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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUBRAY

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Destiny, 53:past world war (1914-1945) were all on the first subray of the seven rays and hence they wereDiscipleship1, 168:first ray) is, as you will remember, the first subray of the second ray. As you have alreadyDiscipleship1, 405:forget not that the first ray is only the first subray of the great cosmic ray of Love) is theDiscipleship1, 428:three vehicles of the personality, and the sixth subray of each of the governing rays of the threeDiscipleship1, 621:on the fact that the first ray is the first subray of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom and that youDiscipleship2, 107:ray or (for service reasons) on to a different subray of their own ray; this is a point which isDiscipleship2, 210:largely along first ray lines (which is a subray of the second ray in this solar system, as youDiscipleship2, 582:experiment and experience that all the rays are subray of the great second ray. This you knowFire, 543:fires depends upon the Ray of the Monad, and the subray upon which the causal body finds itself.Fire, 598:the paramount Ray of the scheme) with its first subray manifesting in a chain, its second in aFire, 770:Life animating the aggregate of groups on any subray, or one of the seven larger groups. Second, onFire, 776:sound which will enable the Ego to express some subray of this egoic ray. The three circles ofFire, 787:egoic ray, Under the influence of a particular subray of the egoic ray, And through that influenceFire, 830:forces of the lower four. This Ray is the third subray of our planetary Ray. The third major Ray ofFire, 855:method of grouping will be according to: Ray. Subray. Department (whether under the Manu, theFire, 865:are - in due order according to a man's ray and subray - transferred into the correspondencesFire, 867:this they do according to the particular Ray and subray. In this fashion the work of the discipleFire, 884:currents perfected. According to a man's ray and subray, so is the Rod applied to what might beFire, 1051:[1051] His Ray vibration, his monadic group. His subray vibration, or the vibration of the egoicHealing, 696:be found, he must always work through the second subray of that ray - the ray of love-wisdom inHealing, 696:all-inclusiveness. The second ray and the second subray on all rays are themselves dual inHealing, 696:which the healing energy must flow. The second subray of the soul ray determines the approach toInitiation, 68:According to their ray. According to their subray. According to their rate of vibration. They areInitiation, 68:egoic ray. As personalities, according to the subray which is governing the personality. All areInitiation, 80:this they do according to the particular ray and subray. In this fashion is the work of theInitiation, 121:is revealed to the initiate the purpose of the subray of the ray to which he belongs, that uponInitiation, 121:Ego finds itself. All egoic units are upon some subray of the monadic ray. This knowledge isInitiation, 121:of least resistance) the ray of his Monad. This subray bears upon its stream of energy many groupsInitiation, 158:itself into [158] seven groups, according to subray or ray formation, and each group then chantsMagic, 111:under the peculiar racial thought form. The subray on which a man is found, that minor ray whichMagic, 362:full knowledge of the disciple's ray and of his subray, both egoic and personal, and recognizingMeditation, 19:As you know, the personality ray is ever a subray of the spiritual ray and varies with greaterMeditation, 34:groups are formed under three conditions: As to subray of the egoic ray. As to period ofMeditation, 75:The Ray of the Ego, Higher Self, or Son, or the subray. [76] Race and nationality. The special typeMeditation, 158:his own ray-forms with their six representative subray forms until he is adept, and knows theMeditation, 211:color emanate from the synthetic Ray. The indigo subray of the indigo Ray forms the path of leastMeditation, 213:color not disclosed. Indigo-indigo... The second subray of Love and Wisdom. It finds its greatMeditation, 213:in the monads of love. Indigo-green... The third subray, the third major Ray of Activity orMeditation, 217:Ray Third Aspect Activity or Intelligence Third subray Activity Green-green Fifth subray Manas,Meditation, 217:Third subray Activity Green-green Fifth subray Manas, mind Green-orange SECOND SOLAR SYSTEM IndigoMeditation, 217:Indigo Ray Second Aspect Love and Wisdom Second subray Love and Wisdom Indigo-indigo Fourth subrayMeditation, 217:subray Love and Wisdom Indigo-indigo Fourth subray Harmony Indigo-yellow [218] In the activityMeditation, 218:demonstrating through the orange of the concrete subray... adaptability through form - form whichMeditation, 285:least resistance for the sons of men. It is the subray of the synthetic ray of an analogousPsychology1, 27:so-called [27] first ray egos are on the first subray of the second ray, which is in incarnation. APsychology1, 165:ray period, being intensified when its own subray period is reached (i.e. the sixth ray influencePsychology1, 165:is greatest during the period of the sixth subray). We must carefully note that the term "subray"Psychology1, 165:subray). We must carefully note that the term "subray" is used merely for convenience to designatePsychology1, 165:the dawn of Christianity; also that the seventh subray became the modifying influence aboutPsychology1, 165:as such. The first outcome of this seventh subray influence was the Ecumenical Council at RomePsychology1, 165:same time, whilst the progress of the seventh subray influence, still going on, is marked by thePsychology1, 165:and Whitfield in England was under the sixth subray, and I think we are justified in drawing thePsychology1, 166:Ray of Devotion was accentuated by its own sixth subray. With these few isolated facts before us wePsychology1, 166:perhaps conclude that the time during which each subray exerts its modifying influence is betweenPsychology1, 166:Buddhism arose under the influence of the second subray of the great sixth ray period. InPsychology1, 166:may have been dominated by the fifth subray; the epoch of the Flagellants and other fanaticalPsychology1, 166:and mutilation was influenced by the fourth subray; and the time when astrology was widelyPsychology1, 166:was widely practiced as representing the third subray; while the earlier epoch of the Gnostics mayPsychology1, 166:Gnostics may have been the outcome of the second subray. But these are only conjectures, and whilePsychology1, 166:spiritualism is no doubt due to the seventh subray influence, and it may also be a foreshadowing ofPsychology1, 190:sixth ray might well be regarded as the sixth subray of the fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict,Psychology1, 386:egos now in power in Germany are on the first subray of the seven different rays, and hence theyPsychology1, 403:of Active Intelligence. All are therefore upon a subray of this ray, but it must never be forgottenPsychology1, 403:planetary Logos is also upon a ray, which is a subray of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom. ThereforePsychology2, 148:is the demonstration of the first ray quality (a subray influence of the second ray), for it shouldPsychology2, 358:point is that the personality ray is always a subray of the egoic ray, in the same sense that thePsychology2, 358:love-wisdom. This personality ray is the second subray of the third ray of active intelligence.
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