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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUBSTANCE

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Patanjali, 418:"To him whose Vrittis (modifications of the substance of the mind) are entirely controlled therePsychology1, xxiii:do not exist; it will know that there is but one substance, present in nature in varying degrees ofPsychology1, xxiii:density and of vibratory activity, and that this substance is impelled by urgent purpose andPsychology1, 17:out its little life in a mass of decaying substance is as much a spiritual manifestation as anPsychology1, 18:the Holy Ghost, or Life, united with intelligent substance. This is fire by friction - a frictionPsychology1, 20:of the solar system, gathered to Themselves that substance which They required for manifestationPsychology1, 21:demonstrates through the medium of what we call substance or (to use a technical term of modernPsychology1, 22:consequence of this active interplay of life and substance is that a basic unity is constituted.Psychology1, 44:turn, is the response of the vibrating universal substance to the impact of the energy of will.Psychology1, 44:will on the ocean of space, matter, or etheric substance produced the first differentiation intoPsychology1, 44:by the impact of the will of God on divine substance, and divided into seven streams of force. ThePsychology1, 45:ray effects upon differing groupings of material substance. The third ray is, in its turn,Psychology1, 48:Ray III - Intelligence, potentially found in substance, causes activity. The result of thePsychology1, 53:of God Himself. When the soul, immersed in substance, is simply sentiency, it produces through itsPsychology1, 54:soul as its capacity will permit. The atom of substance, the molecule or the cell all have soul,Psychology1, 62:of the seven Deities, making its impression upon substance in order to produce a specific intentPsychology1, 102:our planet are affected by three types of light substance, and at the present time a fourth type isPsychology1, 125:to the enhanced vision of humanity to have more substance than it now has, and as etheric visionPsychology1, 132:all atoms of radiatory and vibratory matter or substance, which compose all forms in all kingdoms.Psychology1, 149:the hylozoistic theory. This posits a living substance, composed of a multiplicity of sentientPsychology1, 154:This blend of energies, working on substance, produces the forms, and each subjective form, in itsPsychology1, 157:of the contact of the living quality with the substance affected and with the kingdom which is thePsychology1, 168:outpouring from the Logos vivified universal substance and caused every atom of matter within thePsychology1, 193:to control or express, it is distorted by [193] substance in the early stages almost past allPsychology1, 219:the Life of God as It pours through this basic substance of our planet. In the work of the seventhPsychology1, 219:In the work of the seventh ray, we have earthy substance, the solid material of our planetary life,Psychology1, 224:atoms, as we study this kingdom. They are the substance out of which all the mineral forms arePsychology1, 225:and precious stone to that of the radioactive substance. In the determining of this development itPsychology1, 225:at this time in the discovery of radioactive substance, as the incoming ray increases its potency,Psychology1, 227:felt. If it is true that there is only one substance and one spirit, that "matter is spirit at thePsychology1, 228:the densest expression of the life of God in substance, and its outstanding, though oft unrealized,Psychology1, 228:of this power. From the standpoint of esoteric substance, the four ethers are far more dense andPsychology1, 229:in a most peculiar sense, "precipitated etheric substance," and is a condensation orPsychology1, 229:in the eventual transmutation of the earth substance, and its resolution back again into that ofPsychology1, 229:difficulty of our subject. Intangible etheric substance has been condensed into the dense tangiblePsychology1, 280:- the effect varying according to the type of substance upon which it plays. Psychology1, 327:and scientific nature, and is instinctual in substance itself. This point needs emphasis whenPsychology1, 353:blending. The appreciation of the divinity of substance, and the recognition of the fact thatPsychology1, 370:always present in our universe, but they use the substance of the incoming ray energy as the pathPsychology1, 466:18. Ray of Ceremonial Order. Union of energy and substance through group activity. 19. StimulationPsychology1, 421:Ray III - Intelligence, potentially found in substance, causes activity. The Rays and the Senses 1.Psychology2and potencies, produce those forms in matter and substance, which constitute the appearance andPsychology2, 4:the creator aspect. This works in matter and substance in order to create forms through which thePsychology2, 5:man arrives at a knowledge of matter, of substance and of outer creative activity. Then he passesPsychology2, 22:major presentations: The quality of physical substance. During this stage of development, the manPsychology2, 29:soul. One marks the stage wherein form, matter, substance, time and space are controlling factors,Psychology2, 55:(which is identified in time and space with substance and force), can readily comprehend thePsychology2, 56:the response, innate and inherent, of matter or substance, to the pattern. It might be said thatPsychology2, 56:apparatus. This quality is inherent in the substance itself, and the interplay between the patternPsychology2, 57:and future) that we are dealing with