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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUBJECTIVE

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Magic, 21:But when one is dealing with things occult and subjective, and when the subject about which [22]Magic, 30:matter or body nature. This is the distinctive subjective, man, his coloring, or individual note;Magic, 45:strictly physical sense. This web of life is the subjective analogy to the nervous system, andMagic, 56:being, or to those who are working purely on the subjective side of life, and along what areMagic, 82:of spirit, or the formless abstract world of subjective consciousness is not recognized in aMagic, 83:and by those who are able to study the subjective history of men and races, but science recognizesMagic, 90:between all forms of that divine Life. This subjective ideal gradually leads to an appreciation ofMagic, 94:forms of activity which are, as yet, on the subjective plane. Only those aspirants who are freedMagic, 102:the manipulation of those forces which bring the subjective reality into outer manifestation.Magic, 104:If any command may ever emanate from the subjective band of teachers of whom I am a humble member,Magic, 147:a new subtler response apparatus whereby the subjective worlds can be known. When this stage isMagic, 166:according as the aspirant is entering into the subjective consciousness for the first time or isMagic, 167:but it must suffice. Second, when the use of the subjective instrument becomes voluntary and a manMagic, 168:of what has happened and is unaware of his subjective contacts. He, however, recognizes in himselfMagic, 194:a stirring and a vitalizing which will bring his subjective spiritual life into prominence. ThisMagic, 194:subjective spiritual life into prominence. This subjective life expresses itself as spiritualMagic, 196:aspect, and which creates forms in line with the subjective purposes of the presiding intelligenceMagic, 199:work of at-one-ing the soul and the body, the subjective and the objective. In some occult books itMagic, 199:twelve, and thus the bringing together of the subjective soul and the [200] objective body inMagic, 206:There is a subtle effect of prana (which is the subjective element underlying the air breathed inMagic, 227:to impressions and contacts emanating from the subjective and spiritual worlds. Yet the battle, parMagic, 260:there existed such a strong inner integrity and subjective relation between workers in all fieldsMagic, 261:him the process of carrying forward interior subjective activities in the face of and in spite ofMagic, 266:fulfil their function in line with our realized subjective purpose. The emphasis should be laidMagic, 275:of consciousness to the human unit through its subjective force existence, and from the standpointMagic, 279:of the inner builders, who constitute the subjective form and transmit the vitalizing life. Let himMagic, 281:work under Law creatively; both proceed from subjective activity to objective manifestation andMagic, 290:only to be known and realized on the subjective side. The second basic idea is that the response ofMagic, 292:Groups, i.e. The Hierarchy of the Planet. Subjective. The integrating group of Mystics. Objective.Magic, 329:other's Bibles with equal freedom. They form the subjective background of the new world; theyMagic, 330:two groups, the reactionary doctrinaires and the subjective band of mystics, is the majority of theMagic, 331:passes into the consciousness of the subjective life, begins to work with cause and is no longerMagic, 337:as the mechanistic and the introspective or subjective mentioned above, a third will manifest whichMagic, 338:and control. But, in accordance with the more subjective and speculative school he must learn toMagic, 340:of matter and trace all phenomena, objective and subjective, to the activity of matter. Through theMagic, 351:If proof is to be given to the world of the subjective realm of reality it will be bought with theMagic, 400:every channel of communication between the subjective reality and the objective outer form. TheyMagic, 401:presence felt but theirs is as yet primarily a subjective influence. Magic, 403:defined as follows: - It is the production of a subjective synthesis in humanity and of aMagic, 406:and trace for you the work they did or the subjective impulses under which they worked. I can butMagic, 410:that they have all been motivated from the inner subjective side of life; they have come forthMagic, 411:and demonstrates the exceeding potency of the subjective activity. Magic, 413:or a small working replica of this essentially subjective body. Its members are all in physicalMagic, 413:be willing to work without recognition, on the subjective levels. They must work behind the scenesMagic, 417:of you who have seen the vision of a powerful subjective body of thinking Souls can speak theMagic, 425:the new attitude towards work, and for the subjective method. Decide once and for all whether youMagic, 425:paramount in importance, that sensitivity to the subjective realm is cultivated, and any necessaryMagic, 427:do in that place. These groups, with the one subjective group of conscious living souls behindMagic, 431:Servers The group is and will be kept entirely subjective. Its members are linked telepathically,Magic, 448:that any thought-form is regarded by us as a subjective and existing entity, clothed in subtleMagic, 452:matter or body nature. This is