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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUBSTANCE

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Fire, 338:form as well as use it. Obtain control of active substance, and turn its forces into desiredFire, 338:in all that concerns matter, the electrical substance, or the active akasha. The Spirit employsFire, 339:working through love-wisdom, and energizing substance. All that concerns forms of every kind and inFire, 346:through the instinct, drove the material form or substance, into such activity that it was enabledFire, 346:of the germ of mentality had permeated the substance like yeast. Thus was consciousness awakened.Fire, 353:the Logos, through us, through all Spirit-substance that is included within His sphere of radiatoryFire, 356:and not to the remainder of the cellular vital substance of His vehicles. Man has a body made up ofFire, 356:the scheme, and the remainder of the active substance of the globes, and all contained therein, goFire, 384:be dissociated from all forms and material substance, and upon the cross of matter eventually findFire, 397:supreme force, energy and radiation in and from substance. Jnanashakti - The force of intellect orFire, 397:- S. D., I, 236. Force or energy, matter or substance, and Spirit. The six are the double triangleFire, 402:are Will utilizing matter, or active intelligent substance, in order to demonstrate Love-Wisdom;Fire, 404:evolution is concerned, we have radiant electric substance, active, intelligent ether, ensouled byFire, 405:akasha of the system, which is electrical substance confined and brought under another set of lawsFire, 405:quality of its opposite pole, intelligent substance, to blend with it. The meeting of these twoFire, 405:through merging or union with electrical substance, and is, therefore, during evolution and for theFire, 411:or that which is limited and the limiting substance. Purpose, for in an ordered scheme ofFire, 428:it as the lowest of the four etheric grades of substance: its sphere of influence and itsFire, 430:- of that energized active material we call substance, - to the life purpose of a cosmic Being. InFire, 438:Logos, but has a definite effect on material substance itself. Fire, 442:The Raja-Lord of a plane is the sum total of the substance of that plane. The planetary Logos WhoFire, 447:evolve the forms out of their own nature and substance. Fourth. A plan by which the work is carriedFire, 449:solar system is analogous to the primordial substance which lies back of our present creation. TheFire, 467:the line of least resistance, pours into the substance of the plane, or the substantial body of theFire, 469:entity through the medium of matter or of substance itself (which is colored by it) and that thisFire, 469:(which is colored by it) and that this matter or substance is intelligent material composed of devaFire, 475:mother aspect, and of the effect of the Sun upon substance. The unity of life will be a known andFire, 475:which will reduce matter to its primordial substance, release energy, and thus reveal the processesFire, 482:concerns the material form, and deva substance. Man, being not yet master even of the substance ofFire, 482:substance. Man, being not yet master even of the substance of his own sheaths, nor in vibratoryFire, 482:with what is usually understood when the word 'substance' is used. They work with electricalFire, 484:stage, in which the form is dissipated and substance is held in solution, the atom being resolvedFire, 487:then can he safely - through affinity of substance - aid the work of mineral transmutation of theFire, 488:our five postulates anent the transmutation of substance, the resolution of the life, or theFire, 488:I. All matter is living matter, or is the vital substance of deva entities. For instance, a plane,Fire, 488:plane, and forms built of that particular plane substance, is the material form or sheath of aFire, 489:for they produce the form out of their own substance. Postulate III. The devas are the life whichFire, 489:transmitters of prana, or the vital, animating substance, and hence they set loose upon theFire, 490:themselves of the destructive nature of the substance (deva essence) itself. They burn and destroyFire, 491:Karma, and through the materializing of his own substance by affinity with the third aspect. BlackFire, 491:and black magic, for the form is made of deva substance on all planes. This must be considered wellFire, 492:Fire by friction, the negative electricity of substance, has been for some time the subject of theFire, 493:the form are "electric fire." The material substance which is enclosed within the ring-pass-notFire, 494:electricity and have seen that fire essence or substance is resolved through internal activity andFire, 495:note of the mineral kingdom is the basic note of substance itself, and it is largely the soundingFire, 498:as its opposite pole - homogeneous matter or substance) stops and comes to an end. From that pointFire, 506:The causal body is that sheath of mental substance which is formed at the moment ofFire, 507:of the personality which hold hid the fires of substance, or of objectivity; it cannot be tooFire, 507:man in the three worlds, we are dealing with substance which (in connection with logoicFire, 508:The physical permanent atom in dense physical