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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUBJECTED

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Healing, 127:the main difficulties to which the disciple is subjected. It is this process also which is going onHealing, 128:power over him. All the ray types are equally subjected to these particular problems. The seventhHealing, 171:through the collective solar plexus, is being subjected to almost unendurable pressure. Such areHealing, 228:and in our race, it is the mind which is subjected to stimulation. The initiate in Lemurian timesHealing, 236:past. The centers below the diaphragm will be subjected to a cleansing, lifting process; the lifeHealing, 239:and [239] controlled, and the heart will be subjected only to a general strain, along with all theHealing, 269:- one of the criticisms to which my approach is subjected is that I deal too much with generalitiesHealing, 271:body which is in closest relation to it will be subjected to methods of occult healing, though theHealing, 305:tainted with that which must be left behind and subjected to no further unfoldment. These are theHealing, 534:body which is in closest relation to it will be subjected to methods of occult healing, though theHealing, 576:which I shall endeavor to impart. Rule I was not subjected to the new interpretation because it wasHealing, 630:body which is in closest relation to it will be subjected to methods of occult healing, though theHealing, 637:a form which is composed of substance already subjected to conditioning; it is already impregnatedHealing, 658:and formulas will have to be discovered, subjected to experiment and the results noted before theHercules, 9:Today The tests to which Hercules willingly subjected himself and the labors into which heHercules, 17:we read: "Hercules, by the will of Jupiter, was subjected to the power of Eurystheus, and obligedHercules, 28:undertook, and the test to which King Eurystheus subjected him; and then we shall study [29] theHercules, 42:given of the various tests to which Hercules was subjected are exceedingly sketchy and brief inHercules, 82:from one extreme to the other in Libra, and is subjected to the disciplining effect of the world ofHercules, 88:who is performing the labor of this sign, is subjected to the urge to lift himself up out of theHercules, 183:fullness right along. It is one thing to be subjected to blind force, it is another to have anHercules, 223:everyday life to which all the sons of men are subjected. It is the cross of daily crucifixion andHercules, 227:and seasons, appears that to which humanity is subjected at the present time. The problem beforeInitiation, 67:of force on the part of a Master or Teacher is subjected to wise foresight and discrimination. JustInitiation, 129:from Venus, and once in every world period it is subjected to a similar process to that of theIntellect, 30:educational processes and so raise those subjected to their influence out of the realm of theIntellect, 253:is carried there, and that all contacts made are subjected to the discriminating mind and ordinaryMagic, 11:but which is not understood by the one who is subjected to it; it involves, from one standpoint,Magic, 62:rightly. Are they on the ebb or are they being subjected to the flow of the soul energy? Are theyMagic, 62:to "stand in spiritual being", or are they being subjected to a cyclic inflow of forces? In thisMagic, 187:straightened out and perfected. A chela is subjected constantly to the play of force coming to himMagic, 245:by the alternating conditions to which he seems subjected, and simply "stand in spiritual being"Magic, 327:ideas and the growth of the God idea are being subjected to research and study. This leads to muchMagic, 337:the fact of the structure, yet regard it as subjected to the influences of energies and forcesMagic, 373:etheric body of [373] the earth itself is being subjected to a definite stimulation. The spirit ofMagic, 374:linked, for each produces the other. As one is subjected to experience in the form world, aMagic, 433:are like the coloring that the prism takes when subjected to the rays of the sun, or to the traceryMagic, 458:strains and stresses to which the forms must be subjected under the impact of the life force, theyMeditation, 46:but each applicant for instruction will be subjected to a drastic entrance examination. You willMeditation, 82:be readjusted and aligned. Each body has to be subjected to repolarization. Each body isMeditation, 89:(perhaps unconsciously to themselves) are being subjected to definite processes, which result in aMeditation, 270:himself stable and to move steadily forward when subjected to the intensification of vibration thatMeditation, 276:of the secrets of the first initiation) he is subjected to the application of a still higherMeditation, 279:Ashram (the Master's hall for teaching) he is subjected to a more intensified training... TheMeditation, 279:experience to which the pupil will be subjected. At the close of some class in the ashram, orMeditation, 283:It will be set apart wholly for service, and subjected consequently to a process that will attunePatanjali, 27:same restraint that the five lower senses are subjected to: their outward going activities arePatanjali, 52:those whose germ of knowledge has been subjected to proper culture and thus developed, until itPatanjali, 142:if the activities of the physical body are to be subjected to a like control. Much that we do isPatanjali, 149:the life is