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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUBJECTION

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Bethlehem, 228:it was merely a question of [228] unselfish subjection: in the case of Jesus it meant the bitterDiscipleship1, 242:life! In the last analysis, your problem is the subjection of your sixth ray personality to yourExternalisation, 187:order, as visioned by Hitler, is based upon the subjection of the weak to the rule of aFire, 162:will refine and bring his lower vehicles into subjection, and to a strenuous endeavor to purify andFire, 258:the seven principles which they embody. By His subjection to the Law of His Being. By His groupFire, 802:atomic control, but involves also conscious subjection to the karma of the Heavenly Man. Man is noFire, 1121:every part of the nature of the lower man into subjection. Thirdly, they bring about theMagic, 11:as usually understood, conveys the idea of subjection to an activity which is recognized asPatanjali, 120:of man's sheaths in the three worlds under the subjection of the Inner Ruler. This sciencePatanjali, 142:Instinctively, from ancient practice and through subjection to a world of tangible forms, ourPsychology2, 23:of Discipleship, the astral body is brought into subjection by the ray of the soul as it poursPsychology2, 23:aspects of the personality are brought into subjection by the energy emanating from the nine petalsPsychology2, 157:to bring about the necessary reorientation and subjection to the new technique of living. The otherPsychology2, 268:is the fusion of three major forces and their subjection (finally and after the fusion) to theRays, 653:service within the planetary Life and the subjection of Himself and of His Ashram to cyclic
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