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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUBLIME

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Astrology, 376:and without cessation the stupendous and sublime plan of Deity. This is the subject which lightBethlehem, 195:of His most heroic life, and it affords such a sublime example to mankind that meditation upon itBethlehem, 238:ages, forming the focal point of the work of the sublime Third Degree. In close relation to thisDiscipleship2, 565:along which he can some day travel towards those sublime levels where the planetary Logos and hisHealing, 297:until They, as spiritual Beings, have developed "sublime control" - as it is called - over theHealing, 364:the powerful but little understood ritual of the sublime degree in Masonry, wherein the Master isMagic, 628:as it finds its consummation (for man) in the sublime marriage carried forward with consciousPatanjali, 78:that brotherhood is a fact in nature and not a sublime theory. The science of the centers, or layaPsychology1, 156:Logoi themselves walk in the light of that sublime Consciousness, and towards that privilege thePsychology1, 264:Masonic secret, and the central mystery of the sublime or third degree in Masonry. It is sometimesPsychology1, 265:[265] Lords unite their forces. In fellowship sublime, they work to raise the dead. Only thus canPsychology2, 29:sense of selfhood, and merges itself in that sublime condition in which self-centeredness (as wePsychology2, 38:and passes, through that door into the light sublime.' " Ray Six "The Blessed One caught the visionRays, 421:reach is some sphere of activity wherein sublime purposes and divine intentions are worked out. Rays, 533:representation, find their first hint in the sublime third degree, that of Master Mason, in theTelepathy, 91:they may eventually choose) and it is also the sublime art which every Master practices on
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