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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUBORDINATED

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Astrology, 225:- having been developed and used - must now be subordinated to a higher power of the soul, theAstrology, 363:the great informing Life, the planetary Logos, subordinated to the two higher rays, such as is theAstrology, 372:for the benefit of the whole and more definitely subordinated to the innate divine urge for beauty,Astrology, 488:time by one of the three, the other two being subordinated. These triangles are called in theBethlehem, 42:Transfiguration, when the personality has been subordinated to the soul, or the indwelling Christ,Bethlehem, 163:are controlled by the same divine impulses and subordinated to the same vision. This stage connotesBethlehem, 206:the ephemeral lower self. His personality was subordinated to His divinity. The laws ofBethlehem, 211:in Palestine and on until the present time, are subordinated to the factor of our belief orBethlehem, 278:Those in whom the sense of values is subordinated to the values of the soul, whose consciousness isDestiny, 73:this can only happen when the personality ray is subordinated to the soul ray and Leo can respondDiscipleship1, 20:Just as in Atlantean days, spiritual forces were subordinated to the selfish desires of men, soDiscipleship1, 20:selfish desires of men, so today, they are being subordinated to the minds and the ambitions of menDiscipleship1, 127:your two major rays so that the personality is subordinated to the soul. To aid in this specificDiscipleship1, 146:be a synthesis of these new psychological ideas, subordinated to a central theme, which wouldDiscipleship1, 159:task. Therefore, all personality reactions are subordinated to the work in hand and the lower manDiscipleship1, 219:of Will or Power. That has been for a long time subordinated to the past ray of your soul, that ofDiscipleship1, 281:cause the soul much difficulty when not [281] subordinated in all humility to group service. WhenDiscipleship1, 339:lower concrete mind, even if of good caliber, is subordinated in your case to intuition and toDiscipleship1, 341:rightly gauged, and when it is then deliberately subordinated to the aims of the soul - then youDiscipleship1, 343:all true work is group work, with the individual subordinated to the group good. ThisDiscipleship1, 375:it. But the integrating will of the personality, subordinated to the will of the soul, must beDiscipleship1, 407:begin until the personalities of the members are subordinated to group purpose, and trained to beDiscipleship1, 538:that you are not the disciple, with everything subordinated to the life of discipleship. I wouldDiscipleship1, 688:and one to which all his daily efforts are subordinated. He needs no one to reveal the Plan to him.Discipleship2, 531:his life theme and to this the whole man is subordinated. Can you grasp this vision and letEducation, 92:relationship, in order that knowledge should be subordinated to the group need and interests, andEducation, 102:consciousness that his individual life must be subordinated to the greater life of the State orEducation, 116:they will be people whose minds are so subordinated to the group good, and so free from all senseExternalisation, 6:up new avenues of awareness and contact, are subordinated to purely selfish ends and prostituted toExternalisation, 28:beings have then seized upon the intuited idea, subordinated it to the process of mentation, madeExternalisation, 188:super-race. All departments of knowledge will be subordinated to the glorification of Germany.Externalisation, 255:because they seek to save their own souls) are subordinated to human need, human good and theExternalisation, 312:work. In this group work the personality is subordinated and only the following determinations areExternalisation, 324:of a new order, wherein individual activity is subordinated to the group objective and theFire, 957:therefore, of the threefold lower man to be subordinated to the Ego, so that the dynamic will ofGlamour, 28:is a combination of positive auras, deliberately subordinated to group work. [29] Glamour, 32:growing creative power of mankind, and have been subordinated to the wishes of men, through theGlamour, 60:mind. His life, as a personality also, becomes subordinated to his idea of an idea, and his idealGlamour, 91:and this third aspect must eventually be subordinated to the second aspect, the soul. The two greatHealing, 35:the other three energies are being increasingly subordinated to this higher type of control. ItHealing, 89:on the rhythm to which the female body should be subordinated, and which - rightly understood -Healing, 453:of the body are held in their right place and subordinated to the "will-to-be" of the soul. ThisHercules, 22:life, which is the ideal for a son of God, is subordinated to a fanatical determination to makeHercules, 25:and its power to feel, when rightly