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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUBJECT

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Psychology2, 235:is a part of a greater whole, and, therefore, subject to impression from divine sources. Let himPsychology2, 241:future purpose of group meditation. More on this subject is not possible. Psychology2, 245:such is His divine Will. Looking at the whole subject from another angle, it is these rules of soulPsychology2, 260:a definitely important matter in considering the subject of incarnation. The majority of the soulsPsychology2, 263:and determining. The first leaves the subject (be it a man or a race, or a civilization) free. ItPsychology2, 263:of perfection. The second does not leave the subject free, but "determines" through the exercise ofPsychology2, 265:coordination is not possible. In such cases the subject seldom affects his environment in anyPsychology2, 265:destiny. Such a man has sufficient will power to subject his lower nature to such a discipline thatPsychology2, 268:given here, leads up to our consideration of the subject of the rays. The personality is the fusionPsychology2, 303:on these matters, or to see the extent of the subject with the perspective that is necessary. HePsychology2, 304:I diverged briefly for a moment and took up the subject of the rays of the three bodies of thePsychology2, 313:or rather the substance aspect has been the subject of immediate importance. Hence this subject wasPsychology2, 313:the subject of immediate importance. Hence this subject was covered in my earlier books which arePsychology2, 316:not yet identified himself with the conscious subject, or with the One Who is aware, but as timePsychology2, 405:equipment. For the right understanding of our subject, and of my method of handling it, I wouldPsychology2, 411:be apparent to you, therefore, how wide is our subject and of what real importance. It will bePsychology2, 418:the consciousness stream or thread of energy is subject at times to withdrawal or abstraction, andPsychology2, 424:mind, we shall not go astray as we deal with our subject. We are considering related units ofPsychology2, 426:problem of the [426] cleavages to which man is subject, and we saw that the human evolutionaryPsychology2, 433:have brought about a bad reaction to the whole subject in the minds of intelligent people and ofPsychology2, 442:is the objective. In the case in point the subject has fused the personality vehicles into onePsychology2, 445:that, in the case which we are considering, the subject is definitely cooperating with thePsychology2, 446:What are the five ray energies conditioning the subject? How far does the man's life pattern, hisPsychology2, 453:the stimulation of the nervous system of the subject responds and hence the effects arePsychology2, 462:the effort should be made to decentralize the subject by the evocation of another and higherPsychology2, 464:which leads a man in pursuit of some theme or subject for creative presentation. Whether men arePsychology2, 473:or of both in combination. The vastness of the subject is overwhelming, and it takes time for thePsychology2, 480:have, however, given no real attention to the subject, or to the phenomena of the outer response toPsychology2, 481:proposing to the attentive, negative, receptive subject. In this state of almost sublimatedPsychology2, 481:so that at least men may know that the whole subject is vaster and more complicated than they hadPsychology2, 482:from which there is no possible escape; the subject of this imposition accepts it and doesPsychology2, 484:in both cases, the man himself is a negative subject, and the victim either of a cruel fate or ofPsychology2, 486:to have developed no real understanding of the subject or to have given any real attention to thePsychology2, 493:above will suffice. We will now touch upon the subject of dreams, which is assuming such importancePsychology2, 495:This will indicate to you how vast is this subject, for it includes not only the past astral habitsPsychology2, 496:and yet the outgoing magnetic love nature of the subject may meet only with frustration and lack ofPsychology2, 499:based upon Brain Activity. In these cases, the subject is sleeping too lightly. He never reallyPsychology2, 501:upon the wish-life and the predilections of the subject, upon his likes and dislikes and hisPsychology2, 502:the psychologist is of real enlightenment, the subject of his care is then saddled with anPsychology2, 502:simply witnessed, registered and related by the subject. As soon as a person has reached A state ofPsychology2, 503:during the hours of sleep. The ability of the subject to bring through correctly the relatedPsychology2, 505:are geometrical in nature, and in which the subject becomes aware of those basic patterns, formsPsychology2, 510:above will indicate to you the complexity of the subject. The superficial student or the mysticallyPsychology2, 515:are three aspects connected with this whole subject of the diseases and difficulties of thePsychology2, 520:books and treatises will know how immense is the subject with which we are concerned and how littlePsychology2, 521:if one would gather all the data given on this subject into one book, thus relating what is knownPsychology2, 521:I can do here is to give a general idea of the subject, indicate certain lines of development andPsychology2, 525:motivated though - at the same time - he is subject to cycles of vision and periods of spiritualPsychology2, 526:to and controlled by those found above. They