substance. And they therefore have their place inFire, 513:Ray.' 68 Their life animates every atom of substance when built into form, and Their life is theFire, 513:clairvoyant therefore a sphere of vibrant living substance; within it can be seen three fieryFire, 515:planes is a sphere of physical or astral substance, composed of atomic matter, and characterized byFire, 516:plane) the coherent agency which gathers [516] substance into form, and attracts matter forFire, 517:This concerns the evolution of consciousness in substance. A permanent atom comes under the directFire, 521:the lower [521] three embodying the threefold substance aspect, and then a plane of at-one-mentFire, 521:the standpoint of either pure Spirit, or pure substance, viewed apart from each other. It concernsFire, 521:that to the occultist there is no such thing as substance, but only Force in varying degrees, onlyFire, 522:as does a man, as Spirit, Soul or Ego, and Substance. In connection with Brahma, we have the SpiritFire, 522:etheric centers of all manifested entities. His substance aspect is primarily contacted on theFire, 523:The manifestation of Brahma, the third or substance aspect, and should apply to this Entity theFire, 523:positive life of matter; He is the revelation of substance and the blaze that can be seen.Fire, 523:beyond the grasp of man; yet only when the substance [524] aspect is studied by the scientist inFire, 527:A permanent atom is the positive nucleus or germ substance to the sheath wherein it is found. It isFire, 527:geometrically within the circumscribing wall of substance, composed of third aspect force orFire, 527:of substance, composed of third aspect force or substance. What has been said of objectivity, or ofFire, 527:animates, upon the interplay of that force in substance, upon the dual, triple, or united aspect ofFire, 527:atom is a focal point of force, the force of substance itself, the life or vitality of the thirdFire, 530:- S. D., I, 124. They are the sumtotal of the substance of the four higher planes and of the threeFire, 530:and evolutionary Gods. Every atom of substance on every plane. All forms are destroyedFire, 536:terms, considering it as a vehicle of rarefied substance, containing within itself the seventhFire, 538:Solar Fire is dual. It is the fire of matter or substance and the fire of mind blended. This makesFire, 543:body becomes radioactive. Then the fires of substance (the vitality of the permanent atoms) escapeFire, 544:life or energy of the second Logos out of force-substance animated by the life of the third Logos)Fire, 545:that the permanent atoms are concerned with the substance aspect of Existence or Becoming, whileFire, 555:impact upon whatever may be understood as substance; this impact is transmitted direct to the innerFire, 555:inner life, and in due turn is retransmitted to substance in the form of recognition orFire, 560:the present terminology of Spirit, and material substance, will have given place to the broaderFire, 560:and clothing itself in a veil of negative substance. These two factors in turn will be regarded asFire, 560:in the third logoic aspect, that of intelligent substance, or that through which consciousnessFire, 596:is that all that is in the solar system is but substance energized from the cosmic mental andFire, 601:with its material manifestation and with its substance. We proceed now to take up the considerationFire, 602:Mind that actuates the system; He is the fire of substance and the substance of the fire; He is theFire, 602:the system; He is the fire of substance and the substance of the fire; He is the Flame and thatFire, 604:The expression employed by Science 'inorganic substance' means simply that the latent life,Fire, 606:in these figures, and not the evolution of substance, which is but a result, emanating from psychicFire, 608:Active Intelligence. Manas. Fire by Friction. Substance. The Permanent Atoms. Conscious Activity.Fire, 608:is the number which governs the evolution of substance and of form building in the solar system,Fire, 610:vehicle of the Logos, and animates the atoms of substance. He is the basis of the evolutionaryFire, 611:atoms (the force centers of the sheaths or substance), of the unfoldment of the egoic lotus, andFire, 611:laws of his own material sheaths - the laws of substance - he is ascertaining the nature of theFire, 612:The greater Builders are the positive aspect of substance or of electrical phenomena whilst theFire, 612:the manifested solar system. Their sumtotal is substance in its totality, the intelligent activeFire, 614:An Adept of the Light works with force in substance, viewing substance as that which is negative,Fire, 614:the Light works with force in substance, viewing substance as that which is negative, and thereforeFire, 614:positive force in essence, works with negative substance, or with the lesser Builders to bringFire, 616:which is actuated, and in their cohorts are the substance of matter (considering substance as thatFire, 616:cohorts are the substance of matter (considering substance as that which lies back of matter). TheyFire, 616:focusing of the positive affects the negative substance of the four lower planes and brings aboutFire, 616:in their various divisions. The concretion of substance, or the building of the dense physical body
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