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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUBSTITUTE

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Astrology, 393:to the light of the Sun, for Vulcan is a substitute for the Sun; it is spoken of sometimes as beingAstrology, 510:make: If the investigating astrologer will substitute the esoteric planets for the orthodoxAstrology, 646:cosmos and man. They are the Sun or its substitute - Michael. They are the Moon or its substitute -Astrology, 646:substitute - Michael. They are the Moon or its substitute - Gabriel. They are Mercury or itsAstrology, 646:substitute - Gabriel. They are Mercury or its substitute - Raphael. They are Venus or itsAstrology, 646:its substitute - Raphael. They are Venus or its substitute - Uriel. (S.D. Vol. III, 459) 27.Astrology, 665:from which all the principles are gone. It is a substitute for a planet which seems to haveAstrology, 671:luminary." (S.D. Vol. III, 288) "The sun is the substitute for the invisible inter-MercurialAutobiography, 280:fraction of that Whole; it will enable you to substitute synthesis for that isolated separatenessBethlehem, 261:the Way, we shall put an end to competition, and substitute for it cooperation. He urged us to liveDiscipleship1, 24:impulse of the devotees of the world who substitute this desire for aspiration towards soul contactDiscipleship1, 111:a hindrance when it is misused or regarded as a substitute for other forms of divine expression.Discipleship1, 385:I seek not to change your meditation, except to substitute a different visualization exercise forDiscipleship1, 508:and suspicion are your present problems. Substitute love for these and all will be well. You evokeDiscipleship1, 521:may prove of real help, enabling you to substitute a fresh and vital interest in the place of theDiscipleship1, 521:in the place of the old emerging ideas; and to substitute a definite physical plane [522] activityDiscipleship1, 535:Moon Approach and for five days in each month substitute that for your usual meditation work. As aDiscipleship1, 733:they begin to lean upon the experience and to substitute this astral happening for the futureDiscipleship1, 749:space. He can then be depended upon always to substitute the good of the whole for individual good,Discipleship2, 335:morning sun. The enterprise of the Masters to substitute group initiation in place of the laboriousDiscipleship2, 415:hides but also reveals) which will enable him to substitute the pure reason for the manyDiscipleship2, 415:the many truths; he learns, finally, to substitute the intuition - with its swiftness and itsExternalisation, 250:can draw. The saying of this Invocation is not a substitute for the physical plane effort on yourExternalisation, 412:the good, the beautiful and the true, and to substitute these for the sense of "identification withExternalisation, 415:repudiate faith as unintelligent, but long for a substitute; they are constantly emerging out ofExternalisation, 672:and which will steadily and with skill in action substitute the spiritual values for those whichFire, 207:sacred planets are: Saturn Jupiter. Mars Sun (substitute for another). Venus Mercury. MoonFire, 207:(substitute for another). Venus Mercury. Moon (substitute for another). Neptune and Uranus are notGlamour, 225:good by substituting the idea of a heavenly substitute. The work that is [226] now planned isHealing, 102:drive out diseased tissue and provide a healthy substitute in place of the diseased material whichHealing, 518:and the first form created by the soul is a substitute for the personality. Thus an instrument forHealing, 518:serve His purposes and plans. It is a definite substitute for the personality and can only beIntellect, 106:remplacer;" - "the best way to eliminate is to substitute," and one way that may be employed is toMagic, 162:from mental levels. In the place of fear he must substitute that peace which is the prerogative ofMagic, 162:in the place of questioning expectancy he must substitute that placid, yet active, assurance of theProblems, 109:that possession is nine-tenths of the law) and substitute the New Age methods of right humanProblems, 175:to realize this and will also be forced to substitute the principle of sharing for the ancientPsychology1, 23:for which the sun is regarded as the esoteric substitute. 2. The Lord of Love-Wisdom, Who is thePsychology2, 16:and eventually on to the Path of Initiation. Substitute for past, necessarily self-interested andRays, 128:reached. There are those also who are working to substitute understanding and service for physicalRays, 339:wholly inadequate, but I can find none other to substitute. The wording is totally blind andTelepathy, 73:Invocations whereby I have been attempting to substitute the invocative method for the selfish useTelepathy, 98:and then the soul quality of love will create a substitute, so that the needed sensitivity does not
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