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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUBSTANCE

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Telepathy, 119:but not intangible to Him). It is this planetary Substance upon which the "impressing agents" mustTelepathy, 122:The key to all this is energy. Energy is substance, and this substance is qualified by divineTelepathy, 122:this is energy. Energy is substance, and this substance is qualified by divine dynamic WILL. ThereTelepathy, 122:is in reality their individual effort to impress substance (personal or environing) with their ownTelepathy, 122:of the process of working with dynamic energized substance, for it basically impresses them andTelepathy, 125:the medium of relationship and of contact is SUBSTANCE; and the effect of these relationships,Telepathy, 128:all, simply the development of the knowledge of substance and of form; this knowledge will make itTelepathy, 129:and thus invoked and brought to Himself the substance needed for His designed expression. ThatTelepathy, 139:will all increasingly be focused on this unique substance which is the true form to which allTelepathy, 150:entity and as constituted solely of etheric substance, forgetting that the etheric body is theTelepathy, 151:etheric body is itself composed of four types of substance, each of which is definitely specializedTelepathy, 153:problem of creativity. The type of the etheric substance "substanding" any form is dependent uponTelepathy, 153:from one or other of the four levels of etheric substance, counting upwards from the lowest: TheTelepathy, 153:is now composed of all four types of etheric substance. The reason for this is that eventuallyTelepathy, 153:each of these four planes or types of etheric substance will be responsive to the [154] four higherTelepathy, 154:initiation. It must also be remembered that the substance of which these etheric channels orTelepathy, 159:both planetary and human, exist in etheric substance and they may or may not produce physicalTelepathy, 159:have an etheric body composed of the substance of the cosmic etheric levels - buddhic, atmic,Telepathy, 160:antahkarana has been built, then cosmic etheric substance can be slowly substituted for theTelepathy, 160:for the ordinary and familiar etheric substance which "substands" the dense physical body of a man.Telepathy, 160:body has in it an adequate measure of the substance of the lowest of the cosmic ethers, the buddhicTelepathy, 160:of the lowest of the cosmic ethers, the buddhic substance; this is basic for all, on all the rays,Telepathy, 160:for at the end of the age, when cosmic etheric substance [161] composes the etheric vehicles of theTelepathy, 161:become when appropriated and used, and how their substance, or rather the presence of certainTelepathy, 161:stated to be those of eliminating the physical substance lying between the dense physical body andTelepathy, 161:and the astral sentient body, and substituting substance of the four highest planes, the fourTelepathy, 170:to impose upon itself [170] layer upon layer of substance; it is the cause of the return of theTelepathy, 173:destructive, thus aiding in the liberation from substance or matter of the one to be aided. It isTelepathy, 177:all these diverse forms are composed of tangible substance which - when coordinated and broughtTelepathy, 177:thinker - creates a material form. This tangible substance is composed of living energies,Telepathy, 179:or center - large or small, a man or an atom of substance - is related to all other forms andTelepathy, 181:to any subhuman form and to the tiniest atom of substance (whatever you may mean by that lastTelepathy, 182:ensouling life. The fusion of life with living substance produces another aspect of expression:Telepathy, 188:physical levels or in the medium of that type of substance which we call "material"; men work withTelepathy, 188:The "units" in the other Centers work with substance and not with matter. This is an interestingTelepathy, 189:energy" who can work both with matter and with substance. There is here a most interestingTelepathy, 189:matter from the spiritual angle, yet so it is; substance - technically speaking and esotericallyTelepathy, 189:ability to work with and in the cosmic etheric substance demonstrates first of all when theTelepathy, 189:mind; an intuition is an idea clothed in etheric substance, and the moment a man becomes responsiveTelepathy, 189:by the man who has, within his equipment, substance of the same quality - for it is the magnetic
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