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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUCCESS

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Intellect, 244:the race. The latter may be left, with complete success, to the tuition of [245] less highlyMagic, 79:of definite occult work being attempted with success. The Master R. is working upon this problem,Magic, 84:pleasure and excitement. The whole secret of success in treading the occult path depends upon anMagic, 132:human family and expect fair promise of average success. These both hear the sound, and vision theMagic, 134:Remember that this point is indicative of the success of the evolutionary process and not of itsMagic, 211:most practical, and one upon which the entire success of all magical work depends. I would like toMagic, 224:many years of living. But in the attaining of success and in the achievement of clear vision andMagic, 251:to perform the magical work and much of his success is dependent upon his ability to registerMagic, 279:functioning of these cycles. The secret of all success on the physical plane lies in rightMagic, 350:the days lived through with a certain measure of success, yet with an unachieved ideal, the minutesMagic, 354:of these numbers being necessary to the success of their work. Great white and gold devas attendMagic, 371:eminence. In our security lies your ultimate success, for we hold in our hands the solution of manyMagic, 411:again the individual has not been cognizant of success. The mark of these workers is that theyMagic, 515:consciousness is gathered in and lifted up. When success crowns this effort, the consciousness thenMagic, 558:motive is rare and where it exists there is ever success and achievement. Such pure motive can beMagic, 559:say and that is, persist. Failure never prevents success. Difficulties develop the strength of theMagic, 559:develop the strength of the soul. The secret of success is ever to stand steady and to beMagic, 589:and truth is flowing strong. One evidence of the success of the world movement towards pure livingMagic, 621:race are not particularly concerned as to the success of the emerging new conditions. That is mostMagic, 630:They demand liking and praise. They gauge success by numbers and by response. They dislike to haveMagic, 637:The penalty for this is often a temporary success and an enforced working with a group, which hasMeditation, 10:of hitherto. He has come to a point where success, popularity and diverse gifts are his, and yetMeditation, 42:forward in line with the ray, and its ultimate success and achievement is more nearly [43] possibleMeditation, 60:Only as the disciple - through failure, through success, through hardly won victories, and theMeditation, 121:state of affairs is frequently the reward of success. In the first two, the remedy lies within theMeditation, 241:work, point out certain conditions incident to success, and foretell for you somewhat the trend theMeditation, 276:the disciple is meditating. According to the success of the meditation, according to the ability ofMeditation, 281:very sketchily - the forms and methods whereby success may be achieved. We have dealt also withMeditation, 293:5. Through Sound the Aspirant is aware of Success This fifth method is not so usual but it is knownMeditation, 293:to be forgotten. It is again an indication of success. The Master has been contacted, and hasMeditation, 294:are the methods whereby a pupil becomes aware of success in the path of access. Above are but fiveMeditation, 308:and will depend upon Their decision as to the success of the earlier endeavor. Preparatory GradesMeditation, 311:lower plane goes forward as desired, and that success must inevitably eventuate. We will here takePatanjali, 217:and to the practices dependent for their success upon the suspension of the breathing process. MostPatanjali, 409:our limitations. Herein lies the promise of our success. Latent faculty, when developed, willPatanjali, 422:which govern victory, the practices which bring success are the same for the advanced expertPatanjali, 423:to go on after failure, to persevere when success seems far away. This was well known to the greatProblems, 24:dictatorship. After war comes the test of the success of victory. If the nations throughout theProblems, 33:which are so essential to happiness, to success and to a full experience in any chosen sphere ofProblems, 116:well-intentioned men can work with some hope of success? What are the first steps which should beProblems, 156:perfect health, plenty of money, serene business success and unbroken popularity! The New WorldPsychology1, 116:no longing for glittering promises of future success, and with no demanding ache for the tenderPsychology1, 176:is interesting to note that the reason for the success in breaking down old barriers and inPsychology1, 179:With their solution will come the more rapid success of the world problems of government, of faithPsychology1, 180:a body of unthinking adherents to a transient success and power, or to obloquy and oblivion. In thePsychology1, 186:and bending every effort to make the plan a success. The New Group of World Servers are being morePsychology1, 191:of this Section. Here I can point out with success, I believe, the practical efficacy of a truePsychology1, 192:personality towards life, and of the measure of success of the solar angel at any given point inPsychology1, 211:word at the right moment; hence great social success. In healing, the seventh ray man would rely onPsychology1, 217:this has produced so unique a contribution. Its success is demonstrated in the uniformity of itsPsychology1, 