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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUBJECTIVE

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Education, 127:be scarcely recognizable. Inevitably, however, subjective changes are wrought in the life of theEducation, 146:world of phenomena. [146] Between the realm of subjective beauty and reality and the outer tangibleExternalisation, 4:a climax in the history of mankind, and its subjective effect was far more potent than has hithertoExternalisation, 16:one school and are linked together in a basic subjective unity. The time must come when theseExternalisation, 27:founded basically on a mental impulse. They are subjective in fact and not objective in nature.Externalisation, 27:stage which is that of germination - they are subjective and (occultly speaking) they are "workingExternalisation, 27:by the will aspect and consequently still more subjective in nature and more esoteric in origin,Externalisation, 33:glory of every age and the positive germ of the subjective unfolding impulse which is basically theExternalisation, 33:introverted groups, into the objective and the subjective levels of consciousness, and into theExternalisation, 35:that the second concerns the soul aspect or the subjective consciousness aspect of divinity; whilstExternalisation, 45:from the physical plane of life to the inner subjective existence. Of this state of being, groupsExternalisation, 49:materialism and yet its deeply spiritual subjective program and purpose. This eventually producesExternalisation, 52:unity differs from an enforced unity in that the subjective spirit and the objective form areExternalisation, 55:of the Innermost or the Real, a recognition of subjective destiny, and an innate knowledge of andExternalisation, 56:- those found on the objective and those on the subjective side of life. Externalisation, 59:The nature of the anima mundi, the fact of the subjective consciousness found in all forms withoutExternalisation, 59:long, provided some of my disciples show me the subjective signs for which I look, which involves aExternalisation, 60:wealth of the world. This is an interesting subjective reality to have in mind. A study of theExternalisation, 61:and do not hate and who work for unity - both subjective and spiritual. This is all I can say atExternalisation, 100:to the production of this innate synthesis and subjective fusion and to the expression of thisExternalisation, 101:trend of world events from the spiritual and subjective angles. This evoked from all of you anExternalisation, 101:is it not, that this response has remained subjective, intellectually perceived and aspirationallyExternalisation, 102:inevitably to the organization - interior and subjective - of the seed groups, to their radiatoryExternalisation, 103:The General World Picture I have used the word "subjective" a great deal in my writings; I haveExternalisation, 103:This refers, in the case of aspirants, to the subjective synthesis in the three worlds and not toExternalisation, 103:which follows the Vision is entirely subjective in nature and pervasive in quality. It is a processExternalisation, 103:It involves also the holding of the inner subjective link with each other with such firmness thatExternalisation, 106:is indicative of an [106] inner unity and a subjective interrelation of which all are somewhatExternalisation, 107:and his grasp of the spiritual, esoteric and subjective essentials of living. It is this forceExternalisation, 108:conclusions by the mass light and by the inner subjective oft unexpressed reactions of theExternalisation, 114:form. Forms are ever open to attack. A strong subjective life and spiritual detachment are the twoExternalisation, 121:the race and will facilitate the unfoldment of a subjective synthesis which will greatly enrichExternalisation, 129:with each other and to express the true and subjective synthesis of humanity, and not placeExternalisation, 132:of America, for an intuitive recognition of subjective realities and a real sense of the higherExternalisation, 150:of the soul of humanity and the qualities of the subjective and inner divine life which all outerExternalisation, 167:enters into the realm of the subtler and subjective values and the true meaning of forgiveness isExternalisation, 172:ask you, therefore, to [172] participate in the subjective focusing and rallying of the worldExternalisation, 199:racial outlines, will produce an underlying and subjective state of mind which will end the age ofExternalisation, 201:interested that the search for truth and for subjective spiritual experience should persist; HeExternalisation, 220:This is, however, wholly compatible with a subjective process of right and clear thinking, whichExternalisation, 221:of any influence you may have - objective or subjective, spiritual, emotional or mental - on to theExternalisation, 223:it can then become a vital link between the subjective world of energy and the objective world ofExternalisation, 234:and not a cause; it is the effect of certain subjective attitudes which are not yet present in theExternalisation, 239:contrasts which grow out of a widely differing subjective attitude to humanity. It is, however, ofExternalisation, 243:uncertainty as to the realities of subjective and spiritual life, and the insincerities which areExternalisation, 285:great religion. In all of them, the idea of a subjective, spiritual Order, concerned with theExternalisation, 299:with racial development as They are with the subjective unfoldment of consciousness and with theExternalisation, 321:the victory upon the physical plane. Provide the subjective