are subject then to the conditioning will of the manPsychology2, 529:and their effects and interrelations. The subject is abstruse and difficult in any case without ourPsychology2, 529:true. The center at the base of the spine is subject to [530] the same rhythmic life as are thePsychology2, 531:instead of human relations. But this whole subject is still interpreted in terms of duality. Sex isPsychology2, 531:stage of transference. The lower energies are subject, as you can see, to two stages ofPsychology2, 538:nor is it desirable. I have dealt with the subject of sex in my other treatises, particularly in APsychology2, 542:The problems, therefore, are many but are subject to solution. Let that not be forgotten. The wholePsychology2, 565:will call attention to the complexity of the subject and the difficulty of our theme. ThisPsychology2, 566:to note (and instructive also in view of our subject) that in true telepathic registration, thePsychology2, 573:the psychic powers, producing conditions in the subject which are regarded by the orthodoxPsychology2, 584:but a solar plexus, a psychic rapport. The subject is too abstruse for elaboration here and thisPsychology2, 592:infallibly indicated. The intricacy of the subject is, however, very great, owing to just thisPsychology2, 601:modern psychologist and have brought the whole subject of the mystical unfoldment into disrepute,Psychology2, 611:or control in certain directions. This whole subject of light and power is of so vast a nature andPsychology2, 611:rests. When there is a correct grasp of this subject, it will be [612] found that the brain and thePsychology2, 621:of my position. Curiously enough this whole subject of breathing - individual and group breathing -Psychology2, 639:personalities. We are concerned with only one subject, the ushering in of the new world order. ToPsychology2, 689:as much clarity and brevity as this abstruse subject permits. The releasing of certain energiesPsychology2, 729:today in world government, for all of them are subject to impression from their souls and all areRays, 5:This may have its appeal to Masons. This subject of the use or misuse of energy is capable ofRays, 7:enlarge, nor need I take up with you here the subject of initiation. (Discipleship in the New Age,Rays, 47:lovingly applied. The difficulty of this subject is inherent in the fact that basically (no matterRays, 51:tension. We come now to the consideration of a subject which always proves exceedingly difficult toRays, 57:properly comprehended through life experience, subject to interpretation in the world of meaning.Rays, 83:will be obvious that I can say no more upon this subject. It is essential, however, that someRays, 93:the whole [93] process of incarnation. The subject is too vast and intricate to be adequatelyRays, 102:the truth. The emphasis of all thought on this subject concerns the central "I" or the integrity ofRays, 115:requires explanation. In considering this subject it should be remembered that admittance toRays, 132:which moves onward freed from all form yet subject still to limitations "within the circle ofRays, 132:it offers me the opportunity to enlarge upon a subject little known or understood by anyRays, 133:the Masters, and (as we are considering the subject of initiation and of preparation for that greatRays, 140:manner, and also to fire. More anent this subject it would be useless for me to say. 2. There isRays, 186:desire. This was not wrong in itself and is subject to negation in time, and normally isRays, 187:of the etheric plane has been going on, subject to the impact of energies and forces as listedRays, 207:more that I can tell you anent this Rule. The subject is, as you can see, too advanced even for theRays, 224:not. One hint I can give you upon this difficult subject. When the results of the first point ofRays, 251:on Shamballa. Little has ever been given on this subject. Only the name was known. This teachingRays, 252:else. I have given out much information upon the subject and have endeavored to show the importanceRays, 259:as a unified group. The simplicity of the subject is great and yet it is ever deemed to be complex.Rays, 263:Name of the planetary Logos. More upon this subject may not be given, nor am I in a position toRays, 270:and (esoterically considered) is related to the subject under consideration: The ajna center,Rays, 284:It will be obvious that I am dealing with the subject of the sixth initiation. When this initiationRays, 298:of all nations give much information. It is the subject of revelation and the task of the initiateRays, 310:instance somewhat clarify the difficulty of this subject with which we are concerned? Ponder onRays, 312:discipline to which he will (needless to say) subject his personality; they are related instead toRays, 323:has already been given out anent initiation; the subject is dangerously familiar. By that I meanRays, 323:myself dealt in a broad and general way with the subject of initiation in one of my earliest books:Rays, 323:New Age, Vol. I, I gave out much more upon this subject and also information of a deeply esotericRays, 323:that is new and should serve to bring this whole subject much closer to public understanding. InRays, 324:[324] not already considered, and look at the subject of initiation from the angle of the sevenRays, 324:whilst in incarnation. We next considered the subject of healing because of the necessity ofRays, 327:physical plane. III. I therefore opened up the subject of the possibility of the higher initiations
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