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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUBLIMATION

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Astrology, 298:is brought about by what is called "the sublimation of the influence of the Moon" which is, as youAstrology, 384:that which is mental, that which concerns final sublimation, that which deals with sex and thatAstrology, 391:Thus is shown the perfection of the sublimation process, for aspiration has entirely supersededDestiny, 42:nature. The head and the heart, through the sublimation of the sacral and the solar plexusDiscipleship1, 252:you for you will remember that I referred to the sublimation of your personality. Discipleship1, 674:New Age I - The Six Stages of Discipleship THE SUBLIMATION OF THE FIVE HUMAN STAGES Stage I. TheDiscipleship2, 137:of faith and of will which is, in this case, the sublimation of the personal self-will; you willDiscipleship2, 622:is not the emotional body itself but a sublimation of the etheric, as that in turn is but theDiscipleship2, 622:of the etheric, as that in turn is but the sublimation of the inorganic chemical? As we progress onDiscipleship2, 626:vehicles of the Lord Buddha. The whole story of Sublimation, of Purification, and ofEducation, 54:be expected from the masses, and this is the sublimation of the forces released throughEducation, 144:and from the angle of the spirit is a sublimation or higher form of material matter. Light is alsoExternalisation, 99:depth of true understanding? Wisdom is the sublimation of the intellect, but this involves theExternalisation, 99:of the intellect, but this involves the sublimation of the higher as well as of the lower aspectsExternalisation, 440:idealism) will become a human characteristic - a sublimation of the basic instinct ofHealing, 127:to the Whole and not to the part. This sublimation of the lower life into the higher is one ofHercules, 6:gold behind." It is a process of refining, of sublimation and of transmutation, carried steadilyHercules, 83:is predominantly the sign of instinct; but the sublimation of instinct is the intuition. In theHercules, 146:and makes a man a slave of a master passion. Sublimation involves the use of the energy of sex inPatanjali, 30:of men's ideas about God, heaven or hell. The sublimation of all this and its highest expression inPatanjali, 44:largely ignores the fifth principle and is the sublimation of sensuous perception, being the way ofPatanjali, 103:condition of quiescence is achieved which is the sublimation of the tamasic or inert condition ofPatanjali, 121:beloved, seen and known in the heart. It is the sublimation of all the lower loves and the bringingPatanjali, 123:as seen in every form. Fiery aspiration is the sublimation of karma yoga. Devotion to Ishvara isPatanjali, 123:of karma yoga. Devotion to Ishvara is the sublimation of bhakti yoga, whilst spiritual reading isPatanjali, 290:kingdom. It is a picture of the transmutation or sublimation of the animal nature, for at the basePatanjali, 354:the sense of touch is an esoteric science. The sublimation of the sense of hearing and itsPatanjali, 379:of the mental plane. 4. Intense desire The sublimation of aspiration or the method of the buddhicPatanjali, 379:just as intense desire of a spiritual kind is a sublimation of astral or emotional desire, soPatanjali, 379:as practised by the initiates, is the sublimation of all the mental processes. Therefore the twoPatanjali, 380:by [380] initiates, being the synthesis and sublimation of the realizations achieved on the astralPsychology1, 200:the devotion to other human beings (the sublimation of domesticity), and the "shedding of blood" orPsychology1, 248:the liberation of the divine soul, through the sublimation of the animal soul. In these words liePsychology2, 102:feeling which is carried forward to the point of sublimation. When this point has been reached, thePsychology2, 407:also the unfoldment of the intuition (the sublimation of the intellect, as that was the sublimationPsychology2, 407:sublimation of the intellect, as that was the sublimation of the instinctual nature) and theRays, 5:into love, the energy of love. This involves the sublimation of personal feeling into groupRays, 49:development of the will aspect. It is the higher sublimation of the aspirational stage whichRays, 73:the light of the pure reason, which is the sublimation of the intellect, and the light of theRays, 517:and once he has achieved within himself the sublimation of matter, then he can divorce himself fromRays, 572:seventh ray governs the sacral center and the sublimation of its energy into the throat or into theTelepathy, 20:heart to heart. This type of impression is the sublimation of the "feeling" response registered
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