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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUBJECT

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Magic, 570:(P. 227.) This gives a general picture of the subject of our consideration and gives us theMagic, 588:the prison house"; they can now become the subject (under proper direction by a teacher) ofMagic, 588:of the aspirant. Hence the difficulty of the subject and the impossibility of giving general andMagic, 589:entire situation. There is much confusion on the subject of the centers and much erroneousMagic, 602:done in the past, with much dishonor to the subject, so much so that, in the minds of the public,Magic, 614:in making my meaning clear. How can one who is subject to the illusions of the senses, as are allMagic, 625:which colors so many lives) and have been the subject of much psychological investigation. WithMeditationto publish them under his pseudonym. If the subject matter of the letters is of value it will callMeditation, 9:this morning give you some more thoughts on the subject of meditation; they will bear somewhat onMeditation, 20:and when the vibration becomes steady and is not subject to change, then the needed work is done.Meditation, 29:and Content of the Causal Body June 9, 1920 This subject, anent the causal body, opens up for theMeditation, 33:the choice of a method [33] of meditation is our subject today and consists of the condition of theMeditation, 35:developed than their own. All is beautifully subject to law, and as the work of developing theMeditation, 46:the occident will each have their own schools, subject to the same basic rules and under theMeditation, 51:effect on the centers and on each body. [51] The subject that we are to deal with today is of suchMeditation, 53:June 20, 1920 We can today continue with the subject we were considering yesterday. We divided theMeditation, 80:great. [80] You will therefore observe that the subject really becomes more abstruse, the longer itMeditation, 85:only be done in due form, in the right key and subject to certain rules. [86] When meditation isMeditation, 94:separate condition and their interrelation. This subject is so vast that it will not be possible toMeditation, 99:I will later enlarge upon when we take up the subject of obsessions, divine sometimes, but more oftMeditation, 107:to the Logos Himself. All within that circle is subject to specific rules and governed by a certainMeditation, 107:key measure, and might be regarded as being subject to the karma of that sevenfold periodicMeditation, 114:into the inner sanctuary... In concluding this subject, I seek to give a hint: The Seventh Ray ofMeditation, 119:particular body. It is not possible to cover the subject thus. In later days, when occultMeditation, 119:necessary data and treatises covering the entire subject as far as then may be. I sound, however, aMeditation, 120:his group affiliations are overlooked. Today the subject involves real difficulty. We have to dealMeditation, 120:Therefore, I shall with brevity touch upon the subject. Upon the inner planes the needed light andMeditation, 122:I have earlier written to you a letter upon this subject which you might here incorporate. We neverMeditation, 123:first with the causes of obsession, leaving the subject of [124] insanity for another day. TheseMeditation, 124:to the paroxysms of the epileptic. Men are more subject to this than women, as women are usuallyMeditation, 147:[147] Tomorrow we will take up this same subject from a different angle and study the differenceMeditation, 147:the Occultist and the Mystic August 8, 1920 The subject of this letter today will interest you forMeditation, 157:Forms This is a profoundly interesting and vast subject, and may only be indicated in generalMeditation, 158:that though I have imparted but little on this subject, yet, if you brood over what I have given,Meditation, 158:on this and somewhat enlarge when we take up the subject of access to the Masters throughMeditation, 163:use, and can employ them in the right place and subject to certain conditions. They are the mostMeditation, 166:later. There are numerous oriental books on the subject, which is so vast a one that I caution theMeditation, 181:control and to use. Why have I dealt with this subject at all? Because these magic forms exist, andMeditation, 190:individual meditation and have taken up the subject from many and varied angles. In all ourMeditation, 190:as yet few. Yet to know is fully possible and is subject only to the diligence, the sincerity, andMeditation, 197:of the physical vehicle in various directions, subject at times to the musical sound ofMeditation, 200:will be matters of everyday occurrence. The subject is too vast to be more than hinted at here. ButMeditation, 201:- their own specific groups will be found, subject to certain mantrams and words, and moving underMeditation, 205:Remarks on Color Now we must go to work. The subject for our consideration this evening is ofMeditation, 205:We have, as you know, dealt a good deal with the subject of sound in our earlier letters, both inMeditation, 208:the choice of these blinds is not arbitrary, but subject to rule and law. It is therefore obviousMeditation, 208:in meditation how best shall we divide our vast subject? Let us consider it under the followingMeditation, 215:grasps the scientific facts anent this subject, then comes the utilization of these facts for theMeditation, 223:Sound The Esoteric and Exoteric Colors Today our subject is the second one in our letter on the useMeditation, 230:of constant mutation. Color in the microcosm is subject