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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUBSTANTIAL

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Astrology, 361:to that aspect of divinity which is material or substantial; Venus is closely related to theAstrology, 515:one area [515] of his "body of force" (the three substantial bodies) and then in another. EachAtom, 125:indwelling life or spirit, the material form or substantial vehicle, and the factor of intelligentBethlehem, 244:and the inexperienced may tell us. An intuitive, substantial inner Self steadily and universallyDiscipleship2, 166:upon the concept and scorn; recognition of the substantial nature of the available evidence, and anDiscipleship2, 412:primary mental work well accomplished and with a substantial measure of soul contact alreadyDiscipleship2, 421:know - even of the very highest aspects - are substantial, because our seven planes (if I mayDiscipleship2, 427:of consciousness as indicated by the seven substantial planes. This must be remembered, because theEducation, 68:(the application of energy to force) is equally substantial in nature, a far more intelligentEducation, 144:changes. It should be remembered that: Light is substantial, and from the angle of the spirit is aEducation, 144:and in relation to the etheric body, which is a substantial, tangible form, and is being soExternalisation, 150:concerned with the invocation and control of the substantial and elemental forces of the manifestedExternalisation, 248:you are, integrated and directed to a sustained, substantial, one-pointed effort. It will throwExternalisation, 581:difficult task, owing to the evil "pull" of the substantial assets and the continued control, evenExternalisation, 674:long [674] period of time), the impact of these substantial energies on matter will be radicallyFire, 339:ever in view, working it out through love in substantial form. Fire, 431:into, and works through definite, material, substantial forms. Fire, 467:pours into the substance of the plane, or the substantial body of the Deva Lords. Owing to theFire, 473:the essence. Man, while functioning in material, substantial forms in the three worlds, may notFire, 816:physical plane man regards it practically as non-substantial. It is in fact, as earlier pointedFire, 884:a great deva who represents the equilibrium of substantial vibration which is brought about by theFire, 904:devas of fire, and with the fiery essences of substantial nature which can be seen manifesting inFire, 934:upon; it is needless further to enlarge, as no substantial profit will eventuate from theFire, 1233:nature of the form. That which is exoteric and substantial serves two purposes: To give some faintFire, 1241:to man now; He is passing out of the realm of substantial forms altogether into the realm ofGlamour, 72:at this time must be realized as a definite substantial thing, and must be dealt with as such. TheGlamour, 72:material in the same sense as thought-forms are substantial things but (and here is a point ofGlamour, 72:(and here is a point of importance) of a less substantial nature than the forms of glamor foundGlamour, 72:of glamor on the astral plane are even more substantial but are less clearly defined. Thought-formsGlamour, 75:- the man whose desires center around substantial effects. Bear this in mind and sit not in theGlamour, 271:with the effects that substances and the substantial forces, found in the three worlds, produce inHealing, 79:deal of trouble. The etheric body is the inner "substantial" form upon which the physical body isHealing, 104:Feel a deep love pouring into you. Regard it as substantial light which you can and willHealing, 111:the process by which the material nature and the substantial form prepares itself for separationHealing, 141:prototype of the nerves which underlie the more substantial body. These nerves and plexi and theirHealing, 196:the seven major centers in the etheric body (the substantial body which underlies the denseHealing, 503:extent this effect; it shatters and destroys substantial form and thus serves a constructiveHealing, 607:which enables men, for the first time and on any substantial scale, to take advantage of these lawsHealing, 692:but has now those qualities which make him "substantial" (in the esoteric sense) and a new factorInitiation, 100:That we are considering facts which are substantial and real on the mental plane - the plane onIntellect, 113:nature of the form. That which is exoteric and substantial serves two purposes: [114] To give someIntellect, 121:they hold the hypothesis that it is a subjective substantial reality, which can use the brain asIntellect, 172:the psychopathics of the race, but reputable and substantial workers in the varying fields of humanMagic, 278:and true conformity to the pattern may be substantial and unbreakable. This is true of a universe,Patanjali, 348:fill in the form. The etheric body is the true substantial form, the framework, the scaffolding, toPsychology1, 228:the four ethers are far more dense and "substantial." This modern science has also told us,Psychology1, 268:of the fundamental primeval urges, one of the substantial instincts, and is consequently thePsychology2, 184:every form in nature is an integral part of the substantial form of God Himself - not the densePsychology2, 570:forms (some quite nebulous and some quite substantial according to the power of thought) whichRays, 57:A personality is an aggregate of forms and of substantial lives which, when fused and blended ,Rays, 63:principle, the spirit aspect, with which that "substantial divine Reality" still awaitsRays, 177:of evolution - as it affects the material or substantial life of the man - is the waxing and theRays, 359:identification from unprincipled substance and substantial forms to "principled" substance andRays, 398:our highest spiritual world is a part of the substantial world. The Masters, therefore, are workingRays, 403:of whose composition and substance (if they are substantial, as we understand the term) we areRays, 591:mysteries of the Mind of God Himself. It is the "substantial" key to the Universal Mind. It isRays, 674:magnetic "pull" coming from the material or substantial form side of nature. In its cycles ofRays, 726:the reason for the intelligent manifestation of substantial forms and their creation to provideRays, 751:Some day, however, they will stand for certain substantial realities, but that day is notReappearance, 33:upon the concept, and scorn. Recognition of the substantial nature of the available evidence andSoul, 30:important branch of inquiry. It may also be of substantial help even to the trained exponent, notSoul, 60:and is most conveniently thought of as a substantial reality, to which therefore some other name isSoul, 61:a gossamer structure, subsisting in a very substantial medium..." - Encyclopedia Britannica, 13thSoul, 65:do not tell us of ether. Yet one is as real and substantial as the other, and their fundamentalTelepathy, 2:every form in nature is an integral part of the substantial form of God Himself - not the denseTelepathy, 98:which they emanate. The bodies (so called) are substantial in nature; the aura is essentiallyTelepathy, 99:essentially radiatory and extends from each [99] substantial vehicle in every direction. This is aTelepathy, 112:is the atmic plane. It is useful to realize the substantial nature of these two levels ofTelepathy, 118:manner: The Plan IS substance. It is essentially substantial energy. And energy is substance andTelepathy, 119:desired impression must become sensitive to this substantial energy. This entire proposition can beTelepathy, 121:in a most specific manner; they are the substantial energies of material expression and theirTelepathy, 129:interrelation was then set up between all "substantial" units; the more potent and the more dynamicTelepathy, 142:an energy form, subtle and intangible yet substantial, which controls, governs and conditions theTelepathy, 152:in design. There is: The etheric body. The substantial nadis. The dense physical body. These formTelepathy, 176:not that the etheric body is a material and substantial body, and is therefore an integral part ofTelepathy, 177:of animating both the forms and their environing substantial media. It must also be remembered thatTelepathy, 179:(because it constitutes an aggregated area of substantial lives or atoms) is a center within the
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