the distinctive subjective man, his coloring, or individual note;Magic, 457:the vision of the inner structure, or of the subjective skeleton, if I may so term it, of the formMagic, 460:of ascertaining the formulas, of drawing up the subjective charts or plans of intuitive impressionMagic, 461:outer form to the inner idea and the spiritual subjective reality. The point I seek to make is thatMagic, 466:and used; then they begin to find their subjective group which will eventually take the place ofMagic, 471:forms we have come to feel is to express some subjective quality which will give us the key to itsMagic, 471:nature or a human being. In some respects this subjective triplicity of purpose, activity and goalMagic, 477:out and books come to naught" for the lines of subjective communication [478] will lie open. MenMagic, 478:and color to supplement through the eye what the subjective hearing has recorded. But that day isMagic, 493:and is therefore beginning to work with his subjective apparatus or energy aspects. Secondly, thisMagic, 507:out into physical plane manifestation of the subjective ideas, under law and constructively, isMagic, 514:the dominating factor. The man gradually becomes subjective in his attitude and the physical planeMagic, 528:plane, the needed energy whereby the [528] subjective realization can be materialized. The aspirantMagic, 558:their motives as we see them who guide on the subjective side of experience. Mixed motive isMagic, 566:this stage. It is the stage wherein the vibrant subjective form has to attract to itself thatMagic, 580:is and the clearer the understanding of the subjective purpose, so will the right direction and theMagic, 601:occult. He is supposed to be dealing with things subjective and esoteric; he aims to be a worker inMagic, 609:groups and the group of spiritual workers on the subjective plane), interpreting the one to theMagic, 619:of I-ness", and that their work is founded on a subjective egoism which must - and will - beMagic, 619:groups and combinations of groups, both on the subjective and objective sides of manifestation. InMeditation, 151:years may at times overlook the value of the subjective. He arrives eventually at the central lifeMeditation, 162:lead to certain effects, either objective or subjective. These forms or mantrams are much more inMeditation, 240:method whereby this is accomplished is by the subjective life of occult meditation, and theMeditation, 240:under the occult law, therefore, in service the subjective finds liberation, and is set free fromMeditation, 242:mind of the reader: 1. The work will be largely subjective and will deal with causes and not withMeditation, 252:all knowledge) will the forms that veil the subjective life be irradiated and known. Only when theMeditation, 281:of objective service must keep pace with the subjective growth; only when the two are seen togetherMeditation, 285:to the center, from the objective to the subjective, from the form to the life within the form.Meditation, 300:men is being somewhat colored by them and their subjective emphasis, when they are producingMeditation, 300:have demonstrated to the world of men that the subjective is the true reality and that the lower isMeditation, 300:is but the stepping stone to the higher. This subjective reality being universally admitted will,Meditation, 347:universe. From darkness issued light, from the subjective emanated the objective. The negativeMeditation, 352:of the physical plane, no body, either subjective or objective. It is, nevertheless, the center ofPatanjaliIn this stage, the chitta is responsive only to subjective impressions. 19. The samadhi justPatanjali, 34:particular form, so that an appreciation of its subjective energy may be gained. It should be bornePatanjali, 35:In this stage the chitta is responsive only to subjective impressions. The word "samadhi" isPatanjali, 36:from those perceptions which are still more subjective. He becomes aware of a new field ofPatanjali, 48:settled all claims against him, and through his subjective realization has entered consciously intoPatanjali, 54:of tangibility but with the demonstration of the subjective or the intangible. This is the Word ofPatanjali, 78:touch with the soul of all things and with the subjective side of nature. It is significant to notePatanjali, 94:as the sixth sense, arriving thereby at that subjective quality or life which lies back of thePatanjali, 98:the will, the student can meditate on the subtle subjective nature of God as manifested under thePatanjali, 107:deals, however, with the effects produced by the subjective life, but has no clue to the causes orPatanjali, 107:life, but has no clue to the causes or to the subjective energies of which they are the product.Patanjali, 145:produce the physical body. He must enter the subjective realm if he wants to deal with that whichPatanjali, 157:directly involved effects of the unspecific or subjective sound or word. The five sense organs: thePatanjali, 158:of the specific; they deal with that which is subjective and intangible, and with the force displayPatanjali, 162:into the [162] realm of the soul or of the subjective cause of this triple manifestation. This isPatanjali, 165:him away from the realities or from the true subjective world of causes, and of force emanations.Patanjali, 172:him so that he knows not only the form but the subjective Reality which produces or causes the
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