to the following factors: 1. The factor ofMeditation, 231:confusion. But by constant application to the subject in hand, by frequent brooding and meditationMeditation, 237:September 7th, 1920 Today we will take up the subject of the application of color. If colors areMeditation, 237:facts that stand out in these letters: That the subject touched upon is so vast that only itsMeditation, 238:ways, and the above three ways do not cover the subject. They but indicate three ways that are ofMeditation, 241:the reason for this brevity being that the subject, in order to be handled correctly and thereforeMeditation, 241:might prove more disastrous than beneficent. The subject will later be fully eluciated if theMeditation, 242:of Color in Healing We are dealing with the subject now from the standpoint of meditation. It isMeditation, 242:It is essential therefore that we consider the subject from that angle. In meditation the work ofMeditation, 243:What is its rate of vibration? Is the patient subject to sudden turmoils that throw the entireMeditation, 252:I have naught further to communicate. The subject is abstruse and difficult, and only by patientMeditation, 254:it may be possible to touch somewhat upon the subject of the Masters and how They may be approachedMeditation, 254:approached through meditation. This I know is a subject close and dear to your heart, as it is toMeditation, 254:follow the light within. I seek to handle this subject with you in such a way that at the close ofMeditation, 254:therefore, as we have always done, divide our subject into certain heads and divisions: Who are theMeditation, 259:be of value to us in our consideration of the subject of access to the Masters via meditation if weMeditation, 265:in our eighth letter, and we have to look at the subject in two ways, briefly from the standpointMeditation, 273:via Meditation September 17th, 1920 ...The subject that we have for the past few days beenMeditation, 280:by the Rod of Initiation. More on this subject is not yet possible... I have only touched in theMeditation, 288:- access to the Masters. This narrows down our subject to that of a conscious realization of theMeditation, 299:we might, as is our usual custom, divide the subject matter under different heads: The oneMeditation, 311:eventuate. We will here take each detail of our subject, as enumerated above, by itself. Meditation, 314:and those who are under supervision, and the subject is necessarily large. As said in the earlierMeditation, 316:laws that - in the advanced school - will be the subject of definite practice by the would-beMeditation, 321:October 17th, 1920 In dealing today with the subject of the buildings of the two types of occultMeditation, 325:advanced college. We will as usual divide our subject into three heads: The times of study. ThePatanjali5. The mind states are five, and are subject to pleasure or pain; they are painful or not painful.Patanjali, 13:of Union 5. The mind states are five, and are subject to pleasure or pain; they are painful or notPatanjali, 32:not possible to enlarge to any extent upon this subject, but some idea can be gained as to what isPatanjali, 35:to subjective impressions. The word "samadhi" is subject to various interpretations, and is appliedPatanjali, 84:to concentrate, for the mind stuff is no longer subject to the modifications produced by sensePatanjali, 104:sense of proportion is exact. He no longer is subject to deception but stands freed from delusion.Patanjali, 112:is external, internal or motionless; it is subject to place, time and number and is also protractedPatanjali, 123:body to see back of a symbol or to touch the subject lying back of the object, Devotion to Ishvara,Patanjali, 137:this is the reason why even "the very wise" are subject to it. This form of attachment is anPatanjali, 142:Just as long as man on the physical plane is subject to, or governed by these hindrances, justPatanjali, 145:goal and with them we need not deal. The whole subject of karma (or the law of Cause and Effect) isPatanjali, 145:dealt with in this sutra, and is of too vast a subject to be enlarged upon here. Suffice it to sayPatanjali, 151:impossible to enter with any fullness into this subject. All that it is possible to do is to touchPatanjali, 151:that it is possible to do is to touch upon the subject as it affects man himself. It might bePatanjali, 165:spirit and the world of phenomena. He becomes subject then to the currents of thought, and thePatanjali, 165:itself before him. He is liberated and free and subject only to the new conditions of the life ofPatanjali, 185:in externality becomes possible. This is a large subject, and deals with the formulation of a man'sPatanjali, 196:therefore, the capacity to penetrate to the subject and to contact that which every form veils. ItPatanjali, 199:aspirant. Apart from a consideration of this subject along the lines of the conservation of energy,Patanjali, 213:the results in their many distinctions are the subject of Book III. and are produced by conformityPatanjali, 220:is external, internal or motionless; it is subject to place, time and number and is also protractedPatanjali, 224:Word Life Light Body and these are recognized as subject to the space-idea and the time-element. ItPatanjali, 249:time and space. His emotional reactions to the subject of his meditation process. His mentalPatanjali, 252:being, in any direction, and can illumine any subject. Nothing can therefore be hid from him andPatanjali, 254:forth of insight. This gives a new angle on the subject and a most important one. It is the
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