synthesis or network of light, [322]Externalisation, 337:Go forward with assurance. A deeply rooted subjective process is taking place in the humanExternalisation, 354:so to be. And in the meantime, paralleling your subjective work and externalizing your innerExternalisation, 401:egoic groups with which all human beings are in subjective - though usually unknown - relation. TheExternalisation, 423:is bringing the results of past activities, the subjective thinking and the secret impulses to theExternalisation, 424:closer to mankind. These basic events, these subjective happenings and these spiritualExternalisation, 475:that they could easily become the agents of the subjective evil forces. Externalisation, 478:because they concern the handling of the subjective forces of evil. The potency of these forcesExternalisation, 479:[479] strength of the evil group - objective and subjective - which has sought to gain dominanceExternalisation, 485:to spiritual impression, in their united subjective purpose, in their love of their fellowmen, andExternalisation, 491:"release" of energy which was one of the major subjective factors in the precipitation of this lastExternalisation, 495:being carried forward were therefore both subjective and objective. A concerted effort was made byExternalisation, 502:IN THE EXTERNALIZATION OF THE HIERARCHY The Subjective Basis of the New World Religion IntroductoryExternalisation, 519:for the first time since it withdrew into the subjective side of life and focused itself on theExternalisation, 568:as it unfolds and develops, will have a potent subjective and deeply spiritual effect upon everyExternalisation, 569:limited; Their work is still almost entirely subjective and the mode of telepathic interplay and ofExternalisation, 640:will remain basically the same; it will be more subjective but many in the world today know theExternalisation, 660:considering is concerned with the interior or subjective work of the Hierarchy, the repercussionsExternalisation, 663:seeking to preserve freedom in unity. It is a subjective synthesis for which they work - aExternalisation, 677:are, as well you know, externalizations of subjective ideas and concepts and of phases ofExternalisation, 682:bodies, has had its orientation upon the subjective levels of life; the majority of Them, andExternalisation, 689:and thought is turning steadily towards the subjective spiritual values, even if these values areExternalisation, 697:the portals of apparent death to the inner subjective Ashram, and then again appearing by one orFire, xii:flows on. Secondly, to express that which is subjective in comprehensible terms, and to point outFire, xiv:the essence of that which is objective, with the subjective side of manifestation, and with theFire, xv:truth and of value to all investigators into the subjective Source of all that which is tangiblyFire, 41:the objective or tangible universe; second, the subjective worlds or form; and thirdly, theFire, 47:manifestation in this case connotating a purely subjective manifestation which is neitherFire, 50:matter dealt with in this Treatise concerns the subjective essence of the solar system, notFire, 69:all worldly experiences in their dual aspect of subjective and objective cluster and arrangeFire, 97:was Fire, Heat, Motion. These three are the subjective life manifesting objectively. Fire: TheFire, 97:Logos. Fire by friction. Matter. THE MACROCOSM (subjective expression) First Logos Fire - ElectricFire, 97:Saturn Activity or Intelligence. THE MICROCOSM (subjective expression) The Monad Electric fire WillFire, 128:alternation of objective manifestation and of subjective obscuration, the periodic outbreathing,Fire, 128:vibration, cycles and heartbeat, lie their subjective analogies - love, feeling, emotion, desire,Fire, 131:body into their primordial condition. The subjective life, the synthesis of will and love takingFire, 140:controls the material vehicles, does the subjective life assume its rightful place, does the GodFire, 162:of a coward, in these matters concerning the subjective life, to move with caution and with care;Fire, 175:and their "privations" coming again out of the subjective, they will find the exact point fromFire, 214:but has to do with certain aspects of the subjective Life or the soul. Fire, 227:of the Father and the Mother. In terms of the subjective, it produces the Sun, as the sum total ofFire, 228:microcosm, expressed in other terms or from the subjective point of view, is a miniature sunFire, 243:of manifestation, viewed principally from the subjective or psychic angle. Fire, 247:form. Magnetic stimulation, acting upon its subjective life. The united effect of the twoFire, 249:response. Magnetic stimulation, acting upon his subjective life. This emanates from his egoicFire, 254:radiation. Magnetic stimulation, acting upon His subjective life. This radiation emanates fromFire, 257:holds all in synthetic unity or homogeneity. His subjective life is governed by the Law ofFire, 258:Magnetic stimulation, acting upon His subjective Life, and emanating from certain cosmic centersFire, 258:by the endeavor to ascertain the extent of the subjective control, by the measure of the solarFire, 264:and thus the tabulation deals entirely with the subjective life, or the development of the psycheFire, 265:the [265] three worlds, the planes whereon the subjective and the objective are united. What haveFire, 267:- Section Two - Introductory Questions 3. The Subjective Development This is also sevenfold: AstralFire, 268:fact of the psychic development, and also that subjective evolution is the main enterprise of the
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