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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUBSTANCE

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Rays, 73:of the light of the soul with the light of substance itself, and is the inevitable and automaticRays, 77:coldness of that light refers to the light of substance, which cannot be warmed into a glow byRays, 81:forth from that central point of power where substance and the outer life have met together, whereRays, 84:which gradually and steadily adapts the substance aspect to the spiritual by a process which weRays, 84:based on the thought of the sanitary care of substance. An enforced celibacy and a rigidRays, 97:a group is in itself an entity, having form, substance, soul and purpose or objective, and thatRays, 100:- (7, 7, 4, = 18). These are eighteen grades of substance, eighteen vibratory groups of atoms, andRays, 100:clothes him with the qualities and aspects of substance. This must end whilst he is a member [101]Rays, 101:plane, where it can create a body of pure substance and radiant light for all that the Master mayRays, 102:lesser lives to the general reservoir of living substance. The ocean of Being is nowhere referredRays, 102:dispatching the lives to the reservoir of substance, or recalling them at will to resume theirRays, 105:conscious will, and is a mode whereby he directs substance and controls matter. This becomesRays, 105:knowing consciousness of the thinker. Space and substance are synonymous terms; substance is theRays, 105:Space and substance are synonymous terms; substance is the aggregate of atomic lives out of whichRays, 106:This is both an occult and a scientific truism. Substance is, however, a soul concept, and is onlyRays, 106:only the quality which it has imparted in substance is left as its contribution - individual, groupRays, 143:the junction or fusion of the light inherent in substance itself and the light of the soul. It willRays, 145:Light, whilst the Forces of Evil are inherent in substance itself - of which all the many forms ofRays, 169:unexpressed in order to permit them to work with substance and specifically with the consciousnessRays, 170:of the planetary Life from the smallest atom of substance, through all the intermediate livingRays, 171:words "blotting out all form." When the lure of substance is overcome and desire dies, then theRays, 174:enunciated by modern science) that light and substance are synonymous terms; the true nature ofRays, 174:are synonymous terms; the true nature of substance as a field and medium of activity becomes clearRays, 174:that they are only the result of the activity of substance in its form-making capacity and areRays, 177:At the fifth initiation no [177] symbol or light substance separates or protects him, but he standsRays, 179:"impulsive factors" in manifestation, organizing substance, directing the multiplicity of lives andRays, 184:the construction of the planetary body of light-substance which will finally reveal the nature ofRays, 186:and hence an emanation from dense physical substance (and, therefore, not related to a principle),Rays, 191:effect is almost tangible (being in etheric substance) and factually and visibly present under theRays, 193:as the brain of man became involved through the substance of the etheric counterpart of theRays, 195:than the physical, as you understand physical substance. If one might use a phrase which, even ifRays, 204:as a great center of intelligent energy in the substance of the planetary Life. That the spiritualRays, 233:of the salvation offered has been freedom from substance [234] or the lure of matter and from itsRays, 235:cyclically make their appearance, the forms and substance in the three worlds upon which theyRays, 243:from latency to potency in connection with the substance of the human bodies through which theRays, 244:concrete mind as it controls desire and brings substance and matter into conformity with the divineRays, 245:to work, as illumined Minds, upon the mental substance of Their disciples than it will be for ThemRays, 265:related to the conscious merging of soul and substance until a point of equilibrium is achieved; atRays, 280:for the impact of monadic or life energy upon substance, so that substance, taking form under theRays, 280:monadic or life energy upon substance, so that substance, taking form under the cyclic intention ofRays, 288:or is related to matter-force, with spirit and substance. The knowledge of the initiate has naughtRays, 314:the Sadducees. He spoke as an expression of the substance aspect (He spoke to His mother) and alsoRays, 318:which is composed of the light of intelligent substance, of the radiant attractive substance ofRays, 318:intelligent substance, of the radiant attractive substance of love, and the karmic way which isRays, 339:begins to go anti-clockwise; he learns that the substance aspect of his nature may still beRays, 350:were principles entirely related to matter and substance, and were at that time and in that periodRays, 358:it is an expression in dense physical cosmic substance of cosmic love. Its potency is, however, soRays, 359:of all forms created out of this "unprincipled substance," as it is occultly called. The threeRays, 359:the equally unprincipled dense cosmic substance; the mark or indication of the true initiate is theRays, 359:his point