252:mistake, but simply a great experiment, of the success or failure of which it is not yet possiblePsychology1, 368:forced and dictated service. [368] Much of the success in the coming momentous years is dependentPsychology1, 397:share in peace, no sure and certain knowledge of success, nor power to hold your gains. "AlwaysPsychology1, 427:mistake, but simply a great experiment, of the success or failure of which it is not yet possiblePsychology2, 14:self and its aims. This spells personality success and prosperity. The power to control thePsychology2, 15:nature of the consummated individuality and the success of this part of the divine plan. It shouldPsychology2, 15:the dominant individual is just as much a divine success in its proper place and time as is thePsychology2, 15:as is the case with the great Sons of God. One success, however, is the expression of the thirdPsychology2, 16:be borne [16] in mind that individual separative success is in itself an evidence of soul activity,Psychology2, 38:One upon the lighted way into the joy of proved success.' " Ray Seven "The Blessed One sought thePsychology2, 75:single unit of the human family who achieves success upon the Path of Discipleship may be, inPsychology2, 114:needed adjustments in the world can be made. The success or failure lies largely in the hands ofPsychology2, 115:all forms) and the souls in prison. Much of the success of this planned endeavor depends upon thePsychology2, 118:achieved in meditation and the measure of our success, will be determined by the ensuing service toPsychology2, 120:of the people in the world. Such has been the success of the evolutionary process. [121] Service isPsychology2, 125:attitude to this momentous demonstration of the success of the evolutionary process in humanityPsychology2, 184:on the difficulties and the possible barriers to success, the question will arise and rightly so:Psychology2, 186:links and the subjective work that determines success, and these must (particularly in the newPsychology2, 206:family, and are the people who are achieving success in some department of human life. They arePsychology2, 224:in man, to idealize. This is founded upon the success of the Plan itself. This Plan soughtPsychology2, 273:the present Hierarchy, and the magnitude and the success of its achievement since 1925, as a resultPsychology2, 273:among humanity would warrant the assumptions of success. Let us all stand poised and ready,Psychology2, 293:of the problem but also the inevitability of success through the play of the many energies upon andPsychology2, 349:a way that it contributes to his desire, his success, and his emergence into prominence. In doingPsychology2, 393:the soul and has achieved a definite measure of success in living as a soul, consciously upon thePsychology2, 421:into the valley of understanding. The clue to success in eliminating these types of difficulty liesPsychology2, 422:or environment. This drives a man on to success and to achievement of his desire or it breaks himPsychology2, 444:heredity is not good.) He can express arrogant success in his chosen field of work, which will makePsychology2, 457:as, for instance, the achievement of business success or of financial dominance, that moment thePsychology2, 457:of the personality. A sense of power supervenes. Success feeds the stimulation even if it is onlyPsychology2, 457:the stimulation even if it is only the doubtful success of attracting the attention of some teacherPsychology2, 478:should be closed. If human beings make so poor a success of living consciously on the physicalPsychology2, 554:this tends to produce an immense personality success. It is interesting to note that when thisPsychology2, 624:of such groups are to be found today but their success or their failure is an unstable matter andPsychology2, 635:partisanship which is demanded, and which means success to any leader. They are the ones who havePsychology2, 649:and fruitful lines, and will lead to success. Those Who seek to lead and guide on the inner sidePsychology2, 651:thus to these forces, if there were no chance of success and the victory were not possible. BothPsychology2, 651:success and the victory were not possible. Both success and victory are possible, if there is aPsychology2, 652:our planet. It is therefore assured of ultimate success. The work that the New Group of WorldPsychology2, 652:No changes in the basic idea are involved. The success of the present endeavor is contingent uponPsychology2, 655:not work for political prominence or for the success of any particular experiment in the field ofPsychology2, 661:world with united, intelligent effort and with success. The true values, based on good will andPsychology2, 699:needed adjustments in the world can be made. The success or failure lies largely in the hands ofPsychology2, 699:in all forms, and souls in prison. Much of the success of this endeavor will depend upon thePsychology2, 702:made by the Hierarchy towards humanity. The success of these approaches is largely based on thePsychology2, 703:however, to which I refer, is the achieved success of the soul to move and act, and manifest withPsychology2, 720:Make the necessary sacrifices demanded for the success of the plan Radiate more effectively outPsychology2, 727:humanity is faced. The basis of the possible success of such an effort consists in the fact thatPsychology2, 727:contact". Another reason for the presumption of success lies in the fact that such an effort willPsychology2, 734:plus that supreme extra effort which spells success in every case. This extra effort and this
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