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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUCCESS

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Astrology, 18:force which, rightly used, will lead the man to success. It represents [19] the sattvic or harmonyAstrology, 132:the Moon and Mars. He indicates, therefore, the success which is incident to proved discipleshipAstrology, 148:Initiation is an achievement and an attained success of the soul which has at last succeeded inAstrology, 362:wise use of the Mercury-Venus mind, insuring the success of its final efforts in Capricorn. [363]Astrology, 401:Uranus is exalted which gives indication of the success of the task which the Uranian forcesAstrology, 593:fruition is achieved; it is the final united success or unified conformity to a long foreseenAstrology, 619:with the will of the [619] Transcendent One, the success of the Transmitting One, and the activityAtom, 12:considered lands of darkness, is a guarantee of success in the future. We know so much more thanAutobiography, 3:but I do not, and cannot, claim that my success has been due to my personal efforts alone. I haveAutobiography, 4:people who are essentially responsible for the success of the work we - as a group - have done. TheAutobiography, 26:life I and my sister lived. With more or less success, I have tried to give my daughters a happyAutobiography, 31:was ever on my own. I do not think I was a great success at school; I was good at history andAutobiography, 36:they then interpret it in terms of personality success and importance. A reaction ofAutobiography, 56:being sincerely flattered over the tremendous success of my Sunday night Bible class held atAutobiography, 59:to save souls and she looked on and wished us success and often said the word that was needed; butAutobiography, 104:of his. We both tried at this time to make a success of our marriage, but it was a failure. I thinkAutobiography, 111:a Bible class, however, and that was a huge success. Numerically it outnumbered my husband's SundayAutobiography, 141:no money and with no capacity in this life for success of any kind? I knew now why I could leaveAutobiography, 224:think it could be said that the work was a great success. People of all nationalities met there andAutobiography, 251:will remember that campaign and its relative success. Millions were reached by means of the spokenAutobiography, 257:the price and learns his lesson. He achieves success but he does not go to the Master for praise,Autobiography, 271:and seldom, if ever, is it a commercial success. People respond to the note sounded and to theAutobiography, 271:in his choice of helpers will largely depend the success of his service. He assumes no authorityAutobiography, 272:not the Master - is solely responsible for the success or failure of the school. The Masters areAutobiography, 280:we would like to put before you. Upon these, the success of the work depends, both yours and ours.Autobiography, 300:and keeping it true to the vision. Indeed her success in creating group consciousness and groupBethlehem, 46:to be defeated and are the guarantee of eventual success. The voice of all the world Saviors andBethlehem, 107:of weakness and of human frailty, and of human success and achievement. Christ had to demonstrateBethlehem, 141:It is here again that Christ achieved success, and the second duality, which He so significantlyBethlehem, 142:Upon this, orators and dictators base their success. Through their golden-tongued oratory orBethlehem, 165:as to whether He could endure and handle worldly success, and pass along the triumphant way of HisBethlehem, 166:and by being acclaimed King of the Jews. Success constitutes a far more drastic disciplining, andBethlehem, 166:only had He to demonstrate the power to endure success, but He had also to demonstrate the power toBethlehem, 166:test of utter loneliness. The power to endure success! The power to endure disaster! The power toBethlehem, 170:that when the common good and your personal success or welfare conflicted, you must sacrifice andBethlehem, 191:predominantly animal-emotional, yet through the success of the evolutionary process - leading as itBethlehem, 242:world, and in our relation to it. Upon this, the success of the work and message of Christ mustDestiny, 19:unexpectedly well. There has been much success along this line but the results do not appear withDestiny, 36:be due to the unfoldment of the mind through the success of the evolutionary process. It is rightDestiny, 73:which has in the past led to material success but which can flood the world, via France, once sheDestiny, 112:ideas, formulated into ideals. Thus again the success of the evolutionary process can be seen [113]Destiny, 113:phenomenal racial achievement and the pronounced success of [114] the Hierarchy to shift humanDiscipleship1, XI:end in spite of pain and sorrow, discipline, success, failure, joy and a spiritual recognition ofDiscipleship1, 6:effort, but if continuance is found possible and success ensues, it tempers the material to a finerDiscipleship1, 8:the others. This inevitably takes time and the success of this new effort on the part of theDiscipleship1, 25:many Ashrams of the Masters? The result of this success will not be the recognition of anyDiscipleship1, 28:of soul and personality which will determine the success of this work. Third: There is anotherDiscipleship1, 29:in manifestation. Nothing can stop the eventual success of the Plan; it is simply a question ofDiscipleship1, 30:a disciple in my group will the measure of your success be rated. This contact is not of the sameDiscipleship1, 56:on ancient habits. For the disciple and for the success of his work, an astral body of stillnessDiscipleship1, 