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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUBTLER

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Healing, 48:the unseen, and from the use, or misuse, of the subtler forces on the inner planes. It must beHealing, 69:becomes possible. [69] Until the fact of the subtler bodies is properly recognized by the worldHealing, 69:the tracing of the causes of disease back to the subtler bodies is relatively meaningless. The bestHealing, 78:effects of reorganizing and readjusting the subtler bodies (particularly the etheric and astralHealing, 80:but they themselves are frequently effects of subtler causes, hidden in the life of the astral andHealing, 81:by design, to all the conditions found in the subtler vehicles. It is essentially a transmitter andHealing, 82:form to respond adequately to the inner and subtler impulses. Here is found the cause (theHealing, 82:from within himself as he functions on the subtler levels of consciousness and from the soul; theyHealing, 83:also enables a man to register sensitively the subtler worlds, and, when energized and controlledHealing, 150:etheric body, related at the same time to the subtler bodies, to the states of consciousness whichHealing, 176:of knowledge, of insight and of higher and subtler contacts, and not as the result of unlimited andHealing, 192:nil; you have less susceptibility to the subtler diseases emanating from the three interlockingHealing, 196:body is a physical body, though composed of subtler material than the one we can see and touch. ItHealing, 227:this will be responsive to some aspect of their subtler natures; if, for instance, physical desireHealing, 242:physical breath but which will reorganize the subtler bodies and bring the centers into orderedHealing, 251:[251] the results of disease and this in a far subtler form than is surmised. The germs of ancientHealing, 282:an automaton, responsive to and actuated by a subtler body of energies which are a true expressionHealing, 284:practices of an orthodox kind accompany the subtler modes of help. It is in the wise combination ofHealing, 318:called retributive karma. The recognition of the subtler forms of disease, and the aid of theHealing, 322:basis of their interest, "Does it affect the subtler bodies? How?" There is no occult standard orHealing, 338:reverse. It is the internal relation between the subtler energies, working through certain centers,Healing, 363:fact, the growing sensitivity of the race to the subtler angles of life, and the vast amount ofHealing, 407:of the death of the physical body and of the subtler bodies in the three worlds; we shall deal alsoHealing, 418:c. By the severing of the physical from the subtler body on the inner planes, through theHealing, 419:below. From the higher vision, that sees the subtler continuously over-shadowing the dense when notHealing, 565:of the dense physical body (and not only the subtler bodies) to the impact of the higher energies,Healing, 570:to penetrate into the physical body, via the subtler bodies, and the point of friction (the outcomeHealing, 581:can nevertheless be turned to the dispelling of subtler difficulties, such as fear in some form orHealing, 584:within a greater or more inclusive form, from a subtler plane, thus making contact with a grosserHealing, 584:with a grosser vibratory force. An energy is subtler and more potent than the force upon which itHealing, 613:is the etheric body as an expression of the subtler vehicles and their state of embodiedHealing, 703:and intelligent understanding pass out to the subtler realms of being. Where the relation is thatHealing, 710:with appropriate physical care and passing on to subtler modes of healing. Again I would point outHealing, 711:The metaphysical healer who works solely on the subtler levels is like the spiritual worker whoHercules, 135:masculine assertiveness must be modified by the subtler savor of feminine sweetness; that yieldingInitiation, 30:planetary scheme, with its dense globe and inner subtler globes, is to the Planetary Logos what theInitiation, 30:Planetary Logos what the physical body and its subtler bodies are to man. Hence in illustration itInitiation, 135:Self, and its receptivity to the higher and subtler impressions, is greatly furthered. Eventually,Initiation, 197:the entry of the real man who has stood in his subtler bodies before the Initiator. Should he notIntellect, 9:do come flashes of clear vision which reveal a subtler state of being, and which lift the fog,Intellect, 16:and knowers have borne witness to experiences in subtler worlds where they have been brought intoIntellect, 36:They claim to have lived and moved in these subtler realms, and the perseverance displayed in theIntellect, 39:recognitions which have their seat in a subtler response apparatus. The soul type imposes itselfIntellect, 228:"More radiant than the sun, purer than the snow, subtler than the ether is the Self, The spiritMagic, 6:the close of a great transition period and the subtler realms of life are closer than ever before;Magic, 45:of forms. Back of the objective universe is the subtler sensitive body - one organism, not many,Magic, 134:- are gradually and steadily affecting the subtler bodies of humanity and are bringing them to aMagic, 136:to turn the inner ear to those voices on the subtler planes which utter "the Words ofMagic, 139:of the five senses and their extension into the subtler planes so that sight, hearing, touch, tasteMagic, 139:world to the needs of the personal self. On the