabulation, the subject is not only vast but abstruse. This isFire, 172:has its place here owing to its relation to this subject. Another sentence is also added hereFire, 173:with the Rays This will give us a large range of subject to be dealt with, and much food forFire, 173:by it. Not much can be here imparted, as the subject, if dealt with at all fully, would convey tooFire, 179:those higher force centers. Before taking up the subject of kundalini and the centers, it would beFire, 193:and Astral Planes b. Touch. In taking up the subject of the second sense, that of touch, we mustFire, 193:when coupled with manas, develops within the subject a concept embodying the past, the present andFire, 197:Fundamentally we are brought back to the subject that we deal with in this treatise. The latentFire, 198:Rod of Initiation. 84 Later when we consider the subject of the centers and Initiation it must beFire, 202:originating source. The consideration of this subject awakens the realization of the vastness ofFire, 212:This, needless to say, is a vast and abstruse subject, and concerns not the sons of men. It is butFire, 223:MIND Introductory Questions Before taking up the subject of the fire of mind under the scheduleFire, 223:out, and one or two points clarified. The subject we are undertaking to elucidate is one ofFire, 223:that pole of manifestation called matter. The subject we are now entering upon concerns severalFire, 239:expanded into a being of awful power, and subject to the virtues and vices of man himself. TheFire, 260:to be dealt with as one, all bearing on the same subject, and all concerned with the fact ofFire, 261:- a point of abstraction to man as he views the subject from the physical plane. The Monad standsFire, 269:in connection with our planet when taking up the subject of the coming of the Lords of Flame. It isFire, 269:must form the basis of any thought upon this subject. [270] The Divine Manasaputras 13, 14 Who areFire, 281:to express the cyclic activity of an entity. The subject is exceedingly abstruse, due to the lowFire, 288:more than to get a broad and general idea. The subject is so vast and the comprehensiveness of theFire, 288:Primarily I would suggest that we consider this subject only as it concerns a Heavenly Man, that weFire, 296:students [296] of this central division of our subject; above all the analogy between the cosmicFire, 308:enter now upon a very important division of our subject, and take up for consideration the Fire ofFire, 308:the mass of material that is available on the subject of the manasic fire, which is the animatingFire, 317:not possible [317] here to handle this delicate subject, save simply to point out that in both willFire, 323:electrical interaction. We are here viewing the subject wholly from the point of view of ourFire, 323:head center, leads to the vast complexity of the subject. Likewise certain of the planetary schemesFire, 323:Heavenly Men as by men, considering the entire subject from the angle of electrical polarity andFire, 326:- serves in a wonderful way to clarify the whole subject of planetary evolution. We have nowFire, 326:subplanes of the cosmic physical. The whole subject of the akasha will be greatly clarified asFire, 331:Throughout it must be recollected that the subject is still further complicated by the factor ofFire, 331:physical planes. We will not enlarge upon the subject, as it will later be discussed as fully asFire, 336:gives no idea of the extreme complexity of the subject." - From A Study in Consciousness, by AnnieFire, 356:sight of in the general fog surrounding this subject. The human and deva units on the upward arc,Fire, 357:one period one center or Heavenly Man may be the subject of logoic attention, and of specializedFire, 378:the question. We touched first of all upon the subject of cosmic manas, as it concerned our LogosFire, 381:The systemic triangles will eventually become a subject of popular speculation, then ofFire, 389:We might now, prior to continuing with our subject, name the different chains of the Earth scheme.Fire, 389:and globes for the sake of clarity. As this subject is more widely studied it will inevitably beFire, 398:of manas form is built. Therefore, the whole subject of the Builders has to be studied - thoseFire, 398:ethers, but in connection with our present subject these three hierarchies work on the lower levelsFire, 402:synthesis. This has a vital bearing upon our subject, for resolution is as yet by no meansFire, 408:now for consideration some further points on the subject of manasic development within the systemFire, 408:apparent to all of us that the vastness of the subject and the enormous cycles of time involvedFire, 412:five Kumaras We might now consider briefly the subject of the five Kumaras, Who are the sum totalFire, 414:to other matters, we took up the very difficult subject of the moon chain and answer certainFire, 417:Manas It is only intended to handle this immense subject primarily in its relation to MAN, leavingFire, 418:from other developments which may be seen. The subject therefore will be discussed under theFire, 423:to enter into this in greater detail, as the subject is too vast. Let us now take the thirdFire, 426:see wherein their influence may be expected. The subject is so stupendous that we cannot possiblyFire, 440:than has been possible with the other Rays, the subject of the seventh type of force now comingFire, 456:the work of those who have dealt with the subject of radium and radioactivity. Three more parts ofFire, 458:third kingdom as they relate to our present subject, may be enumerated as follows: 1. The animalFire, 465:of the life, to newer and better forms. Our subject for immediate consideration concerns the [466]Fire, 469:though we have not the time to enlarge upon the subject. A book by itself of vast proportions couldFire, 470:Monads. This in itself is a vast and intricate subject and - during the particular cycle of theFire, 475:a. The Transmutative Process Transmutation is a subject that from the earliest ages has occupiedFire, 475:revealed after the second Initiation. The subject is so tremendous that it is only possible toFire, 483:pictorial, allegorical, concrete step. The whole subject of transmutation is covered by the work ofFire, 487:achieve. The problem of speaking clearly on this subject of transmutation is a very real one, owingFire, 487:is a very real one, owing to the vastness of the subject and the fact that in the transmutationFire, 489:Logos (viewed as Egos) but they work in groups subject to: Inherent impulse, or latent activeFire, 492:of substance, has been for some time the subject of the attention of exoteric science, andFire, 504:I. The Nature of the Egoic or Causal Body The subject of the egoic Ray and its relation to theFire, 504:this is because in the due comprehension of this subject, that of the Ego functioning in the causalFire, 504:fires. Let us therefore consider somewhat the subject of the egoic Ray and the causal body, viewingFire, 506:which was touched upon when considering the subject of "Fire by friction." It will consequently beFire, 506:objective display. I seek here to deal with the subject of the causal body in two different ways -Fire, 515:and the Egoic Ray We will take up now the subject of the spirillae within the permanent atom, andFire, 525:Initiation at the first Initiation, will be the subject of books, and of lectures, and form part ofFire, 530:and the atom, and then we can take up the subject of the causal body and man, the individual. [531]Fire, 536:The Egoic Lotus 76 We must now deal with the subject of the causal body on its own plane from theFire, 537:if realized, [537] gives a new outlook upon the subject of plane vibration. The closeFire, 537:the clarity of vision desirable if we study the subject of monadic development from the angle ofFire, 543:and opened. In closing what may be said on this subject of the egoic Ray and fire of mind, I wouldFire, 544:The Egoic Ray and Solar Fire 3. Summary Our next subject concerns itself with the elementals of theFire, 546:of consciousness or of fire. In studying the subject with due personal application, the studentFire, 547:by the student of egoic evolution. This whole subject is of interest in that it is the next stepFire, 550:we will undertake upon this vast and stupendous subject, for, as it definitely concerns theFire, 583:found to hold good no matter from what angle the subject may be studied. In the third subrace aFire, 593:man. A treatise could be written on the subject, and yet leave it unexhausted. Much light comes if
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