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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUBJECT

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Telepathy, 104:which is a far more difficult matter. The subject who is impressed must know the source of theTelepathy, 106:interpretation. In this aspect of impression the subject of SYMBOLS must necessarily be involved.Telepathy, 124:and Extra-Planetary Relationships The subject of the etheric body of all forms and of the ethericTelepathy, 124:a nature hitherto not even visioned by man. The subject is necessarily one of immense difficulty,Telepathy, 142:changes and qualifies it. The etheric body is subject to ceaseless change. This, being true of theTelepathy, 144:seen, therefore, how exceedingly important this subject of energy becomes, because it controls andTelepathy, 145:proposition must be accepted, for the whole subject is as yet too intricate, and the mechanism ofTelepathy, 167:relation to each other, always studying the subject from the angle of their relation to one of theTelepathy, 167:will, however, serve somewhat to clarify the subject; it is a statement which has seldom foundTelepathy, 173:because the aura is in reality indicative of the subject's centers. From the study of this auraTelepathy, 193:is necessarily much more to be said anent this subject of the major planetary and human centers,
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