subtler planes they must be transmuted until theyMagic, 147:the Path of Probation and of Discipleship, this subtler vibratory activity exerts an increasingMagic, 147:the phenomenal world, the disciple builds a new subtler response apparatus whereby the subjectiveMagic, 149:satiety, [149] and the gradual use of the subtler response apparatus. The response apparatus of theMagic, 149:life of the disciple, as he develops a new and subtler use of his response apparatus, he practicesMagic, 178:the basis of choice by the teacher on the subtler planes who seeks to impart a definite instructionMagic, 180:the latter standing aside, consciously, in his subtler bodies, but surrendering his physical body.Magic, 186:of an aspirant's physical body and of the subtler bodies to see whether in them are to be foundMagic, 190:esoteric endeavor and to creative work on the subtler planes. I am assuming in the student anMagic, 262:of vibration is form, dense or subtle, and ever subtler as ascension takes place. As the pulsatingMeditation, 102:the dense vehicle find their commencement on the subtler planes, and are only the outerMeditation, 120:persons, from entities and groups working on the subtler planes. The difficulty arises in threeMeditation, 120:and as to the personnel of the groups on the subtler planes. The risk of revealing more than wouldMeditation, 130:properly striated mental body can enter into the subtler planes and literally work with Fohat, forMeditation, 155:Later - especially after initiation, as the subtler faculties come into activity, and the centersMeditation, 197:and definite effect upon the matter of the two subtler vehicles. By this rhythmic movement: TheMeditation, 242:aid those methods through concentration on the subtler bodies. This applies during the transitionMeditation, 242:be superseded by the preventive science of the subtler planes, that science which aims at theMeditation, 247:colors will be applied in two ways: [247] On the subtler planes by the power of thought, and ByMeditation, 247:exoteric color will be applied, whilst on the subtler the esoteric. The work therefore will beMeditation, 269:group. The same law effects his liberation from subtler forms that likewise bind, and blends himMeditation, 276:task of vibrating to the higher measure of the subtler planes. He develops the capacity of theMeditation, 330:of group work. Review work. [330] Work on the subtler bodies with the view to producing continuityPatanjali, 36:is, however, responsive to impressions from the subtler realms and to modifications arising fromPatanjali, 39:yogin translates himself into more spiritual and subtler realms and becomes aware of that which thePatanjali, 39:thence to abstract them through the other two subtler bodies until all is centered and focused inPatanjali, 72:the life. As he does this, coordination of the subtler bodies with the physical body on the onePatanjali, 98:to the occultist and is the result of the subtler elements producing its manifestation. The grosserPatanjali, 98:the form; but within that gross form is a subtler one which we can only contact through acutePatanjali, 143:life" and which we frequently call "the subtler planes" he is entering the Hall of Learning and isPatanjali, 188:be kept cleansed from similar impurities. The subtler matters of those bodies must be kept equallyPatanjali, 286:without ever really leaving his true home in the subtler realms and higher spheres ofPatanjali, 289:Training the aspirant so that he can enter into subtler realms. Giving him power over the mind, soPatanjali, 322:of the five senses as they are found in the subtler realms, and through their awakening andPatanjali, 342:to the mastery and utilization of all the subtler sheaths through which a man contacts a plane orPatanjali, 413:and admits its possessor into the secrets of the subtler realms in the three worlds, so that thePatanjali, 413:from the soul via the mind, and from the subtler planes in the three worlds via the third eye. ItPsychology2, 486:woman to the inner subjective worlds and to the subtler planes of being - usually to the astralPsychology2, 608:its detriment but to the extent of evoking the subtler side of the sense of sight. A man can thenPsychology2, 617:true love and a large measure of detachment, the subtler bodies of the one who is under attack mayRays, 5:in time the construction of a higher and subtler body, the buddhic sheath. When this sheath is thusRays, 309:disappear, but an inner process of dying of the subtler bodies supervenes and the death process isRays, 406:the solar system. They are occupied with the subtler expressions of consciousness, with occultRays, 433:consciousness; the facts, registered upon the subtler planes, must be correctly registered,Rays, 435:of that which is sensed or seen upon the subtler planes or the soul plane is slow; it takes timeRays, 691:for service purposes. To this must be added the subtler task of integrating himself into the AshramRays, 705:He can work through a physical body (with its subtler sheaths) or not, as he sees fit. He realizesReappearance, 90:the phenomenal world, as well as the subtler worlds of feeling and of thought; life was withdrawnReappearance, 90:began their work, emerging first upon the subtler planes [91] of human experience. This type ofSoul, 58:ice, water and steam. In addition there are four subtler planes, or rather four different types ofSoul, 114:Nadis are not the ordinary material nerves, but subtler lines of direction along which the vital
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