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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUBJECTS

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Astrology, 95:forces the soul on to the burning ground and subjects it to a purifying process during incarnation.Astrology, 321:the outstanding characteristic of Cancer and its subjects. The Moon, however, relates Cancer to twoAstrology, 588:and stepping-down process to which the Hierarchy subjects it. I have referred to this directAstrology, 613:of the dynamic processes to which the One Life subjects Itself as it enters into the dualisticAutobiography, 193:to be of some help, and three books on occult subjects. Since that time over 30,000 people haveAutobiography, 259:has to have taken place, wherein the particular subjects to be dealt with are the seed thoughts ofAutobiography, 260:work has been a strong initial interest in these subjects, over twenty years of meditation work,Autobiography, 275:and its techniques were closely guarded subjects and the public was taught that such teachings wereAutobiography, 276:the new schools will teach the following subjects. 1. The Science of Impression. The disciple isBethlehem, 196:God, being unable with justice to take Satan's subjects from him without paying a ransom for them,Destiny, 16:referred to in the current writings on occult subjects. It is wise and valuable to remember this.Discipleship1, 253:their lives ablaze with divinity. Choose not the subjects of your service but serve all who seekDiscipleship1, 301:you. But the group and the training to which it subjects itself can give you much if you will tryDiscipleship1, 659:emotional reactions into play on matters and subjects which, in this day of world suffering andDiscipleship1, 682:beginner is full of questions upon all sorts of subjects. The trained disciple is so preoccupiedDiscipleship2, 77:consists, as you already know, of six themes or subjects: [78] Instruction on Meditation. TeachingDiscipleship2, 91:as it is called. 2. Affiliation with an Ashram subjects the aspirant to intensified stimulation; inDiscipleship2, 328:"principle of absorption" emerges as one of the subjects to be studied, understood and masteredExternalisation, 569:to attain proficiency in all educational subjects - in modern history, for instance, or the newestExternalisation, 686:brackets, have hitherto been responsible. This subjects Them to a great strain and forces Them toFire, xiv:mind certain things: That in dealing with these subjects we are concerned with the essence of thatFire, xviii:esoteric stanzas The above tabulation of the subjects dealt with in this treatise is of very realFire, 201:is the educatory process to which the Self subjects itself in the process of developing intuition -Fire, 223:in specified terms as including the following subjects, - hence its fundamental importance. [224]Fire, 402:in the majority of cases. In studying these subjects we have necessarily to confine ourselves toFire, 691:should ever bear in mind that these occult subjects can be expressed in a twofold manner: In termsFire, 764:reincarnating jivas, we have touched upon three subjects: Avatars, with the intent of disposing ofFire, 1132:part, and His periodic manifestation. These subjects have been touched upon when we studiedFire, 1156:ten, but the lower three are not considered as subjects for the direction of egoic energy. TheyFire, 1175:and each planetary school or Hierarchy subjects its pupils to this law, only in manners diverse.Fire, 1256:This training concerns itself with three main subjects: With color, that which veils the SpiritHealing, 126:through great difficulties. He, as a soul, subjects himself to a life of outgoing, of magneticHealing, 167:the most advanced human mind to grasp themes and subjects as a whole. The synthetic element is asHealing, 263:known and their future and their destiny are subjects of worldwide, universal concern. The JewsHealing, 293:disciples in this mode of approaching vast subjects. The "Book of Karma" has in it the followingHealing, 334:entire incarnations wherein an aspirant subjects himself to a discipline of food, just as there mayHealing, 343:it will be to deal with this wide range of subjects. I will, however, give you the briefest answersHealing, 488:their "living focus." These are called "manasic" subjects. The same basic rules control them all,Hercules, 5:takes the lower nature in hand and willingly subjects it to the discipline which will eventuallyHercules, 29:upon Hercules in that particular sign. Each sign subjects the man who is working in it to theHercules, 208:takes his lower nature in hand and willingly subjects himself to the discipline which willInitiation, 90:It will be apparent that, should he search these subjects with application, the student will findInitiation, 169:unfolded to him, and through this revelation two subjects of profound [170] interest becomeInitiation, 172:All that can be done is to enumerate some of the subjects to which it gives the clue, adding toInitiation, 173:- Chapter XVI - The Imparting of the Secrets The subjects on which this secret throws a flood ofInitiation, 173:and in relation to the microcosm, the following subjects are illuminated when the initiate receivesInitiation, 207:be enlarged upon. It concerns mysteries and subjects too immense to be fully handled here. It isIntellect, 25:information [25] on a vast number of unrelated subjects. The literal meaning of the word, however,Magic, 33:be apparent that no approach to such abstruse subjects as the nature of spirit and soul could haveMagic, 351:in the form of a deep interest in certain subjects, and in an increasing aptitude to thinkMeditation, 114:save broad indications. Each of these various subjects that I have touched upon might warrant theMeditation, 141:of Form collectively. In the exposition of these subjects you will see that what I am endeavoringMeditation, 298:are being made now, unknown oft to the subjects themselves, to see how quickly a man may be pushedMeditation, 328:study of the microcosm, including the following subjects, using the microscope when needed: TheMeditation, 328:Study of the etheric body and its allied subjects of vitality and magnetism. Study of geology; ofMeditation, 340:Self) is reached: Clear thinking, not just on subjects wherein interest is aroused, but on allPatanjali, 415:purpose, control, its problems and processes are subjects of common discussion today whereas onePatanjali, 417:remains hidden or unknown. Information on all subjects becomes possible to him, for he has anPsychology1, 57:is lost in the whole; the rhythm of the whole subjects the individual to a uniform participation inPsychology1, 108:in some small field of activity and upon subjects of which sufficient is already known to enablePsychology1, 205:As an artist his technique is not fine, but his subjects will be full of thought and interest. HePsychology2, 276:the stage of submission to which every disciple subjects himself. It is through acquiescence thatPsychology2, 289:us in this study much food for thought. The subjects touched upon are deep, difficult toPsychology2, 378:necessary it will be to deal with these abstruse subjects in the simplest way. Our study of thePsychology2, 433:psychologists will have to study the following subjects, [434] beginning with the lowest aspect andRays, 298:I seek not here to deal. I have covered these subjects at length in the books which I have written,Reappearance, 98:of fusion and all that it entails that He now subjects Himself to training. When this is completed,Soul, 42:mentally, discussing metaphysical and spiritual subjects. He was strongly group-conscious and onlySoul, 68:widely read and popular author on philosophical subjects, says: "The more we study matter the lessTelepathy, 9:extra-sensory perception have been involved, the subjects have been either adolescent or in their
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