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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUBJECTIVE

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Psychology2, 336:the Buddha, with Their immensely wide range of subjective and divine awareness. Step by step, thePsychology2, 351:itself is only an expression. This is the subjective world of reality, into which we beginPsychology2, 365:in waking, physical consciousness, they remain subjective and are not usable. They are of noPsychology2, 391:at an understanding (practical, experimental and subjective) of the appropriate phrase for his ray.Psychology2, 404:of the form or forms through which the subjective life of divinity is revealing itself) can bePsychology2, 405:racial factors, by the quality of the subtle or subjective nature, by past experience and by soulPsychology2, 413:about the centers of force through which the subjective aspects of man - lower, personal and divinePsychology2, 429:perception of beauty, and the concept of the subjective worlds; the power of choice, with itsPsychology2, 434:from the outer environment and the inner subjective realms. These come, according to the esotericPsychology2, 451:of these developments in the world of [451] subjective spiritual government and in the world ofPsychology2, 473:being as it swings into activity through the subjective influence of mental illusion or astralPsychology2, 480:or to the phenomena of the outer response to a subjective urge. They are, in the majority of cases,Psychology2, 481:awareness to the insistent demands of the subjective realms of being or of thought, the man isPsychology2, 481:attention. We shall see this tendency towards subjective guidance of some kind or anotherPsychology2, 483:the second group there is an attempt to stir the subjective man into the acceptance of a definitelyPsychology2, 486:and to orient the man or woman to the inner subjective worlds and to the subtler planes of being -Psychology2, 493:fact - the fact of the interior, inner subjective life of humanity, which is based on ancientPsychology2, 498:this method could be more safely applied if the subjective dream life and the hidden difficultiesPsychology2, 543:yet, the whole theme is mystical and innately subjective. The time must come when the mystic willPsychology2, 550:activity which is going on all the time in the subjective life of humanity produces both good andPsychology2, 574:accurately and synchronously with its subjective counterpart, registering impressions from the headPsychology2, 620:Groups in the New Age will be held together by a subjective link and not so much by the emotionalPsychology2, 621:Just in so far as they are objective and not subjective so will this trouble increase. I refer toPsychology2, 621:of the leaders' words - all these will have a subjective result little grasped or realized by thePsychology2, 638:position between the masses of men and the inner subjective world government. They draw theirPsychology2, 644:of the new social order, which is essentially a subjective realignment, resulting in pronouncedPsychology2, 647:attitude of humanity and will lead to a subjective spiritual synthesis between the men of good willPsychology2, 654:good will. These four are the ideals of that subjective group, working on the physical plane, whichPsychology2, 661:hold the inner clarity of vision and the inner subjective relationships and, at the same time,Psychology2, 661:upon the reality of that which is inner and subjective (the world of real values) and upon thePsychology2, 663:two sources: First, from that inner center or subjective world government, [664] whose members arePsychology2, 684:into manifestation that which is waiting on the subjective side of life. How, therefore, is thatPsychology2, 688:away from ourselves but also from the inner subjective planes to the outer world, and our effortsPsychology2, 718:its catastrophic results will be offset, and its subjective significances utilized to the full. Psychology2, 720:more clearly Become more sensitive to inner, subjective, spiritual impression Make the necessaryPsychology2, 724:of May, 1936, there was in evidence an inner, subjective, spiritual effort. This was definitelyPsychology2, 724:condition, spiritual, potential, idealistic, subjective and sensed, be so clearly formulated andPsychology2, 725:did mobilize and bring together every possible subjective agency and form of available energy forPsychology2, 728:or a paralleling expression of an inner subjective fact. One of the facts upon the agenda of thePsychology2, 728:effort. By this is meant considered mental work, subjective reflection, organized visioning andPsychology2, 731:the methods which concern us. There are other subjective and spiritual [732] methods employed whichPsychology2, 736:Those who are serving the Plan of God upon the subjective side of life, or along the lines ofPsychology2, 736:into three camps or groups, as seen from the subjective side of life. These are: The group of thosePsychology2, 745:of differences. They meet in thought upon the subjective level of the true realities - which areRays, 6:II. An Emergence into Manifestation of the Subjective Aspect in Man. One of the objects ofRays, 6:Man. One of the objects of evolution is that the subjective reality should eventually be broughtRays, 12:plane are necessarily the result of inner subjective causes, emanating from some level of theRays, 13:of the inner occurrences and the meeting of subjective forces and inflowing energies. It is ofRays, 138:progressions have always