of identification from unprincipled substance and substantial forms to "principled"Rays, 359:substance and substantial forms to "principled" substance and etheric forms. The tendency of theRays, 359:the initiate from the planes of unprincipled substance (the lower subplanes of the cosmic physicalRays, 374:all their natural qualities (the qualified substance of their three bodies) are solidified; thusRays, 377:concerned - as illusion, for the dense physical substance is not a principle. This you have oftRays, 382:longer be found existing only in cosmic etheric substance, as is now the case. What this means, howRays, 403:we know nothing and of whose composition and substance (if they are substantial, as we understandRays, 404:are [404] "occultly absorbed" by the Master; the substance of the glamor, purified and freed fromRays, 416:freedom is a leavening energy which can permeate substance in a unique manner; this divineRays, 416:the impact, the contact and the influence of substance. Rays, 419:stage of growth, consequent upon the response of substance to spiritual impact and impression. ThisRays, 419:impression relate to the bringing together of substance and spirit, of form and matter, and is alsoRays, 431:which are found in close relation to the brain substance. These are the pituitary body, the pinealRays, 444:knows past all controversy that "faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of thingsRays, 449:is the result of the union of life and substance or of the basic energies which constitute theRays, 464:step, to consider the nature [464] of the substance out of which the "bridge of shining mind stuff"Rays, 464:stuff" is chitta; it exists in three types of substance, all basically identical but all qualifiedRays, 464:in our planetary life experience, that the substance through which divinity (in time and space)Rays, 464:thread: 3. The Mother Aspect The intelligence of substance The Intelligence Aspect The nature ofRays, 464:a great stream of consciousness or of conscious substance, and across this stream the antahkaranaRays, 464:he must become that Path himself. Out of the substance of his own life he must construct thisRays, 465:are there to be found expressing themselves in substance: The lower concrete mind. The receptiveRays, 465:Buddhi-manas. The reflection in mental substance of the Monad. Spiritual love-wisdom. The heartRays, 467:attempt to build the Lighted Way in mental substance. This mental substance is - as we have seen -Rays, 467:the Lighted Way in mental substance. This mental substance is - as we have seen - of threeRays, 469:ideal must become unfolded and manifested in substance upon the physical plane. The creativeRays, 469:They simply indicate the final control of substance by the initiate. One of the indications that aRays, 475:upon the mental plane, because it is mental substance (in three grades) which must be used, and theRays, 480:of particles of what we erroneously term 'dense substance'. This type of energized substance isRays, 480:term 'dense substance'. This type of energized substance is swept up in the vortex of forceRays, 482:and deliberately) - the factor of energy substance and the factor of planned impulse - you haveRays, 485:which he there constructs will be of so fine a substance that it may not and cannot appear onRays, 487:desired [487] sphere of influence) the energy-substance needed to carry out His purpose inRays, 489:it can affect the "pool of energy" or the energy-substance which has been gathered for the buildingRays, 489:it there and then produces effects in mental substance. The tension is thereby increased, and theRays, 490:mental vehicle, as it holds the needed energy-substance at the point of projection. The imaginativeRays, 490:an interior activity and an organization of the substance present. There then supervenes a steadilyRays, 490:by its means the desired form, and organized the substance which is to be employed in this laterRays, 490:having successfully organized the bridge substance, having brought into activity the will aspect,Rays, 490:performance, proceeds now to move the organized substance forward, so that from the center of forceRays, 490:in accumulating there appears a line of light-substance or projection. This is sent forward upon aRays, 509:the ray, in which a line of light or of living substance is imaginatively and creatively sent outRays, 520:of His dynamic intention as it forces all substance in manifestation and in time and space to actRays, 527:two divine aspects, thus giving "shape and substance to love"; this had been sequentially fosteredRays, 528:He presented the "first thread of living substance, irradiated by love, intelligently woven andRays, 590:nature of the fifth ray. It is pre-eminently the substance of the mental plane. This planeRays, 607:Principle of Conflict, latent in every atom of substance, which produces, first of all, conflict,Rays, 607:speaks in one of her books of the fact that the substance whereof all forms are made is already -Rays, 608:which is inherent in the smallest atom of substance, and which reaches its fullest expression inRays, 634:energy which permeates and controls matter or substance. They were also, during the yearsRays, 705:is a body of light which has its own type of substance. The Master, however, can build a body
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