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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUBSIDIARY

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Astrology, 44:are termed "dominant hierarchies" and others "subsidiary hierarchies." By this is meant thatAstrology, 45:vibration is more to be felt than that of the subsidiary groups. The dominant groups are theAstrology, 98:crosses) a new light will be thrown upon all subsidiary sciences - exoteric and esoteric. TheAstrology, 103:to be followed by initiation in Capricorn? Subsidiary questions would, for instance be: For whichAstrology, 164:divinity, active intelligence plus that of its subsidiary power, the fifth Ray of Mind. These pourAstrology, 289:plan and action. Ponder on this. There are two subsidiary yet potent keynotes of the Leo personAstrology, 304:with the esoteric science of astrology are subsidiary sciences, such as the Science of Triangles,Astrology, 394:does the second Ray of Love-Wisdom and its subsidiary line of energies appear and, therefore, loveAstrology, 429:This triangle when functioning produces a subsidiary triangle of force which is formed by: TheAstrology, 441:four triangles of energy. There are one or two subsidiary points which are of interest to theAstrology, 516:proof, the Science of Esoteric Astrology and its subsidiary sciences will eventually provide. TheAstrology, 529:Sydney, Johannesburg, Toronto and Vancouver with subsidiary studies of Calcutta, Delhi, Singapore,Astrology, 640:Rishis with one of the seven Sisters may form a subsidiary triangle, and all must thus be studied."Astrology, 651:Logoi and one of the seven Sisters can form subsidiary triangles and the combinations possible areAutobiography, 279:whole can be clearly seen. [279] There are many subsidiary studies about which the disciple mustAutobiography, 295:esoteric teaching rests. There are necessarily subsidiary factors and other presented teachingsDestiny, 24:of the race. Old ideologies still persist; subsidiary schools of thought are everywhere to beDestiny, 52:nations into one federated state with many [52] subsidiary states, instead of subsidiary nations.Destiny, 52:with many [52] subsidiary states, instead of subsidiary nations. These two powers function in thisDestiny, 104:Sydney, Johannesburg, Toronto and Vancouver with subsidiary studies of Calcutta, Delhi, Singapore,Destiny, 130:major laws of the solar system and the seven subsidiary laws through which these three expressDestiny, 140:these is related the sixth ray as allied to or subsidiary to the second. In this world cycle itDiscipleship1, 82:By the steady practice of impersonality with its subsidiary attitude of indifference where personalDiscipleship1, 134:facilitating contact, is the second ray with its subsidiary expression, the fourth ray. This is aDiscipleship1, 201:in action, which is the true significance of the subsidiary names of this ray, called frequentlyDiscipleship1, 386:or more able to withstand. These are for you but subsidiary effects. Your intended lesson isDiscipleship1, 420:your environing conditions. This involves two subsidiary factors: firstly, freedom from criticismDiscipleship1, 659:powerful, they are not complicated by any of the subsidiary attributes, such as 3.5.7. It is not soDiscipleship2, 64:in the major Ashrams are now beginning to form subsidiary Ashrams, as I began to do in the yearDiscipleship2, 107:are apt to be found on one or other of the six subsidiary subrays; there is also a constantDiscipleship2, 324:Cause and Effect and their appreciation of the subsidiary Law of Consequences is [325] far moreDiscipleship2, 411:leave the subject and will now proceed with the subsidiary themes of our study. Discipleship2, 422:cosmic Law of Economy, along with its various subsidiary laws which were active and conditioning inDiscipleship2, 488:considering, I shall answer it here. After a few subsidiary comments the student said: "I can stillDiscipleship2, 566:of a Chohan. Mine, as you know, is an Ashram subsidiary to his. Why, therefore, did I direct youDiscipleship2, 566:predominantly a second ray disciple? Because the subsidiary Ashrams deal with the ray qualities inEducation, 96:life process. In reality, this science is a subsidiary branch, preparatory to the Science of theEducation, 123:unity of goal. Their many ramifications and subsidiary groups constitute a vast interlockingExternalisation, 72:aspect of the present world crisis and its two subsidiary effects or qualities are: The destructionExternalisation, 154:as you use the Great Invocation and its subsidiary mantram. The keynote of the first aspect isExternalisation, 316:work of the New Age. As time goes on, subsidiary groups will be indicated who can work in theExternalisation, 527:over by Masters of Chohan rank; the seven subsidiary centers or Ashrams are presided over byExternalisation, 527:the relation between a major Ashram and its subsidiary Ashrams must be firmly established, whilstExternalisation, 527:The energy which will align and adjust the subsidiary forty-nine Ashrams is that of the second RayExternalisation, 533:one major Sound, three minor sounds, and seven subsidiary vibratory tones. So it is with the WillExternalisation, 564:of the seven major Ashrams and their allied and subsidiary Ashrams. There are many other aspects ofExternalisation, 576:order. Among the seven major Ashrams and their subsidiary and affiliated Ashrams only a few haveExternalisation, 647:of right human relations. This energy is a subsidiary expression of the energy of Love-Wisdom - theExternalisation, 