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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUBSTANCE

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Rays, 705:the "mayavirupa" or body of maya, of physical substance. This body will appear in the original formRays, 752:and to separation which is inherent in the substance of our planet; of it all forms are made andReappearance, 30:the light of the intelligence, the radiant substance of true love, and the inflexible will whichReappearance, 71:words, "blotting out all form." When the lure of substance is overcome and desire dies, then theReappearance, 85:the body. This life is found within each atom of substance as the central point of living light. AsReappearance, 89:Today, the fact that energy is the basic substance in the universe, that all forms of life areReappearance, 117:the records of nature in the memory of universal substance." The whole story - yours and mine andReappearance, 128:and those recording cells within the brain substance which have hitherto not been susceptible toReappearance, 130:of feeling-responsiveness, and of emotional substance which man has himself so powerfully createdReappearance, 134:and love, and by the reaction of "lighted [134] substance" to "the attractive power of love." IReappearance, 187:May it not be a divine fact that "faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence ofSoul, 49:points to its medulla as the secretor of the substance which makes for the phenomena of fear, andSoul, 54:nothing but energy, and it functions through a substance which interpenetrates and actuates allSoul, 54:centers of force in the midst of negative substance. The human being too has an etheric body whichSoul, 56:outline the Eastern theory. There is a universal substance, the source of all, but so sublimated,Soul, 56:forever invisible to human eye. The key word "substance" with its suggestion of materiality is aSoul, 56:roots: - "sub" under and "sto" to stand. So, substance is that which stands underneath, orSoul, 56:Subtle and fugitive as this universal substance is, yet in another sense it is denser even thanSoul, 56:could conceive of an agent outside of universal substance - an hypothesis contrary to all fact andSoul, 56:external agent attempted to compress universal substance, or in some [57] other way affect it fromSoul, 57:some [57] other way affect it from without, then substance would be found denser than any knownSoul, 57:denser than any known material. Inherent in substance, and a perpetual counterpart of it, is life,Soul, 57:of it, is life, incessant life. Life and substance are one and the same, one and foreverSoul, 57:one reality. Life is as positive electricity, substance negative. Life is dynamic, substanceSoul, 57:substance negative. Life is dynamic, substance static. Life is activity or spirit, and substanceSoul, 57:static. Life is activity or spirit, and substance form or matter. Life is the father and begets,Soul, 57:form or matter. Life is the father and begets, substance is the mother and conceives. In additionSoul, 57:In addition to these two aspects of life and substance, there is still a third. Life is theoreticalSoul, 57:activity, and needs a field of operation. Substance furnishes this and in the union of life andSoul, 57:furnishes this and in the union of life and substance, there flames forth active energy. Thus weSoul, 57:energy. Thus we have a single reality, universal substance; - but at the same time a coexistentSoul, 57:the same time a coexistent duality, - life and substance, and at the same time, a coexistentSoul, 57:at the same time, a coexistent trinity, life, substance, and the resultant interaction which weSoul, 57:world arises from energy (and the co-factors substance and consciousness). All that is seen, fromSoul, 58:or of any physical thing, is of the universal substance, of universal life, and of universalSoul, 60:parts which are occupied by matter, that is by a substance which appeals to the senses, there hasSoul, 61:some sense be far denser than any known material substance... "Matter therefore is comparatively aSoul, 61:if there be not in nature an incorporeal substance, which, while it can impress on any body all theSoul, 62:able, since it is almost certain that this substance removes and stops bodies, to add whatever isSoul, 62:objects of the senses... Finally, incorporeal substance having the marvelous power of cohering andSoul, 62:reasoning from the conclusion of an incorporeal substance in human beings to the assumption of aSoul, 62:assumption of a similar and greater incorporeal substance in nature as a whole, for he wasSoul, 63:magnetism, Boyle said: "That there may be such a substance in the universe, the asserters of itSoul, 63:seem to argue that there is an ethereal substance, very subtle and not a little diffused." - Ibid.,Soul, 64:strain, the receptacle of potential energy, the substance in which the atoms of matter areSoul, 73:"An entity, conceived as the essence, substance, or actuating cause of individual life, especiallySoul, 80:had come to admit that the soul is not a substance, but that the psychical processes occur inSoul, 80:but that the psychical processes occur in substance, and they therefore regarded it as equivalentSoul, 80:What we call 'soul' is neither an extended 'substance' nor a thinking 'substance'; it is not aSoul, 80:neither an extended 'substance' nor a thinking 'substance'; it is not a 'substance' at