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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUCCEEDED

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Astrology, 148:attained success of the soul which has at last succeeded in dominating the personality and inAstrology, 237:that the process of drastic penalties has not succeeded in preventing crime or in deterring peopleAstrology, 303:of the quality of consciousness as the soul has succeeded in developing in the three worlds. TheAstrology, 386:Cross had to fashion his own weapons before he succeeded in the struggle. This is in reality aAstrology, 397:of desire in the personality life, must be succeeded by compassion for all humanity, and this mustAstrology, 465:the spiritual consciousness in the man who has succeeded in reaching the point of reorientationAstrology, 466:possible; through the potency of Libra, he has succeeded in achieving that point of balance whichAtom, 26:we [26] called the supernatural, and it must be succeeded in time by a truer and a wider concept.Atom, 63:and of an ever deeper descent into matter, is succeeded by one of adaptation, in which the life andAtom, 64:out his plan, whether for good or evil. This is succeeded by the stage in which he utilizes theAtom, 89:we know practically nothing as yet. This is succeeded by the still greater stage, when I AM THAT IAtom, 123:primarily with his own affairs. This is succeeded by a later stage, in which a man's consciousnessAtom, 134:of the intuition. As the great races have succeeded one another upon the planet, there has everAutobiography, 13:to live on a tableland. I have not altogether succeeded. My major life conflict has been the battleAutobiography, 36:reaction of over-stimulation. This reaction was succeeded by one in which the criticism He had madeAutobiography, 149:stormy days on the frontier. I knew that if they succeeded in getting into my room it would be theAutobiography, 150:for a state of fear which I have never succeeded in overcoming. I have had two other very badAutobiography, 174:though retaining his position in the E.S. He was succeeded by Mr. Rogers who was bitterly opposedAutobiography, 176:president of the society and Mr. L.W.Rogers succeeded him. My husband was still national secretaryAutobiography, 246:recognition of the soul in each person. This was succeeded by A Treatise on Cosmic Fire. This bookAutobiography, 301:discipleship in the days to come. A.A.B. has succeeded to a marked degree in impregnating herBethlehem, 47:of evil. Recognition of work to be done must be succeeded [48] by the purification of the one whoBethlehem, 77:His work would have been abortive? If He had not succeeded in demonstrating divinity in the homeBethlehem, 111:the publicity and noise and clamor of this were succeeded by the deep and interior silence of theBethlehem, 114:dedicated their lives to service, but none have succeeded with the completeness and the perfectionBethlehem, 135:temptation, as we can understand it, had been succeeded by a period of intense activity. He hadBethlehem, 205:to feel that by making an offering to God he succeeded in making redemption of his characterBethlehem, 223:the wonder of accomplishment. He had succeeded, so that, with full realization of the significanceBethlehem, 264:why it is taking place and by what it should be succeeded. Destruction which is carried on with aBethlehem, 275:vehicle, in order to manifest, and kingdom has succeeded kingdom. The same great expansion isDiscipleship1, 123:when and where I could and twice I definitely succeeded in aiding you. Do you know the occasionsDiscipleship1, 181:to employ the line of force which you have succeeded in establishing between the soul and theDiscipleship1, 271:your grasp of the work essentials, and you have succeeded in freeing yourself inwardly from much ofDiscipleship1, 306:set in motion the energies which you may have succeeded in contacting. It will be obvious to youDiscipleship1, 323:Such cycles of realization must inevitably be succeeded by periods of quiet unemotional growth andDiscipleship1, 346:proper and most necessary, but it should be succeeded by conscious, dynamic, rhythmic contact everyDiscipleship1, 367:upon the physical plane. Then note what you have succeeded in doing and what still remains to beDiscipleship1, 394:have held you or destroyed you, nor have they succeeded in tarnishing the white shield of yourDiscipleship1, 447:to carry you over all obstacles. You have succeeded in avoiding the usual difficulties ofDiscipleship1, 458:now beginning [458] to pass away. This has been succeeded by a period of personality difficultiesDiscipleship1, 500:which prove always destructive. This you have succeeded in avoiding and I felt it would be of valueDiscipleship1, 540:you have preserved your sense of the goal and succeeded in fulfiling your group tasks in spite ofDiscipleship1, 543:and vitalize the pictorial vision which you have succeeded in evoking in your imaginativeDiscipleship1, 584:the second ray soul force which you have at last succeeded in contacting and if you can stabilizeDiscipleship1, 613:evolved, my brother, and see how many you have succeeded in carrying through. Blame none butDiscipleship1, 621:development with love to all beings. You have succeeded most soundly in avoiding the majorDiscipleship1, 704:to live truly on every plane which he has succeeded in opening up to his consciousness. It isDiscipleship1, 743:can be stated as follows: The disciple has succeeded in decentralizing himself and is no longer theDiscipleship1, 778:recognition of the soul in each person. This was succeeded by A Treatise on Cosmic Fire. This bookDiscipleship2, 