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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUCCEED

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Astrology, 378:or the Bull of divine illumined expression succeed? This sign is an earth sign and hence theAstrology, 418:he gives the name "etheric body." Thus he may succeed in proving the accuracy of a statement by theAstrology, 473:not say "enable him to be victorious." A man may succeed in surmounting the testing conditions andAstrology, 523:in world affairs. This latter group, if they succeed in their endeavor, will deny the United StatesAstrology, 523:the gods in the coming age of peace which will succeed this present point of critical suspension,"Astrology, 546:the rulers of Germany were guilty. They did not succeed in quenching the spiritual life of theAtom, 120:in terms of quality or of energy. If we succeed at all in accounting for that which is unusual, forAutobiography, 21:I would probably be dead at the end. I did not succeed. Bridget, the cook, picked me up and carriedAutobiography, 36:groups. People's sincerity and aspiration do succeed in bringing them some inner, spiritual contactAutobiography, 169:School and the general public, which we could succeed in reaching, took the position that I hadAutobiography, 233:by the Christ of the coming new era which would succeed His dispensation and into which we are atAutobiography, 301:manner with world conditions. This she knew must succeed the mystical, and all too oftenBethlehem, 54:Moments of assimilation and reflection must succeed the periods of exaltation and of vision. UnlessBethlehem, 97:value by the pioneers of the human family, may succeed in leading them to the portal of initiation.Bethlehem, 122:solely in terms of his physical needs may only succeed in plunging him more deeply in a materialDestiny, 97:in world affairs. This latter group, if they succeed in their endeavor, will deny the United StatesDestiny, 97:the Gods in the coming age of peace which will succeed this present point of critical suspension,"Destiny, 106:men in every country. They will not finally succeed. They may delay and hinder the emergence ofDiscipleship1, 51:of so doing. 4. Just how do you feel that you succeed in keeping a mental grip on life? [52] In anDiscipleship1, 92:three conditions must distinguish him and must succeed upon an earlier and vacillating experienceDiscipleship1, 98:your progress and your delay. I have watched you succeed and I have seen you fail. This I doDiscipleship1, 121:had a restricting effect and which does not succeed in evoking the highest powers of your soul. YouDiscipleship1, 135:you as adequately as it might be, though you do succeed at times in so doing. You should aim at theDiscipleship1, 153:and psychologically-for that you can always succeed in doing. I refer to the ability always to actDiscipleship1, 330:about a general change in themselves and thus succeed in bringing their faults to the surface andDiscipleship1, 346:call the "true quiet of union." To this should succeed a moment wherein you seek to realize thatDiscipleship1, 372:could open up before you, I have to leave you to succeed in the task or to refuse to undertake itDiscipleship1, 414:the compensations which comes to those who can succeed in working in the light upon the mentalDiscipleship1, 478:I also know your strength and courage. You will succeed - some day. Keep in touch with W. D. B. andDiscipleship1, 497:with truth wherein you may have erred. You will succeed, which is far more dangerous to you, andDiscipleship1, 556:potency of the love which your astral body can succeed in expressing in this incarnation.Discipleship1, 613:for lack of right technique. Why should they succeed where I, too, apparently have failed, and whenDiscipleship1, 658:understands it, and remember that only those succeed in resolving discord [659] into harmony whoDiscipleship1, 659:from the angle of the personality, you will not succeed in solving it for your personality willDiscipleship1, 694:impressions and impulses which the disciple may succeed in evoking (through meditation and growingDiscipleship2, 59:groups will reassert their control and succeed in winning the day. This great cleavage is now inDiscipleship2, 153:individually aware of? Upon this reflection must succeed a planned determination to form aDiscipleship2, 477:form a group around themselves. But they seldom succeed in holding those thus attracted for veryDiscipleship2, 515:or the lower nature and the activity it will succeed in evoking when it impinges upon the personnelDiscipleship2, 613:and life of physical sacrifice, which might succeed but which might, however, land you in anotherDiscipleship2, 676:on into a closer relation to myself provided you succeed in handling a somewhat difficult situationDiscipleship2, 709:endeavor to do right by him and you usually succeed in so doing, with the exception of three peopleDiscipleship2, 760:consciousness. You may not and probably will not succeed in this endeavor immediately, but in dueExternalisation, 27:- through an eventual "scattering of the seed," succeed finally in "covering the earth withExternalisation, 104:your environment during those times when you do succeed in living as souls, and are thereforeExternalisation, 249:Along the lines of power which you may thus succeed in setting up may come that which is needed toExternalisation, 252:law, free will and karma. In so doing I may succeed in clearing up some of the confused thinking ofExternalisation, 253:and who refuse to be implicated, and thus succeed in evading responsibility as an integral part ofExternalisation, 270:in some measure employ the