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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUBRACE

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Fire, 63:be borne in mind: Seven branch races make one subrace Seven subraces make one root-race SevenFire, 207:round. Some world period. Some root-race. Some subrace. Some branch race. Some group. Some humanFire, 301:The period of a root-race. The period of a subrace. The period of a branch race. In order toFire, 371:hinted at hitherto but for which, in this fifth subrace and in this fourth round, the world is nowFire, 430:This will work out relatively well in the sixth subrace. It should be remembered that numbers ofFire, 431:into recognized utility and that in the sixth subrace the deva evolution will be exceedinglyFire, 435:Therefore, the mental unit of men in this fifth subrace will receive increased stimulation,Fire, 441:during the fifth root-race and the fifth subrace, and consequently the opportunity is great. In allFire, 456:manifestation of electricity during the fifth subrace. All that we have here considered covers theFire, 456:covers the time till the coming in of the new subrace. This race will summarize and carry to aFire, 456:results of stupendous import. During the sixth subrace, the emphasis will not be so much on theFire, 456:statement of some occult writers that the sixth subrace will be intuitive. The intuition will beFire, 456:will be the ability of the units of the sixth subrace to think in abstract terms, and to use theFire, 463:or prana will be more adequate. During the sixth subrace, disease as we know it in both kingdomsFire, 467:the close of the fourth branch race of the sixth subrace. This will usher in the infant sixthFire, 471:or the destiny and purpose of each root-race. Subrace karma, for each subrace has its own destinyFire, 471:of each root-race. Subrace karma, for each subrace has its own destiny to work out. National karma.Fire, 583:angle the subject may be studied. In the third subrace a correspondence can be traced, though it isFire, 596:buddhic. So in the sixth root-race and the sixth subrace a similar analogy will be seen. Out of theFire, 596:be seen. Out of the shattered form of the fifth subrace of the fifth root race, built up under theFire, 596:the fifth Law of Fixation, will emerge the sixth subrace of brotherly love - love shown in theFire, 598:its fourth in a root race, its fifth in a subrace, and its sixth in a branch race. I give this inFire, 605:- The Aryan. Mental development. The 5th subrace - The Teutonic and Anglo-Saxon. Concrete mind. TheFire, 750:high degree, but accomplishes big things for his subrace, even though the physical brain may not beFire, 1147:a failure. By the time, however, that the last subrace of the Lemurian root race was at its heightInitiation, 45:he took hold of his position during the second subrace of the Atlantean root-race. He had achievedInitiation, 61:to be of use in the founding of the new sixth subrace and in the reconstruction of the presentInitiation, 61:present world conditions. This being the fifth subrace of the fifth root-race, the pressure of theInitiation, 66:the suitable ones into the colony of the sixth subrace. They are tested for various lines of work,Initiation, 94:root-race at the latter end of the fourth subrace, and will persist until the middle of the nextMagic, 79:through the effort to grasp that which the first subrace of the Aryan root race so easilyMagic, 378:there, it was found necessary during the first subrace of the Atlantean Root Race to make certainMagic, 544:and cleavage, will appear during the sixth subrace which is now in process of formation. The worldMagic, 544:mental world and will consummate in the sixth subrace. In the sixth root race it will have theMeditation, 110:a meditation. These factors are: The man's subrace characteristics. His type of body, whether it isMeditation, 302:and tendering of opportunity to the fifth subrace) the Himalayan Brotherhood is the main channel ofPatanjali, 167:fifth root race and particularly in this fifth subrace this identification reaches its apotheosis.Patanjali, 175:in the fifth race and particularly in the fifth subrace in the increasing frequency of suicide. ThePatanjali, 428:cyclic law - the fifth root race (in its fifth subrace) must inevitably touch its highest point.Patanjali, 428:concerned with it, and its corresponding fifth subrace more intimately than any other. StudentsPatanjali, 428:1. The fifth root race Aryan. 2. The fifth subrace Anglo-Saxon. 3. The fifth principle manas, orPsychology1, 243:of the other three kingdoms. During the next subrace, ray two will begin to influence the mineralPsychology1, 387:fulfils the same office for the sixth or coming subrace, which is the germ race for the future
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