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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUBPLANES

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Astrology, 33:seven planes of our solar system are the seven subplanes of the cosmic physical plane. The fourAstrology, 48:with the living substance of the four higher subplanes of the systemic dense physical body. TheAstrology, 48:and those which are found on the lower three subplanes. There is a vital and significantAstrology, 594:plane of which our seven planes are the seven subplanes. Until, therefore, the human consciousnessDiscipleship1, 766:in the microcosmic life and the planes and subplanes of the macrocosm with a possible subsequentDiscipleship2, 291:in mind that our seven planes are only the seven subplanes of the cosmic physical plane. TheDiscipleship2, 307:planes - so steadily being revealed - are the subplanes of the cosmic physical plane. The meaningDiscipleship2, 421:I may reiterate this basic fact) are the seven subplanes of the cosmic physical plane - a factDiscipleship2, 595:of the energy discharging unit (the etheric subplanes - A.A.B.). The fourfold form must assumeEducation, 30:the sutratma as it passes through the two lower subplanes of the [31] abstract levels of the mentalFire, 77:plane. Elemental Essence, the matter of the six subplanes which are non atomic. It is molecularFire, 83:major planes of our solar system are the seven subplanes of the cosmic physical or the lowestFire, 83:correspondence is equally accurate. PHYSICAL SUBPLANES SOLAR SYSTEM PLANES 1. First ether - AtomicFire, 114:develop full consciousness on these three higher subplanes. We have here a correspondence to theFire, 118:planes of our solar system being but the seven subplanes of the cosmic physical plane, we canFire, 119:major rays are organized on the three higher subplanes of the monadic plane in the same way thatFire, 119:plane in the same way that the three abstract subplanes of the mental are the group of transferenceFire, 144:of matter, on one of the six non-atomic subplanes of the mental and the desire planes -Fire, 153:seven spheres of any one plane, which we call subplanes, equally correspond to the system; each hasFire, 154:center, and which likewise keeps the planes and subplanes from losing their material identity. HereFire, 187:worlds - the astral and the physical - the five subplanes of human endeavor are the five highest.Fire, 187:endeavor are the five highest. The two lowest subplanes, the sixth and seventh, are what we mightFire, 187:the commencement of human effort, leaving five subplanes to be subdued. On the mental plane theFire, 187:be subdued. On the mental plane the five lower subplanes have to be subjugated during purely humanFire, 187:of man in the three worlds - supervene the two subplanes of synthesis, demonstrating through theFire, 212:of the plan can be seen on all planes and all subplanes. This greatest Rod is in the care of theFire, 282:through the three lower planes or the eighteen subplanes) be found to be a barrier. This sameFire, 286:sumtotal of facts connected with the five lower subplanes of the physical plane are (from theFire, 286:During the next two races the other two subplanes will be mastered, and the entire mass ofFire, 287:be effected during the opening up of the etheric subplanes during the next two races. This isFire, 291:of Venus has dominated and controlled the five subplanes and is working on the sixth, Our planetaryFire, 292:It brings within His control not only the seven subplanes of the cosmic physical plane (our sevenFire, 314:should be also remembered that on all the seven subplanes of a solar plane a process, in connectionFire, 314:a Heavenly Man transpires on the three higher subplanes of the monadic plane. Viewed in a largerFire, 314:His cosmic synthesis) the three higher subplanes of the logoic plane see His final absorption orFire, 318:plane of the solar system in connection with the subplanes. It will eventually bring about theFire, 321:call the dense physical planes (the three lower subplanes). This apparent congestion is, after all,Fire, 324:planes is known, when the polarity of the subplanes is comprehended, and when the interactionFire, 325:manifestation in connection with the four higher subplanes of the solar system - those four planesFire, 326:man functions, or the gaseous, liquid, and dense subplanes of the cosmic physical. The wholeFire, 327:be borne in mind that our physical plane in its subplanes has its analogy likewise to the entireFire, 329:and divided in two ways: First. The seven subplanes can be divided into the [330] higher threeFire, 330:emanates. Second. Dividing the seven subplanes into the same higher three but making the fourthFire, 330:and Synthesis. The lower three planes or subplanes act under the Law of Economy primarily; theFire, 332:the physical plane, as the liquid and the dense subplanes are not counted as principles any moreFire, 337:They demonstrate predominantly on the five lower subplanes of each plane, and this factor should beFire, 339:Not-Self. Spirit and Matter. The planes and the subplanes. The different grades of atomic matter inFire, 341:of the cosmic physical, astral and the lower subplanes of the cosmic mental planes. The blending ofFire, 398:lower levels of the cosmic physical plane the subplanes of which we call the mental, astral, andFire, 