used and subordinated to godlike purposes, is one of theHercules, 84:and bringing realization. Then instinct is subordinated to both. [85] Hercules, 104:be sacrificed and the little mind of man must be subordinated to the universal mind. In Scorpio,Hercules, 226:through this labor also that the lower can be subordinated to the higher. Through the serviceHercules, 226:Christ is gradually revealed, matter is steadily subordinated to the uses of the soul, and the formInitiation, 78:in assistance to the world, and the whole life subordinated to the call of service. Then all thatMagic, 108:with his instrument; the life of the sheaths is subordinated to the life of the inner divinity; theMagic, 196:and the life of the solar plexus center becomes subordinated to that of the heart. This is broughtMagic, 197:powers of the throat center, for they would be subordinated to self-aggrandizement and ambitions ofMagic, 203:understanding of the forces which require to be subordinated and those which require to beMagic, 229:is only the developed powers of the personality, subordinated to the selfish purposes of a manMagic, 252:which constitute his lower nature, until all is subordinated and he becomes in practicalMagic, 258:from the [258] Dweller in the form, it is then subordinated and controlled by the Dweller to theMagic, 394:and the emotional nature is thereby subordinated, inhibited or controlled. This involves the steadyMagic, 416:and his stability of contact can be all subordinated to the group requirements. Magic, 420:a soul and his entire personality is therefore subordinated to that soul, unselfish purpose, purityMagic, 425:appeal to you, see to it that the personality is subordinated, that the life of meditation is keptMagic, 426:living, constructive building, creative activity subordinated to the general purpose, beauty andMagic, 428:right use of color and of sound. But all will be subordinated to the idea of service and the upliftMagic, 496:of the body are held in their right place and subordinated to the "will-to-be" of the soul. ThisMagic, 610:but these effects must in due time cease, and be subordinated to the claims and the work of theProblems, 37:all the products of nature have been subordinated to giving humanity things. The aim of education,Psychology1, 170:or active subjectively - have temporarily subordinated their interests and to some degree cancelledPsychology1, 173:conditions whereby one group is entirely subordinated by the will-to-power of another group whichPsychology1, 181:they will be people whose minds are so subordinated to the group good, and so free from all sensePsychology1, 294:will be automatically acquired and the life subordinated to the group purpose. Man's relations toPsychology1, 402:and dominant, and the three body rays are subordinated to it, then the great fight takes placePsychology1, 405:by the Soul ray, with all the other rays subordinated to that ray and used by him at will. InPsychology2, 15:into consciousness. Even if these are later subordinated to selfish purpose and interpretation, thePsychology2, 23:the ray of the physical body must become subordinated to the potencies emanating from those soulPsychology2, 54:related to each other and which are temporarily subordinated to varying aspects of force, in orderPsychology2, 119:well being and his own individuality are subordinated to the whole, and he is rendered relativelyPsychology2, 128:is too active. When the personal lower self is subordinated to the higher rhythms and obedient toPsychology2, 266:as one, and thus produce a mechanism which is subordinated to the will of the personality. This canPsychology2, 312:mechanism. This third aspect must be eventually subordinated to the second aspect, the soul. ThePsychology2, 343:and practice) the form is gradually subordinated to the requirements of the Self, and begins toPsychology2, 387:first ray potencies. All are, however, subordinated to the second ray nature of the divinePsychology2, 429:the entire range of reactions are increasingly subordinated by the understanding of the orderedPsychology2, 526:but the centers below the diaphragm will be subordinated to and controlled by those found above.Psychology2, 577:activity of material substance; all energy is subordinated to purely selfish purpose. As I havePsychology2, 655:is always present but which has hitherto been subordinated to selfish or ambitious ends. HumanRays, 351:fifth initiation in which these two fires are subordinated to "electric fire" emanating from theRays, 496:that you are not the disciple, with everything subordinated to the life of discipleship. "I wouldRays, 577:perfecting." That which is being left behind and subordinated to the higher realization is slowlyRays, 670:through the lack of directed interest and is subordinated to the law of the land as regards itsTelepathy, 190:when the lower nature has been to some degree subordinated to idealistic aspiration; this
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