matter-substance and with forms which are already conditioned,Psychology2, 57:to the design or pattern. This conditioned substance must be accepted as existing and must be dealtPsychology2, 59:sheath for expression: The condition of the substance of the sheaths which determines thePsychology2, 60:matter and to the power of the mind to dominate substance. This power is, therefore, neither divinePsychology2, 65:all the material organs and the atomic [65] substance of the physical body. This statementPsychology2, 67:a blend or fusion of energies - the energy of substance itself which takes the form of the atomicPsychology2, 80:vibration affects its environment, and atoms of substance on all three planes are attracted to thePsychology2, 81:This refers to that over-shadowing of the substance to be built into form, and not to thePsychology2, 81:indiscriminately what they need, and force the substance thus grasped into the form or appearancePsychology2, 82:is imposed. It will be apparent, therefore, that substance itself exists in three major categories,Psychology2, 82:three categories are the correspondences in substance to the three Persons of the Trinity or to thePsychology2, 82:takes place. One division or type of this substance is dynamically electrified and from this allPsychology2, 82:needed in the three worlds. Another type of substance is magnetically electrified, and from it allPsychology2, 82:require in order to manifest. The third type of substance is diffusely electrified (I know of noPsychology2, 82:ray egos take from it their needed quota of substance from which to build the forms forPsychology2, 82:As regards the methods, techniques and types of substance used by souls on the remaining four minorPsychology2, 96:the far country. He wasted and sacrificed his substance through the use he made of the experiencePsychology2, 121:serve. This theory is correct, but the living substance of service is lacking. The ideal is rightPsychology2, 184:what the esotericists regard as the form-making substance. We use the word "God" to signify the onePsychology2, 235:inherited psyche of the atoms of matter and substance which constitute his form nature. These havePsychology2, 246:veiled by the symbol, the truth expressed in substance. Only two things will enable man toPsychology2, 253:The consciousness of God working in and upon substance in the mineral kingdom produced totallyPsychology2, 253:the same consciousness, working upon higher substance, employed in the animal and human kingdoms.Psychology2, 290:mental body of every human being is composed of substance which is governed by the rays, one, fourPsychology2, 290:to incarnation. The soul builds a body of mental substance or attracts to it that particular typePsychology2, 294:psychologists have been dealing with the substance energies and with the instinctual life of thePsychology2, 296:and employed, relates a man to the matter or substance aspect of divinity and gives him thePsychology2, 302:Second aspect. The ajna center - Personality. Substance. Third aspect. These are the three majorPsychology2, 303:there is nothing but energy as the underlying substance of all phenomenal appearance. Regard thePsychology2, 309:the dense physical form - the energy of atomic substance, thus producing a definite fusing andPsychology2, 313:of human experience. The matter, or rather the substance aspect has been the subject of immediatePsychology2, 314:to attract and hold coherently together the substance required by the soul with which to create aPsychology2, 315:soul energy, and are only dealing with sentient substance from the point of view of its usefulnessPsychology2, 321:drawing to itself the type of negative energy or substance through which the quality, tone orPsychology2, 322:a center of experience in that type of sentient substance which we call higher mental matter. ThisPsychology2, 322:appropriation" of qualified material or substance. Through these centers, the needed experience isPsychology2, 323:a paralleling activity in the material substance is going on, which steadily brings the negativePsychology2, 323:steadily brings the negative aspect of matter or substance up to the positive requirements of thePsychology2, 328:the necessary steps to appropriate the needed substance through which to appear and thereby satisfyPsychology2, 375:One Who Is. Here at my hand is form, activity, substance, and desire. Can I relate these andPsychology2, 455:to educate the race in The nature of mental substance. The triple purpose of the mind: As a mediumPsychology2, 460:of man and from his power to create in mental substance. There is one aspect of this difficulty toPsychology2, 470:precipitate on to the concrete levels of mental substance. This accounts for the futility and thePsychology2, 574:in etheric matter and the brain in physical substance that an organ which is definitely physicalPsychology2, 577:manifestation and upon the activity of material substance; all energy is subordinated to purelyPsychology2, 584:are constituted; it can attract the primitive substance of a low grade which can be built intoPsychology2, 592:underlie or "substand". This is the true form or substance. Where the lines of force cross andPsychology2, 625:that Faith is one of our major needs, being "the Substance of things hoped for, the Evidence ofRays, 52:in sound of the principle of active intelligent substance in the divine manifestation, the thirdRays, 55:is related to the effect of spirit or life upon substance, thus originating form and creating theRays, 63:the perfected, radiant, organized and active substance through which the initiate can work in full
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