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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUBSIDIARY

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Fire, 1202:are termed "dominant hierarchies" and others "subsidiary hierarchies." By this is meant thatFire, 1202:vibration is more to be felt than that of the subsidiary groups. [1203] The dominant groups are theGlamour, 125:as did the fact of the three major predisposing subsidiary causes: The glamors induced by theHealing, 46:its three divisions. The blood stream. All the subsidiary organs of man are effects; they are notHealing, 48:should, with osteopathy, constitute a definite subsidiary technique to that of the other three. TheHealing, 55:of diseases, with their allied complaints and subsidiary diseases. Tuberculosis. The syphiliticHealing, 67:degree of the stimulating force of the soul. Subsidiary to the five major groups of diseases toHealing, 115:major types of disease, with their allied and subsidiary effects, can and do produce results whereHealing, 138:soul and with all the other seven ray energies subsidiary to it. This process of stimulation, ofHealing, 215:to work (two major conditioning rays and three subsidiary rays) have a definite active effect;Healing, 241:responsible for the major diseases and the many subsidiary diseases and obscure complaints whichHealing, 374:large. Finally, there will come the forming of subsidiary groups to be taught and developed by theHealing, 375:under [375] that of some initiated chela. These subsidiary groups will work under group directionHealing, 523:consider might, therefore, be regarded as ten subsidiary laws of the fundamental Law of EssentialHealing, 619:of the lotus, are qualified by one of the seven subsidiary types of energy; these emanate from theHealing, 625:seven with which the healer works; the minor or subsidiary glands are conditioned by the centerHealing, 659:or the determining cause of the lower; the laws subsidiary to the Law of Perfection are looselyHealing, 671:or perfect harmlessness, where humanity and the subsidiary kingdoms in nature are concerned, but itHealing, 695:solar system. The seven rays are, all of them, subsidiary rays of this great cosmic ray. [696] NoInitiation, 4:twelve creative Hierarchies are themselves but subsidiary branches of one cosmic Hierarchy. TheyInitiation, 40:forth the full planetary color, these six being subsidiary. Their work is therefore concerned, notInitiation, 41:Hierarchy is divided into three main and four subsidiary groups, each of these groups, as will beInitiation, 46:of these departmental heads directs a number of subsidiary offices, and the department of theInitiation, 98:by means of the Rod of Initiation (acting as a subsidiary transmitter and as a powerful magnet)Initiation, 158:the matter of those planes which are subsidiary to the one involved. For instance, an initiate ofInitiation, 164:the perfection of that law with its six subsidiary mutations, these six differing in one particularInitiation, 189:system, going off his own ray (which is but a subsidiary ray of one cosmic ray), on to theInitiation, 203:of vibration and of electricity, and many other subsidiary studies which concern themselves withIntellect, 120:organ is the brain with its ramifications and subsidiary organs. The perfection of the structureMagic, 33:varying rates of vibratory light. These seven subsidiary groups again produce a varying outlook,Magic, 309:outlook. You will find, if you study, that all subsidiary and temporary causes of depression andMagic, 582:type, quality, strength and speed. Build those subsidiary forms of expression in the outer worldMagic, 601:then begin to deal with, and to isolate, those subsidiary points which serve to elucidate andMeditation, 144:our first two points. This brings me to our last subsidiary heading, the steps whereby attainmentMeditation, 158:arranged in three groups, each with many subsidiary heads. a. Forms for use in physical healing.Meditation, 287:is the line of the third ray, and of its four subsidiary rays, and is one of great activity, ofMeditation, 305:major departments of the foundations - like subsidiary colleges. The aim of all is the evolution ofPsychology1, 35:its inherent characteristic. We have always the subsidiary triplicities, which are only adjectivalPsychology1, 123:as you may imagine, four great groups with seven subsidiary divisions. These four groups work withPsychology1, 127:the shades of color and tone. Each ray has its subsidiary rays which it dominates, acting as thePsychology1, 127:major rays - red, blue and yellow - and the four subsidiary colors which, in the evolving Monad,Psychology1, 128:Intelligence - Yellow [128] We have then the subsidiary rays: Orange. Green. Violet. and thePsychology1, 197:quality, with the other divine attributes as subsidiary. The mineral kingdom has the quality ofPsychology1, 216:determination. The effect of the other rays is subsidiary, but not absent. We must never forgetPsychology1, 265:is the major ray, and all the others are but subsidiary to it. A planetary cycle, such as those wePsychology1, 384:many nations into one federated state with many subsidiary states, instead of subsidiary nations.Psychology1, 384:state with many subsidiary states, instead of subsidiary nations. These two powers function in thisPsychology2, 17:and attributes of the lower rays become subsidiary to and colored by the soul ray. The disciplePsychology2, 64:center for direction. The spleen. This is a subsidiary center and organ in connection with thePsychology2, 150:comes via the egoic petals of sacrifice and the subsidiary Law of Sacrifice. The Law of GroupPsychology2, 151:love petals of the egoic lotus, [151] and the subsidiary Law of Magnetic Impulse. The Law ofPsychology2, 151:mind. It comes via the knowledge petals and the subsidiary Law of Service. These higher spiritualRays, 57:the network of the seven centers and the subsidiary centers, becomes intensified and energy poursRays, 57:the ray of the personality (and its three subsidiary rays) to the dominating soul energy. ThisRays, 151:types or races of men have many subraces and subsidiary types, developed during the evolutionaryRays, 275:of practical goodwill on Earth with an effective subsidiary activity. That time is not yet. TodayRays, 376:Plan which binds the seven Ashrams, with their subsidiary Ashrams, coherently into the one greatRays, 378:the Manu and the Mahachohan. The forty-nine subsidiary Ashrams (not all of which are yetRays, 380:Plan which binds the seven Ashrams, with their subsidiary Ashrams, into the one great Ashram. It isRays, 380:heart of the great Ashram itself. The forty-two subsidiary Ashrams are energized by the reservoirRays, 388:ray disciple. The third ray has already two subsidiary Ashrams; the sixth has four, and so on. TheRays, 388:first ray is the only one at this time with no subsidiary fully functioning Ashram, and thisRays, 397:Hierarchy, and consequently of Humanity and the subsidiary evolutions, Those Masters Whom HeRays, 417:Economy - are only aspects. None of these three subsidiary laws imposes any rule or limitation uponRays, 417:know from my earlier writings, many lesser or subsidiary laws; it might therefore be stated thatRays, 440:through a triangle of energies with grouped subsidiary forces working in seven departments andRays, 505:the second ray, with the fourth ray as the subsidiary ray. The fourth ray might be symbolicallyRays, 536:astral plane. Each divine aspect has three subsidiary aspects, and in our planet and on the cosmicRays, 565:the Ashram of Sanat Kumara. These successive and subsidiary fusions reveal to him the phenomena andRays, 577:the personality rays of the initiate, and on the subsidiary vehicles through which he works in theSoul, 50:on personality. The sex impulse and its various subsidiary effects, both physical and psychical,Soul, 103:and directing i.e. motor, and have their subsidiary centers in the two large swellings called theSoul, 103:of the will... The Yogi is concerned with the subsidiary nerve centers in the thalamus. The normalTelepathy, 162:major centers which condition the many smaller subsidiary centers [163] and finally externalizeTelepathy, 191:the center of life; it works also with all subsidiary centers below the diaphragm, gathering andTelepathy, 194:seven Ashrams has connected with it one or more subsidiary Ashrams. An Ashram is an emanating
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