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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUBMIT

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Autobiography, 215:regarded as an out-of-date parent. I had to submit to having my views regarded as obsolete and tryAutobiography, 215:but which were bad enough at the time. I had to submit to their youthful belief that I knew nothingAutobiography, 277:those who undertake the necessary training and submit to discipline. This must be self-imposed andBethlehem, 66:work of world salvage, He has first of all to submit Himself to the ordinary processes of birth andBethlehem, 100:in Christ," and as infants we just live and submit to discipline, gradually growing towardBethlehem, 247:of moods and mental reactions to which we now submit is of no value to anyone but ourselves; theDiscipleship1, 47:if you can make the necessary adjustments and submit yourselves to the discipline and the trainingDiscipleship1, 128:ability to conform to the requirements and to submit to the inevitable, even if voluntary, groupDiscipleship1, 242:nature. The objectives before each of you are to submit to such a discipline and to unfold yourDiscipleship1, 285:training of the group members, and if all of you submit intelligently to this training andDiscipleship1, 342:so, to enter into some experiments with me and submit to some plain statements of truth. In theDiscipleship1, 368:the past and which I will summarize by saying: Submit your physical plane life to discipline,Discipleship1, 370:If I remind you not that the need is for you to submit your lower nature to discipline, you wouldDiscipleship1, 545:must be prepared. Are you willing for a while to submit to what may be suggested by me, and,Discipleship1, 571:The second question is: Are you willing to submit to as intensive a psychologising in your own caseDiscipleship1, 722:as individuals, as disciples and aspirants to submit yourselves to this fire? Discipleship2, 419:from that point of attained focus he will submit to the cosmic initiation for which his planetaryDiscipleship2, 671:special group of the "friends of Christ" must submit themselves. This right you have earned. It isEducation, 109:trends in education. I would ask you to submit yourselves to thought training with this in view.Externalisation, 25:during 1936. The response of this Festival will submit a gauge of opportunity for the guidance ofExternalisation, 530:interprets it) but to the fact that He had to submit Himself to contact with humanity. TheExternalisation, 631:of the subconscious to which individuals submit themselves, and it presages the inauguration of aExternalisation, 696:nothing he can do about the Law of Rebirth but submit to it and be grateful that opportunityGlamour, 5:aspects and then to urge upon you the need to submit to that training and to apply to yourselvesGlamour, 68:glamor. This you may later be able to do, if you submit to training and, as individuals, understandGlamour, 268:his will to achieve is strong enough for him to submit his personal lower self to the fires of theHealing, 251:countries throughout the world, the rule is to submit dead forms to the "ordeal by fire," and whenHealing, 327:of karmic limitations and a willingness to submit to them and leave affairs to work themselves out.Healing, 393:angry God. To these man is told he will have to submit, and from them there is no escape, exceptHealing, 592:control. The more determined the person is to submit his personality to soul control, the moreHercules, 172:slaying him, others bringing him up to earth. We submit these variations for the reader'sHercules, 172:the "signature of God"? With humility we submit these points for pondering. We are told that it isIntellect, 38:this word "supernatural." He says: "There is, I submit, an intelligible sense in which it may beIntellect, 183:intelligent man or woman can be found willing to submit to the outlined technique, we shall haveIntellect, 251:will hand over the reins of government and submit to the control of any entity, incarnate orIntellect, 266:secret of illumination; they will know how to submit all problems to the omniscience of the soul;Magic, 33:and soul could have a general definition and submit themselves to a universal terminology. Magic, 75:the light of day... "When fire and love and mind submit themselves, sounding the threefold word,Magic, 404:move and have our being has deemed it wise to submit to incarnation. Think not that I can tell ofMagic, 502:As regards the training to which a man can submit himself I will give a few hints which will beMagic, 574:he wields be that of the second ray, he can submit it to a similar analysis. He will then find itMeditation, 88:instills into the wise student the desire to submit to the necessary rules, to conform to thePatanjali, 249:and phrases are but the effort of the mind to submit to the brain of the personal self that whichPsychology2, 127:threefold nature so that it can automatically submit to the Law of Sacrifice. Then it will offer noPsychology2, 233:instinct which enables a man to recognize and submit to his soul and to its control and lifePsychology2, 268:by the forces of opposition, lead the man to submit to a higher influence. He calls then inRays, 154:its periphery. Then as he goes on and learns to submit to the Law of the Supplementary Seven, heRays, 157:the discipline to which the personality has to submit when coming under soul influence, with theRays, 398:the educational process to which the Masters submit is the unfoldment of the consciousness of theRays, 435:of time enters in and the disciple is free to submit to its conditioning, particularly in the earlyRays, 727:process to which all lives on our planet have to submit has been to develop this sensitivity whichReappearance, 180:of the subconscious to which individuals submit themselves; it presages the inauguration of a newSoul, 28:proven by any who will study their methods and submit to their special training. In the sphere of
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