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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUCCEEDS

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Astrology, 579:What humanity determines to have, it ever succeeds in achieving. This is an occult law, for desireAutobiography, 196:and we tell the students that if the School succeeds in deepening their spiritual life in wideningBethlehem, 131:lake; The center moved, a circle straight succeeds, Another still, and still another spreads;Bethlehem, 269:which can make themselves heard when a man succeeds in becoming so utterly negative and so emptiedDestiny, 57:or destiny which the spiritual principle succeeds eventually in imposing upon the [58] personalityDiscipleship1, 120:disappears. The vision just before the eyes succeeds; the immediate takes the place of that whichDiscipleship1, 642:into your consciousness during the week which succeeds the Full Moon. I refer not here to lowerDiscipleship1, 695:objective. If this embryonic externalization succeeds in functioning and if those participating inDiscipleship1, 713:of the man upon the physical plane suddenly succeeds in enabling him to make a soul [714] contact.Discipleship2, 263:with the six relationships, as the disciple succeeds in establishing them. These six relationshipsDiscipleship2, 468:high initiation. In the next great race, which succeeds upon this one, the goal will be - aboveExternalisation, 27:of truth. One small plant which, in its turn, succeeds in producing a seed, through rightfulExternalisation, 342:and what humanity determines to have it ever succeeds in achieving. This is an occult law, forFire, 195:knows not enough to correlate nor name. When he succeeds in naming, he has made a big strideFire, 197:due attention to rules laid down, the aspirant succeeds in touching matter of a quality rarer thanFire, 304:Path and the subsequent Path of Initiation, he succeeds in bringing about some further noticeableFire, 427:or Brahma, as longing for manifestation; and it succeeds knowledge or Vishnu, after maintenance orFire, 679:fires of the astral plane that man eventually succeeds in attaining buddhic consciousness. It hasFire, 734:the solar Logos. Incidental pralaya. This succeeds the days of Brahma. It marks periods betweenFire, 739:life of a scheme; to which a period of pralaya succeeds that has its beginning towards the end ofFire, 883:interactive. This stage of petal adjustment succeeds upon that called earlier "unfoldment" and hasFire, 978:and who guard not the gate of speech. If a man succeeds in understanding the significance ofFire, 983:to be achieved by an effort of the will which succeeds in strangling all astral vibratory activity,Fire, 994:of ever greater resistance and strength, and succeeds in "manifesting" forth in a sheath of greaterFire, 1007:[1007] or that profound condition which succeeds that called meditation. In contemplation, theFire, 1096:kingdom. Liberation for man comes when he succeeds in freeing himself from the vibration of theGlamour, 52:problem. It might be expressed thus: An aspirant succeeds in contacting his soul or ego throughGlamour, 114:identification. Every soul in incarnation which succeeds in releasing its consciousness from theGlamour, 240:in thought-form building, and of that which he succeeds in constructing and which he views as theHealing, 186:purely as an expression of personality will), succeeds in arousing the lowest of the three fires,Healing, 396:wise than heretofore. When the medium at times succeeds in establishing true communication, it isHealing, 514:with great rapidity. All this time, incarnation succeeds incarnation and the familiar process ofHercules, 147:of the universe is determined for him by what he succeeds in acquiring. He regards himself as aInitiation, 133:to the initiation) to receive stimulation. Then succeeds an interesting interlude, wherein theInitiation, 144:concerned. The thought power of the Masters succeeds in shutting out the vibration of the threeIntellect, 107:object, or a chosen topic for thought. To this succeeds a process of steadily and quietly learningIntellect, 243:the deep need of the aspirant is to see that he succeeds in bringing through into a physicalMagic, 227:the soul, through concentration and meditation succeeds in imposing its ideas and impressions uponMagic, 279:in manifestation. The cycle of performance succeeds and depends for its duration on the potency ofMagic, 341:is seen and ascended; after obscuration succeeds the vision, and after night comes the day. In theMagic, 515:between two activities". This period of silence succeeds upon the activity (found so difficult byMeditation, 141:which it seeks to rise. The steps whereby it succeeds. Each unit of the human race is a part of theMeditation, 294:to catch. But as time progresses, and the pupil succeeds in again and yet again getting a similarMeditation, 338:preliminary to the quieting of the mental; one succeeds the other and it is wise to begin at thePatanjali, 132:Their recognition and use must follow, A period succeeds wherein the spiritual man utilizes thePsychology1, 391:which the immortal principle, the solar angel, succeeds eventually and much later in time inPsychology2, 356:Who is at the center. The crisis of evocation succeeds, once this line of contact, thisPsychology2, 438:and actuated by the highest intentions, but only succeeds in producing inharmonic in hisPsychology2, 497:tune in on the astral life of the race. He then succeeds in producing the emergence of racial evilPsychology2, 607:by the force of that ambition. This frequently succeeds in subordinating the various aspects of thePsychology2, 652:of distress and disorder. Whether this effort succeeds or not, the final aim is assured, but it canRays, 196:and then the Hall of Concentration. To that succeeds the Veil of Distortion, related to the worldRays, 284:of His spiritual will in such a manner that He succeeds in piercing the planetary ring-pass-not; HeRays, 366:will of the applicant; an initiate is one who succeeds in penetrating to the further side of theRays, 479:then indeed becomes the Cross. When, however, he succeeds in constructing the rainbow bridge (whichRays, 534:The energy made available to the disciple as he succeeds in building the antahkarana. The energy ofTelepathy, 10:to stem the tide of his desire, he frequently succeeds in surrounding himself with a wall of
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