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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUBSEQUENTLY

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Discipleship2, 264:work I want done and the steps to be taken. You subsequently have to do the work. Most of you,Externalisation, 261:and definitely more difficult both to evoke and subsequently to contact. This is the emergence,Fire, 58:of our yogic philosophy and that Nadam or OM subsequently manifests itself as seven streams. TheFire, 527:of the Monad, which aggregates to itself, and subsequently builds into form, the negative or thirdFire, 853:the type of man who will make his appearance subsequently in physical plane incarnation. This isFire, 1035:center of the spiral-cyclic [1035] energy, and subsequently to the still more impressive point,Healing, 39:and drinking of that which is desired, leading subsequently to those attacks of biliousness toInitiation, 64:attain the consciousness of the higher self, and subsequently that of the Divine Spirit. When theInitiation, 158:the matter of the lower mental subplanes, and subsequently the matter of the astral and physicalInitiation, 158:degree similarly affects the astral plane, and subsequently [159] the physical. Far reachingInitiation, 177:under instruction - should he so desire - and subsequently, when he has on his part provided theMagic, 15:is but the registering by the mind (and subsequently by the brain) of the eternal verities, and theMagic, 374:learning to function therein, and then subsequently finding them pass away to give place, in theirMagic, 438:one or other of the constellations and [438] subsequently one or other of the seven sacred planets.Magic, 463:the animal and mineral [463] kingdoms and subsequently the human. It is too far ahead for this toMagic, 490:and is consequently colored by his ray, being subsequently built into form by his personalMagic, 516:mind seeks to color its experience, and subsequently the brain receives the transmitted impressionPatanjali, 58:the ego on its own plane, and the vibration will subsequently affect the various bodies or vehiclesPatanjali, 302:him also [302] to find the door to life and subsequently to tread the path. Only one more pointPsychology2, 266:and mental natures can be fused and can subsequently function as one, and thus produce a mechanismRays, 741:a passing resurrection, though the revelation subsequently accorded is lasting and permanent in its
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