enlightened will may succeed in reaching the Lords of Liberation andExternalisation, 274:the united work of these Three, if humanity can succeed in calling Them forth, will come theExternalisation, 307:will therefore be apparent to you that, as They succeed and become increasingly sensitive to andExternalisation, 368:in order to attain its object. If Gandhi were to succeed in his objective now, it would precipitateExternalisation, 441:time of the May and June Full Moons. What they succeed in doing will take years to demonstrate, butExternalisation, 557:onlookers. I would warn you that, if you do succeed in any measure of participation, it will beExternalisation, 572:upon a large and organized scale will succeed upon the above endeavors. These disciples andExternalisation, 603:- an opposition which can only temporarily succeed, such is the potency of the awakened spirit ofExternalisation, 611:group and group, and man and man. If you can succeed in presenting these four ideas to the world atFire, 127:matter and the dual expression of mental fire, succeed in the complete destruction of the physicalFire, 162:technical knowledge. He may, by his efforts, succeed in arousing the fires and in intensifying theFire, 326:necessary steps which enabled the quaternary to succeed in its effort to approximate the Triad.Fire, 717:The 5th race - Aryan. Two more races win succeed the present one. Fire, 842:time the object of their attention. Many may succeed in unfolding it before the seventh root-raceFire, 928:subplanes of the physical plane. They [928] succeed in bringing their concept through from theFire, 1067:the laws of transmutation. They did not succeed in the majority of cases because, having locatedFire, 1092:who have individualized on this earth, will not succeed in reaching their goal upon this planet.Fire, 1122:with the dense medium until the man can succeed in linking the consciousness of the two aspects ofFire, 1192:horoscope of the planetary Logos. They cannot succeed in doing so, but in the attempt may learnGlamour, 198:through the power of their unified minds, will succeed in ridding the world of some aspects of theGlamour, 202:the mode by which the individual aspirant can succeed in dissipating the glamors which have forHealing, 2:which the lower mind cherishes. When they do succeed in being entirely open minded and are ready toHealing, 220:open-minded endocrinologist), will eventually succeed in solving many human ills and will bringHealing, 284:the trouble in the diseased area and even succeed (which frequently happens) in killing theHealing, 368:must carry their own responsibility and fail or succeed in arriving at the truth through their ownHealing, 545:laid upon contact and alignment, and why so few succeed. There is little if any contact to be foundHealing, 647:to establish rapport would probably only succeed in stimulating the lunar lords of his own littleHealing, 706:the lowest of which the modern student may succeed in interpreting for himself if he reflectsHercules, 37:mares, but he over-estimated himself. He did succeed in rounding them up and in capturing them, butHercules, 51:off all sex expression. Physiologically they may succeed, but the experience of psychologists andHercules, 53:at liberation from the control of sex. He will succeed in following the example of Hercules andHercules, 139:physical strength or by thought alone. You may succeed for a time and then it surges back up in youHercules, 183:sacrifice of the animal nature was beginning to succeed the concept of wrestling with the animalInitiation, 11:and with the expansions of consciousness that succeed each other from life to life. It deals withInitiation, 135:through the work accomplished, he will succeed in eliminating all matter of a subatomic character,Intellect, 120:determines the perfection with which we can succeed in a deliberate attempt at producing aIntellect, 223:them with security. Even then he will only succeed in unifying the vital energies of the body, andIntellect, 239:with, and right interpretation of, the ideas we succeed in contacting in meditation. Intellect, 243:phenomena of the spiritual world which he may succeed in contacting. The probability is, however,Magic, 245:the mind of the aspirant. To this may succeed a cycle wherein all study is distasteful, and theMagic, 315:the astral bodies of men, and their capacity to succeed is dependent largely upon their own type ofMagic, 323:flow, as all else in nature. Times of activity succeed times of pralaya, and periods of registeredMagic, 323:Life. If such work as you are doing is to succeed (and it is largely the work of developing theMagic, 326:doctrines. When men recognize this and succeed in isolating that inner significant structure ofMagic, 435:him the type of force which will enable him to succeed. This, when duly consummated, might beMagic, 479:sound, the word of the Soul must eventually succeed, until AUM in its turn is entirely superseded.Magic, 521:to whom they truly belong. If the attempt is to succeed it is basically necessary that all of youMeditation, 60:hardly won victories, and the bitter hours that succeed defeat - adjusts himself to the innerMeditation, 81:not in the causal. The states of consciousness succeed each other apparently slowly, and in theirPatanjali, 331:cares and troubles of worldly existence which succeed in choking the spiritual life and in veilingPatanjali, 355:in the sixth or seventh races which are to succeed ours, and their true relation is to the buddhicProblems, 35:academic pronouncements. They will inevitably succeed and thus salvage the religious spirit. Then
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