taken place upon the subjective side of life; it is these subjectiveRays, 138:upon the subjective side of life; it is these subjective activities which have made it hard forRays, 138:truth and arrive at some true realization of the subjective situation which ever exists between theRays, 138:planes of conscious contact which are as yet so subjective that he only accepts them as existent inRays, 188:more and more sensitively to impacts - both subjective and objective - and their cooperation beganRays, 253:which is the objective expression of the subjective influence of light. Ponder on this statement.Rays, 276:This implies the achieving by them of deepened subjective relationships and increased sensitivityRays, 287:see the beauty underlying form, to recognize the subjective divinity and to register also the loveRays, 299:organization and recognition lack. The unity is subjective, and for that reason is impervious toRays, 300:who recognize the factual nature of the inner subjective kingdom of God, will produce amazingRays, 308:to the "formless form" which is always the subjective aspect of the tangible world. It must beRays, 308:considered by the initiate is connected with the subjective worlds of the four higher planes andRays, 330:for the life of man encompasses the abstract and subjective as well as the outer physical levels ofRays, 343:mutually convey a sense of group solidarity. The subjective relationship is assured by an objectiveRays, 354:the eyes of the physical plane onlooker, and the subjective aspect, portrayed symbolically by theRays, 421:accepted disciple. Yet the two are linked by a subjective unity and similarity of objective. AtRays, 432:mechanism in the head - both objective and subjective - which uses the physical brain as aRays, 441:consciously. The intensely private and purely subjective life in which he - the soul-infusedRays, 445:one world of activity. Of these two worlds, the subjective etheric body (or the body of vitalRays, 474:average aspirant, as it would be concerned with subjective realities which - though existent andRays, 503:that the whole process is carried forward upon subjective levels and in the realm of consciousness,Rays, 514:It is the quality of a particular [514] type of subjective nature (the soul ray as it dominates theRays, 514:which makes appeal to that which is still more subjective; that is what in truth accomplishes theRays, 522:beyond Christ, what was the nature of His [522] subjective background and what was His point ofRays, 532:between our cosmic physical plane and the inner subjective and cosmic worlds; this entrance to theRays, 584:the return of the Christ which has brought these subjective spiritual tendencies of mankind to theRays, 622:which should be established, and the immense subjective unity of mankind. This will not come aboutRays, 624:and national ambitions. Races are basically subjective, and nations are basically objective. TheirRays, 625:the significance of harmony. The basic and subjective synthesis of the Germanic race must not beRays, 625:with territorial unity. There is a racial and subjective unity between the British Commonwealth ofRays, 641:and most carefully carried out. If the subjective relations between the nations are emphasized andRays, 648:no true service to mankind, except from a purely subjective standpoint; nevertheless, through theRays, 668:however, to be increasingly recognized, are subjective and may have but little phenomenalRays, 678:and objective and that which is supernatural and subjective. Do these ideas make the concept ofRays, 720:and not consciously used. In spite of this subjective activity, men are nevertheless in fullRays, 732:the retirement of the Great White Lodge to subjective levels, their first great act of distortionReappearance, 7:Messengers are linked with the concept of some subjective spiritual Order or Hierarchy of spiritualReappearance, 18:which provided the major avenues for His subjective activity, but it will not be so when He isReappearance, 19:the livingness of the Christ and in the close, subjective and unbreakable relationship of all menReappearance, 72:in human thinking, and will be the result of a subjective human reaction to the decision alreadyReappearance, 95:to spiritual impression, in their united, subjective purpose, in their love of their fellowmen andReappearance, 187:upon the physical plane but a profound subjective and spiritual happening. Even those with only aSoul, 24:in their laboratories. [24] Furthermore, the subjective school is apt to be ultra-rational andSoul, 28:through that knowledge to be in touch with the subjective Self, with the Over Soul. These claims,Soul, 54:seen is but the outward manifestation of inner subjective energies. He regards the entire mechanicsSoul, 69:as follows: Behind the objective body lies a subjective form constituted of etheric matter andSoul, 77:of being or consciousness, and indicate the subjective reality in every man. The early ChristianSoul, 94:which is brought into being and animated by a subjective world of forces, which use the etherSoul, 146:(if it might be so expressed) and prove that the subjective states to which the mystic and seerTelepathy, 3:Who, working in mental matter, control from the subjective side of life the emergence of the greatTelepathy, 5:by the brain. Here we have a law governing a subjective activity and another law governingTelepathy, 13:and aspirants on the physical plane. Between subjective and objective groups. Between the occult
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