23:success. These points of crisis are ever [23] succeeded by "points of revelation" and it is withDiscipleship2, 74:the earlier groups into one large group has not succeeded. I have told you frequently that theDiscipleship2, 118:take less than ten minutes, after you have succeeded in familiarizing yourself with the process;Discipleship2, 213:they have, through meditative concentration, succeeded in creating (and all men, under the Law ofDiscipleship2, 216:all the combined factors, and these factors have succeeded in bringing humanity to the point whereDiscipleship2, 321:with them and considering them, if you have succeeded in following this work closely, and mayDiscipleship2, 344:the evidence in the disciple's life that he has succeeded in grasping some great divine idea. InDiscipleship2, 353:make clear, my brothers, but I may perhaps have succeeded in conveying to you some general idea asDiscipleship2, 431:word? What is [431] precipitated when you have succeeded in the processes of penetration? or whenDiscipleship2, 748:Since my last communication to you, you have succeeded in doing two things: stabilized theDiscipleship2, 753:and from thence to the soul but have not yet succeeded in integrating these three with the physicalEducation, xii:out further enlightenment for those who have succeeded or are succeeding in attaining the indicatedEducation, 16:of the thought-form is a process which must be succeeded by the appropriation of as much energy byEducation, 79:of learning in every country, we have not yet succeeded in giving our young people the kind ofEducation, 89:attitudes of nations and people, we shall have succeeded in [90] implementing a world in which warExternalisation, 27:their relation to each other. Not yet have they succeeded in emerging into outer plane activity.Externalisation, 28:the Aquarian Age. Hitherto the great ideas which succeeded finally in controlling a race in any ageExternalisation, 123:upon divine interference and intervention; this succeeded in salvaging an ethically sound minorityExternalisation, 145:particular point in evolution. All that he has succeeded in doing is the retaining of the createdExternalisation, 271:will also have to disappear in order to be succeeded by new and better ones. This applies even toExternalisation, 386:that we have inherited, and all that we have succeeded in salvaging for them. The thought of theExternalisation, 518:its cycle; with rapidity it disintegrates and is succeeded by another. This rapidity will increaseExternalisation, 559:give way to divine purpose; light must ever be succeeded by life; from the Hierarchy, the initiateExternalisation, 697:already being recognized, and already they have succeeded in changing the consciousness and theFire, 77:with some allowance. The entities that have now succeeded in going outside the karmic wheel, haveFire, 87:light of the system will go out. This will be succeeded by a gradual inbreathing until He shallFire, 129:and presuppose a period of slow activity, succeeded by one of extreme movement. This middle periodFire, 139:has to be effected. Scarcely as yet have men succeeded in directing the fire up more than oneFire, 219:the law of matter, then the law of groups, to be succeeded by the law of Spirit and of liberation.Fire, 297:demonstrating through the Earth scheme, has succeeded in vitalizing His middle center, or inFire, 350:of Self-Realization for the first time, and is succeeded by another period of gradual evolution.Fire, 372:of great activity and magnetic usefulness. It is succeeded by still another, wherein the three headFire, 403:The Heavenly Men of these schemes have not yet succeeded in bringing Their bodies to the stageFire, 411:required in order to attain certain ends. It is succeeded by "abstraction" occultly understood, andFire, 417:exile himself, to every prisoner who has succeeded in liberating himself from the bonds of fleshFire, 494:life may travel into its new form. Many have succeeded in breaking the form so that the life hasFire, 509:manifestation and physically dies. This stage is succeeded by the comparatively brief one ofFire, 521:achievement, and the point of triumph. This is succeeded by obscuration. Hence on every plane inFire, 538:the evolutionary process, but when a man has succeeded in awakening or unfolding the nine petals,Fire, 697:when the units of the fourth kingdom have succeeded in vitalizing the fifth spirilla in all theFire, 705:the planetary kurukshetra, and will be succeeded by the Judgment Day when the Sons of Manas will beFire, 738:has attained freedom. A man has at this stage succeeded, under law, in "abstracting" himself, theFire, 886:The force of the lunar Lords, which has succeeded in keeping these three organs quiescent, isFire, 941:his appearance upon the physical plane. This is succeeded by a third stage of evolution, in whichFire, 956:some particular group of Nirmanakayas. This is succeeded by a consideration of the laws of energy.Fire, 1000:product of the egoic meditation as he has succeeded in bringing it through. This produces what isFire, 1002:the material needed for his thought form. He has succeeded so far that on the concrete levels ofFire, 1065:up against a dead wall, for though they had succeeded in locating the radiating principle inFire, 1188:is the expression of the Law of Synthesis, is succeeded by the Voice or Word, and that Word as itFire, 1192:of divinity which the indwelling life has succeeded in unfolding. That these qualities - as mayGlamour, 47:in the freedom from authority which he has succeeded in achieving. He promises himself that he will
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