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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUBSERVIENT

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Astrology, 598:sumtotal of that undertaking which makes matter subservient to and adaptable to the basic idea inAstrology, 673:'twin sisters.' The spirit of the Earth is subservient to Venus." (S.D. Vol. II, 33) "Venus is theDiscipleship1, 520:governed by the sixth ray and is as yet largely subservient to the will of the personality. ThisDiscipleship1, 552:you seek to do should, for the future, be made subservient to that basic idea of service throughDiscipleship2, 418:not conditioned by them but is rapidly becoming subservient to a higher and a much more deeplyDiscipleship2, 646:lower manifested expression; thus you can become subservient to the divine. Ponder on this and seekExternalisation, 57:as it lives its own life, yet slowly becomes subservient to that purpose and to soul impress. ThisHercules, 17:oracle of Apollo and was told that he must be subservient for twelve years to the will ofHercules, 21:Henceforth he strives to make the twisted line subservient to the straight line" (The Key ofMagic, 381:whole and that his interests must be made subservient to those of the group. Gradually the teachingPatanjali, 426:comes to an end, and though he may still be subservient to group karma (planetary or solar), hePsychology2, 18:then become one ray and in their turn become subservient to the dual ray of the soul. Again,Psychology2, 154:Desire. All lesser complexities are based upon, subservient to, or are emergent from, this basicRays, 576:He offset by going down to Galilee and being "subservient" to His parents. A somewhat similar
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