421:bodies are on the third and some on the second subplanes, and the intricacy is excessive andFire, 467:matter of the plane and on the four higher subplanes. On the lower three a contrary effect isFire, 468:the entities who inform the matter of the seven subplanes. Fourteen representatives of the Rays,Fire, 485:Himself with the process upon the eighteen subplanes, the great field of human evolution, and withFire, 508:have their place in matter of the three lowest subplanes of the physical body of the Logos.Fire, 518:of a solar Lord. This concerns the three higher subplanes of what might be considered as theFire, 519:the analogies on each plane, 69 with the seven subplanes, reminding the student that we areFire, 520:of the Trinity. We have a similar analogy in the subplanes of each plane in the system, and thisFire, 520:Plane. The first, the second, and the third subplanes of the first cosmic ether respondFire, 521:the burning-ground. This differentiation of the subplanes of the systemic planes into a higherFire, 521:fire on the third, fourth and the three higher subplanes of the fifth [522] plane, and as fire byFire, 522:plane, and as fire by friction on the lower subplanes of the fifth, on the sixth, and seventhFire, 522:we have a similar condition: the three higher subplanes concern the Spirit aspect in the causalFire, 522:aspect in the causal body, the three lower subplanes concern primarily the mental sheath, or fireFire, 522:the Spirit aspect animating the three higher subplanes of every plane, or the first fire aspect.Fire, 522:aspect is primarily contacted on the three lower subplanes. Hence we have the forty-nine fires ofFire, 523:fire by friction aspect may manifest, eighteen subplanes in all which concern the third aspect ofFire, 534:mental, buddhic and atmic. The Lords of certain subplanes who work under the Raja-Lord of a planeFire, 539:of its petals in groups of three upon the three subplanes of the higher mental. Their unfoldment isFire, 574:the first plane, and it governs all the atomic subplanes of each plane. It marks the beginning ofFire, 576:and the astral, only matter of the five higher subplanes, of their respective planes, is to beFire, 576:planes, is to be found, for the two lowest subplanes are too low for deva or human bodies; theyFire, 576:is the first in which we find matter of all the subplanes. The aim of evolution for us is loveFire, 576:took bodies of the fifth astral and physical subplanes, and we can see here an analogy to theFire, 577:needed aggregations. It is the measure of the subplanes. The atomic subplane sets the rate ofFire, 616:an interesting consideration: its three higher subplanes are positive, and centralize the positiveFire, 622:form aspect lies in the fact that each of the subplanes of the cosmic physical plane comes underFire, 624:through the logoic etheric body (our four higher subplanes) which are positive to the lower three,Fire, 632:body of the Logos, the liquid, gaseous and dense subplanes of the [633] cosmic physical, or theFire, 635:divided into two parts: The four ethers, four subplanes. The demonstrably concrete or dense threeFire, 635:The demonstrably concrete or dense three subplanes. We have here a subdivision of the seventhFire, 635:one that is divided into forty-nine subplanes or states of activity. For purposes of active work,Fire, 636:Group B. on the second, third and fourth etheric subplanes. They are the substance of those planes,Fire, 636:vahan, or vehicle. Group C. the lowest three subplanes; they are the devas who are the essences ofFire, 638:that energizes the substance of the three lower subplanes. This recognition by science that allFire, 639:body, composed of matter of the four higher subplanes of the systemic physical plane, and in theFire, 639:and in the case of the Logos, of the four higher subplanes of the cosmic physical plane. The pointFire, 656:understood by the occultist. Each of the atomic subplanes in the solar system is closelyFire, 656:with the others, and the seven atomic subplanes of all the planes form a unity, and are essentiallyFire, 656:plane as the term is occultly understood. The subplanes of which they are the originating sourceFire, 656:A are the concentrated creative force of the subplanes, the origin of the objective side ofFire, 656:the devas of the three worlds on the atomic subplanes must work in the closest cooperation; thereFire, 658:of matter of the second, third and fourth subplanes of the astral plane. This is a point whichFire, 660:plane into the etheric levels and the dense subplanes. There is, therefore, a correspondenceFire, 665:Logos - being the substance of the lower three subplanes of the cosmic physical. The old CommentaryFire, 675:into seven, which are our seven physical [675] subplanes. It is this knowledge which enables aFire, 676:who are the positive force of each of the seven subplanes of the systemic astral plane. Third.Fire, 693:bear in mind that it is on the atomic subplanes that the logoic consciousness (remote as even thatFire, 720:from the standpoint of the gaseous and etheric subplanes, and he will see that in all theseFire, 732:of manifestation which concerns the three lower subplanes of the: Cosmic physical plane, inFire, 789:reflection of the mental; the lowest three subplanes reflect the abstract subplanes and the four
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