60:group work; it will mean - if you can achieve success in this - that you will be able to keep yourDiscipleship1, 88:conditions and a succumbing to old rhythms. The success of the meditation work assigned andDiscipleship1, 106:of the group effect and not so much from the success or the non-success of its units. That resultDiscipleship1, 106:and not so much from the success or the non-success of its units. That result and success must,Discipleship1, 106:or the non-success of its units. That result and success must, also, demonstrate sequentially as itDiscipleship1, 106:you are unable to judge for yourself of its success or non-success, for you have not, as yet,Discipleship1, 106:to judge for yourself of its success or non-success, for you have not, as yet, developed mentalDiscipleship1, 144:through experiment, through failure and through success. All men are souls. Yes, my brother, butDiscipleship1, 157:but the main cure for you and the source of success in all your work lies in your persistence inDiscipleship1, 160:already there. Your work is to contribute to the success of the New Group of World Servers and toDiscipleship1, 165:proceed in a mounting crescendo of work and of success will be in May, 1939. The third will come inDiscipleship1, 166:me. The walls of difficulty must go down and success must follow effort - the united pressure ofDiscipleship1, 169:lie ahead of you and, rightly carried forward, success awaits you in the gathering of the neededDiscipleship1, 217:real potential value; for the furthering of its success I seek your aid. Make the idea and theDiscipleship1, 243:In this lies for you a hint and your future success. I think you will realize whereof I speak. InDiscipleship1, 258:ray personality but this will depend upon the success of your present effort and upon your abilityDiscipleship1, 262:will - until the disciple no longer cares for success or non-success, for appreciation or forDiscipleship1, 262:the disciple no longer cares for success or non-success, for appreciation or for non-appreciation.Discipleship1, 275:brother, and you have hitherto rendered it with success. I would have you render it moreDiscipleship1, 289:personality can delay, but they cannot negate success. Basically, fundamentally and essentially,Discipleship1, 304:to get into touch with these two, you will find success at the end of the way. You will probablyDiscipleship1, 326:This you have attempted to do with marked success. The practice of these qualities will extend yourDiscipleship1, 327:rigid discipline during the next year and, when success is achieved, you will find yourself walkingDiscipleship1, 328:month in this respect, remembering that initial success will take the form of recognition of aDiscipleship1, 329:that I am aware of your effort and your growing success. Definitely, I ask you to study and to doDiscipleship1, 344:that definite drive which tends towards ultimate success, but also a drift towards fanaticism. ThisDiscipleship1, 363:to take those steps which would make you a true success - steps which I have earlier indicated toDiscipleship1, 422:of non-resistance holds for you the promise of success. Just stand with steadfastness, my brother,Discipleship1, 432:controlled activities which will demonstrate success because they work through from the mentalDiscipleship1, 450:the expression of humanity as does strength or success, and there can be no separation in attitudeDiscipleship1, 456:but remember that the incentive, leading to success, must be achievement for the group. FreedomDiscipleship1, 461:transformation [461] of the lower man, but your success will be dependent upon the changes wroughtDiscipleship1, 478:is not the slightest doubt. Of your ultimate success, I am equally confident. Of your presentDiscipleship1, 485:and the persistence [485] of it depends the success of the attempt to help. This process of inner,Discipleship1, 486:on your part but because of the very real success of your spiritual effort. That sounds aDiscipleship1, 486:a paradoxical thing to say, does it not? But success can sometimes be bought at too high a priceDiscipleship1, 486:high a price and a special effort, leading to success which leaves the personality in a state ofDiscipleship1, 502:the work you are seeking to do, the key to all success is to realize that you are only a channel. IDiscipleship1, 510:MY BROTHER: If I were to ask you to measure your success or failure during the past twelve months,Discipleship1, 510:your measurement would be? Would you say: Real success with occasional brief relapses through oldDiscipleship1, 510:of thought not yet completely transcended? Your success is real and there is much more light inDiscipleship1, 513:you have fought for long, and a good measure of success is attending your efforts. Give not way toDiscipleship1, 533:of the effectiveness of your alignment and the success of your meditation. Before the time comesDiscipleship1, 571:you are on your way to achievement and spiritual success, and for that you should raise your heartDiscipleship1, 573:and as intelligently as possible. The secret of success lies for you, in an effort to shift yourDiscipleship1, 595:your response to these will guarantee your success. First: You are in this group for two reasons.Discipleship1, 614:and unassumingly [614] and, secondly, that no success along any line has come your way. Face up toDiscipleship1, 614:group energy which would have guaranteed their success. You have been busy with an attempt toDiscipleship1, 614:worldly angle and are too old to learn. But the success of all large undertakings is based on theDiscipleship1, 618:opens up before you; you can be and do much. The success of this will be dependent upon your
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