647:energies. It emanates, therefore, from the subsidiary Ashram for which I am responsible. I haveExternalisation, 676:these points, as time elapses, other Ashrams, subsidiary [677] in nature, will be found emerging,Externalisation, 679:Section IV - Stages in the Externalization These subsidiary ashrams are already being attempted inFire, 107:with too great rapidity, giving no time for the subsidiary absorption, and the whole system isFire, 111:of extra-cosmic Entities Who have Their place subsidiary to the three cosmic Logoi Who are theFire, 142:they may also have lesser vibrations that are subsidiary to them. Let us get this clear, for theFire, 144:The Law of Economy has for one of its branches a subsidiary Law of marked development called theFire, 154:referred to the Law of Repulsion as one of the subsidiary branches of the great Law of Economy,Fire, 196:important sense of touch. They are practically subsidiary to that sense. This second sense, and itsFire, 216:Law of Economy This Law of Economy has several subsidiary laws which govern its effects on theFire, 217:mystic letters stands for the first letter of a subsidiary phrase, consisting of various sounds.Fire, 219:One - Division F - The Law of Economy II. The Subsidiary Laws The subsidiary laws under the Law ofFire, 219:- The Law of Economy II. The Subsidiary Laws The subsidiary laws under the Law of Economy are fourFire, 234:Man, therefore, embodies predominantly a subsidiary principle of the fundamental one. In likeFire, 234:one. In like manner He Himself has six subsidiary principles, as has the Son. A Human Being, Man.Fire, 274:that it is governed by one law, primarily, and a subsidiary law. This leads [275] to two generalFire, 275:Law of Attraction and Repulsion, of which the subsidiary law is the Law of Periodicity, and ofFire, 288:certain broad general conceptions, leaving the subsidiary points for more detailed elucidation atFire, 541:plane, with the coloring of the other two subsidiary; Love, on the astral plane, with the light ofFire, 547:that it renders the development of response to subsidiary vibrations difficult of attainment;Fire, 569:and Fire Elementals b. Seven Systemic Laws Subsidiary to the three major laws, we find the sevenFire, 575:of logoic vibration, giving rise itself to six subsidiary breaths. We get the same correspondenceFire, 577:the cosmic Law of Attraction controls all these subsidiary laws, just as the Law of SynthesisFire, 577:and it will be found, on study, that each subsidiary law is but a differentiation of that law. ThisFire, 589:kingdom. We must remember that it is linked to a subsidiary law of the cosmic Law of Attraction. ItFire, 592:It governs the time of rebirth, being one of the subsidiary branches of the Law of Karma. Each ofFire, 592:branches of the Law of Karma. Each of the seven subsidiary laws is linked to one of the cosmicFire, 596:controls similarly in the three worlds. It is subsidiary to the third law. The Law of Sacrifice isFire, 600:But later, the Rays now major may become subsidiary, and others take their place, though for thisFire, 600:and circulation: 7 Rays - Major 1-2-7 - Four subsidiary converging on the fifth. 7 Principles - 3Fire, 600:synthesizing at various stages the four subsidiary. 7 Chains - Major 1-4-7 7 Planes - Major 2-5-7 7Fire, 607:sense, and the [607] form aspect is only subsidiary. Perhaps a tabulation may make this pointFire, 783:of the Mist are then active as one of the many subsidiary groups of the three major groups. 2. TheFire, 801:Logoi and one of the seven Sisters may form a subsidiary triangle, and all must thus be Studied. InFire, 824:rose, blue and indigo. In the mystery of these subsidiary colors and of the gradual shining forthFire, 855:are grouped also according to primary color, to subsidiary coloring, according to key or tone, andFire, 859:the top of the head, with ninety-six petals in a subsidiary whorl. The significance of theseFire, 911:with these subordinate devas, presides over a subsidiary council of seven devas who handle all thatFire, 914:over the three earlier enumerated. Certain subsidiary groups are found. Under group 1 are found allFire, 947:distortions of the astral light, producing a subsidiary or secondary glamor, or reflected [948]Fire, 967:of existence, or its tiny "day of Brahma." These subsidiary factors are again dependent upon: HisFire, 1014:is to be seen. All other magical creations are subsidiary to this. Through manipulation of negativeFire, 1030:activity. These results can be viewed as four subsidiary laws or adjuncts to the major law ofFire, 1039:be studied in four ways, considering each as a subsidiary Law of the basic Law of Attraction andFire, 1139:is one of a very slow manifestation, the seven subsidiary vibrations bringing in one or other ofFire, 1146:is its [1146] main qualifying factor, yet two subsidiary Rays, those of the Ego and of theFire, 1164:each chain forms one petal, but having also subsidiary petals of a secondary color according to theFire, 1167:of which the Law of Attraction is but a subsidiary branch. Strictly speaking, the Law of AttractionFire, 1167:divine attraction. Yet these three are the three subsidiary laws of a greater impulse which governsFire, 1168:Logos. (S. D., I, 56, 73, 74.) [1168] I. The Subsidiary Laws The subsidiary aspects, or laws, ofFire, 1168:56, 73, 74.) [1168] I. The Subsidiary Laws The subsidiary aspects, or laws, of the Law ofFire, 1180:They must remember first, that all these subsidiary laws are really only the manifestation of the
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