chaotic, violent, emotional and subjected to every mood and feeling. It is primarilyPatanjali, xiv:upon them has been written by myself, and subjected to revision and comment by the Tibetan. ItProblems, 38:from the angle of the spiritual values, or when subjected to an intelligent sense of proportion.Problems, 59:down the ages will be studied and their lives subjected to research, both historical andProblems, 99:part of the national life, the Jew has ever been subjected to persecution; as a race, he is nowhereProblems, 126:what God said in some Scripture which has been subjected during the centuries to the difficultiesProblems, 126:correct, though again, symbolism itself must be subjected to modern translation and not to thePsychology1, 38:is added the world of thought forms. He is then subjected to a triple illusion, and he, thePsychology1, 113:definite instruction, and disciples being subjected to definite training. But it must be rememberedPsychology1, 136:the world of quality and of meaning will be subjected to a similar investigation andPsychology1, 322:in the three lower subhuman kingdoms are also subjected to the process of adaptation, but that is aPsychology1, 322:purely agricultural peasants who have not been subjected to modern education. The man at this stagePsychology1, 324:whereby these groups, large or small, are being subjected to a housecleaning, to a discarding ofPsychology1, 333:widely studied, man's relation to them will be subjected to careful analysis, and there will thenPsychology1, 365:life itself. The Deity works with ritual and is subjected to the ceremonials of the universe. ThePsychology1, 365:of the Builders. Every kingdom in nature is subjected to ritualistic experience and to thePsychology1, 390:will appear if the countries and their rays are subjected to a careful scrutiny. The ray ofPsychology2, 21:the life of God which has been subjected to the processes of growth, stimulation and development inPsychology2, 21:the agency of a "cycle of crisis", and becomes subjected to the influence of soul energy in one ofPsychology2, 152:rapid spiritual unfoldment after he has been subjected to the discipline of the Probationary Path,Psychology2, 166:of the forces to which we shall be increasingly subjected as we pass - as some of us can so pass -Psychology2, 186:of the new groups will be tested and tried and subjected to much pressure. This will be necessaryPsychology2, 269:initiations to which the disciple is eventually subjected, as he transits out of the fourth intoPsychology2, 311:and the purification to which they had been subjected. This purificatory process in some measurePsychology2, 326:to the ways of living to which they are subjected, and from which there seems no escape, means forPsychology2, 326:to extract from the happenings to which they are subjected some gain to the life of the soul. TheyPsychology2, 354:of that which he has destroyed. [354] He is subjected to what has esoterically been called "thePsychology2, 402:these days; the tension to which men are subjected is so extreme; the future appears soPsychology2, 405:time is coming when every infant will early be subjected to certain tests and become the recipientPsychology2, 466:cells through the strain to which they have been subjected. Psychology2, 541:of the energies pouring in on the man who is subjected - among other things - to the directedPsychology2, 615:unfoldment to which the child and youth will be subjected by the wise educator. Psychology2, 679:these men and women of good will should be subjected to an intensive training. This should bePsychology2, 680:those who think otherwise than this must not be subjected to attack. Racial hatreds, religiousPsychology2, 702:lives of all true aspirants and disciples were subjected to a stimulating process, with definiteRays, 72:individual self-initiation, to which all must be subjected, and indicates also the loneliness ofRays, 183:can materialize, the souls of all forms can be subjected to the needed experience, and so progressRays, 192:the power of the second aspect when the Christ subjected the Master Jesus to the fourth initiationRays, 198:condition and one to which all beginners are subjected and which they cannot avoid for it isRays, 209:that your relation to each other is frequently subjected to the impact of approval or ofRays, 221:of the processes to which humanity has been subjected. This is a vital transition period; disciplesRays, 223:confining form. The vehicle of the soul is being subjected to pressure from within but then - bothRays, 266:of differentiation to which he has been subjected for aeons. The principle of intelligence controlsRays, 281:whereon or wherein the lower planes are [281] subjected to impression from the three higher. TheRays, 281:higher. The higher three and the lower three are subjected to a definitely esoteric and mysteriousRays, 330:through the suffering to which humanity has been subjected (with a consequent purifying effectRays, 343:are taking the same initiation and are being subjected to the same tests and difficulties. TheseRays, 415:Lodge is controlled from Sirius; the Ashrams are subjected to its cyclic inflow; the higherRays, 440:Becoming is complex, imprisoning, limited and subjected to hindrances, and in that world theRays, 516:potent experiences to which the disciple can be subjected. It is not vision or even aspiration toRays, 527:the various tests to which all disciples are subjected, prior to the various initiations. Shri
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