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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUBJECTING

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Autobiography, 132:not face the prospect of going back to him or subjecting the children to his tempers and sulkiness.Bethlehem, 206:in which humanity could enter that kingdom - by subjecting the lower nature to the death of theDiscipleship1, 695:disciples when they form part of an Ashram are subjecting themselves to a greatly increasedDiscipleship2, 345:The lesser might be regarded as the subjecting of the formulas to the first and third methods ofDiscipleship2, 690:reflection within yourself, not reading books or subjecting yourself to deep meditation; it meansDiscipleship2, 700:this advice, in three years, if you insist on subjecting yourself to the musical impact, I suggestHealing, 381:the method (frequently employed by nature) of subjecting large areas of the soil to the impact ofHercules, 184:was not as important as he thought, and that by subjecting himself to certain training he couldInitiation, 70:being tried of intensifying the teaching, and of subjecting disciples, not initiates, to theMagic, 191:we are verily and indeed working with forces, subjecting energies to our needs, subordinating [192]Psychology1, 240:of the entity, manifesting through this kingdom, subjecting itself to the initiatory fire. This isPsychology2, 122:Whom we live and move and have our being", is subjecting the human family to certain influences andPsychology2, 481:headed. Forget not that the blind, unreasoning subjecting of oneself to guidance (as at presentPsychology2, 685:Lord Buddha and the Lord Maitreya, and They are subjecting Themselves to a most definite form ofRays, 297:simultaneously, whilst at the same time subjecting himself to the training required in order toReappearance, 68:which the Christ may be regarded as voluntarily subjecting Himself is a hierarchical matter orReappearance, 97:the will of God is known" (Shamballa), Christ is subjecting Himself at this time to an unique
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