all, but aSoul, 80:nor a thinking 'substance'; it is not a 'substance' at all, but a highly complicated event, aSoul, 81:of ours, which does not divide the universe into substance and consciousness, but places aSoul, 81:it does not conceive of the soul as existing in substance alone nor yet in consciousness alone. OnSoul, 86:the pineal gland the spiritual and life giving substance. St. Augustine regarded the soul asSoul, 86:to give more room for the pneuma, the gaseous substance, to expand... Some distinguished fourSoul, 88:was the subtlest form of matter, a very delicate substance, enclosed within the nervous system andSoul, 94:scientific research has shown that this original substance cannot be scientific 'matter' - that is,Soul, 95:'matter' as known by the senses. This ultimate substance is stated to be Ether in a state ofSoul, 95:the universe has arisen is motion of and in a substance, called 'ether,' which is not scientificSoul, 95:is not scientific 'matter.' The motions of this substance give rise from the realistic point ofSoul, 95:an article of scientific faith that there is a substance called 'Ether'; a medium which, fillingSoul, 99:of the union of spirit or life, and matter or substance, and demonstrates as the energy of theSoul, 148:to decipher the meaning of this ultra-material substance. It furnishes the most reliable standardSoul, 150:latest mathematical theory there is only one substance and one universal law containing electricTelepathy, 2:Omnipresence. Omnipresence has its basis in the substance of the universe, and in what theTelepathy, 2:what the esotericists regard as the form-making substance. We use the word God to signify theTelepathy, 5:communicate is to be found in the very nature of substance itself. It lies potentially within theTelepathy, 9:plexus person has in it something of mental substance or energy. Pure feeling and entirelyTelepathy, 16:employed is, as we have seen, the etheric substance of all bodies, which is necessarily one withTelepathy, 16:which is necessarily one with the etheric substance of the planet. The area around the solar plexusTelepathy, 16:their implications and work through the astral substance, using the solar plexus area as aTelepathy, 25:the world today. Essentially, energy is active substance. These two types of force are of aTelepathy, 25:types of force are of a vitality, potency and substance so subtle and fine that they can workTelepathy, 25:activity" the pranic fluids which constitute the substance of the etheric body and to which ITelepathy, 26:and received. Forget not that light is subtle substance. Upon a beam of light can the energy of theTelepathy, 28:power of love to attract the material or the substance, and thus to "clothe" in the occult senseTelepathy, 81:we are all implicated - from the atom of substance up to and including all the Lives which form theTelepathy, 85:groups. Instead of working in lower mental substance with picked aspirants, They changed the mediumTelepathy, 92:of inspiration) becoming a reservoir of thought-substance, to the use of which he must accustomTelepathy, 93:dedicated. From the reservoir of thought-substance he learns to project those forms, those magneticTelepathy, 94:is a Master; the Plan is then the dynamic substance providing the content of the reservoir ofTelepathy, 95:in possession of a reservoir or pool of thought-substance which is the result of his own mentalTelepathy, 96:which is in reality the reservoir of thought-substance upon which he can spiritually rely. HisTelepathy, 110:related to the solar plexus center, for the substance in which this science is carried forward isTelepathy, 110:this science is carried forward is not astral substance but mental substance, and therefore anotherTelepathy, 110:forward is not astral substance but mental substance, and therefore another vehicle is involved andTelepathy, 111:forward upon the astral plane and with astral substance. This, in its highest form, becomes theTelepathy, 111:then the process is carried forward in buddhic substance. Aspirants are, at one stage of theirTelepathy, 111:minds, and the process is carried forward in the substance of the mental plane. It is the factorTelepathy, 111:abstract mind, so called. This aspect of mental substance is largely used by the Hierarchy in orderTelepathy, 112:are strictly carried on within mental [112] substance. This necessarily involves the three aspectsTelepathy, 112:two levels of consciousness. It is within the substance of the atmic plane that the activity is setTelepathy, 116:is to be found at present in four [116] areas of substance; these four areas are close to fourTelepathy, 118:found in the words: 3. "The Plan is the dynamic substance, providing the content of the reservoirTelepathy, 118:of most students. The concept of the Plan as Substance will assuredly be new to them, and newTelepathy, 118:The Plan constitutes or is composed of the substance in which the Members of the HierarchyTelepathy, 118:fresh and in an entirely new manner: The Plan IS substance. It is essentially substantial energy.Telepathy, 118:is essentially substantial energy. And energy is substance and nothing else. The substance (whichTelepathy, 118:And energy is substance and nothing else. The substance (which is the Plan) is dynamic in nature,Telepathy, 119:The Plan constitutes a reservoir of energized substance, held in solution by the WILL of Sanat
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