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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUCCESSFUL

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Astrology, 106:This means conflict, revelation and the successful satisfaction of desire and ambition as the aeonsAstrology, 132:opportunity to work off karma and to be successful in so doing and indicating the method employed,Astrology, 216:senses over which Mars has so long had a successful control, and hence again the growth in theAstrology, 246:reason that so many schools of thought prove so successful in materializing that which is requiredAstrology, 277:(which the Virgin nurtures) is to be brought to successful manifestation. The cause ofAstrology, 311:Self-rule through initial conflict, carried to a successful issue and blessed by the beneficence ofAstrology, 341:sign of rebirth, these two planets indicate the successful development and eventual use of the formAstrology, 414:is their full expression and the result of their successful activity. In the personality, it is theAstrology, 570:The use of this first stanza was immediately successful and met with a full response from thoseAutobiography, 3:Movement (not a peace movement) which proved so successful that we had centers in nineteenAutobiography, 46:I was doing what I wanted to do and I was very successful. I had not a care in the world and (apartAutobiography, 80:these events were many lovely times. I was successful in holding the men in the Homes and keepingAutobiography, 100:I was doing work that I loved and I was successful at it. I was surrounded by people who liked andAutobiography, 151:Well! I can only tell what I myself have found successful. I never attempt to combat fear. I takeAutobiography, 177:respectable and have been surprisingly successful. Whilst I was unmarried and whilst the childrenAutobiography, 194:ages to disciples. The Arcane School, if it is successful, will not therefore in this century atAutobiography, 271:it is the force of his life which makes it successful and not any system of advertising, orAutobiography, 279:He discovers that the major prerequisites for successful esoteric work are patience, persistentAutobiography, 300:group consciousness is our greatest guarantee of successful operation in the days to come. Autobiography, 303:potency to it and aiding in making its work successful. This is our achieved [304] position and forBethlehem, 135:which responded to His message. So far He was successful. Now He faced another initiation and aDestiny, 119:the evolutionary process has been definitely successful in spite of all failures, mistakes, andDiscipleship1, 9:effort to make this experiment of the Hierarchy successful. The feelings, reactions, wishes andDiscipleship1, 15:in a Master's group look for as evidence of successful group work? First and foremost, as you wellDiscipleship1, 16:interplay which will bring potent results and successful outer work. From these activities willDiscipleship1, 23:felt everywhere on earth and these groups, if successful, may be regarded as the first step towardDiscipleship1, 35:by a determination to make the groups successful and all are longing to get as much out of theDiscipleship1, 54:constitute the germ of a great experiment. If successful, they will, in the course of the next 275Discipleship1, 71:of a great spiritual organization. If it is successful and if the spiritual momentum set up by allDiscipleship1, 72:their [72] special groups. This effort can prove successful only in so far as the disciples of theDiscipleship1, 80:to be accepted and somewhat understood prior to successful work in all these pioneering groups.Discipleship1, 124:in the right adjustment which you have been successful in bringing about, you may have forgottenDiscipleship1, 133:which has been the basis of much of your most successful work. Your physical body is on the seventhDiscipleship1, 148:ill health. Yet the future holds for you much successful work, if right elimination ofDiscipleship1, 232:are apt to overlook, and that is that the successful application of soul force to the personalityDiscipleship1, 268:Simplicity. They are, for you, the key to successful service. Let nothing and no one remove youDiscipleship1, 378:inclusive, loving soul. Ponder on this, for a successful understanding and a consequent applicationDiscipleship1, 481:to go on whether commended or not and whether successful in your efforts or not. There is somewhat,Discipleship1, 487:uncomprehending ears. Should I commend you for successful work, you care not. But, my friend, youDiscipleship1, 563:which will eventually make this group work successful in service. I point this out, because youDiscipleship1, 578:richness of understanding. When group work is successful, it is because the equipment of the groupDiscipleship1, 594:is done is a group effort. It will then prove successful, for it will be based on group convictionDiscipleship1, 605:disappeared. Much still remains. However, your successful attempt to see with greater clarityDiscipleship1, 618:sure. Spiritual radiation holds the key to your successful service, and the careful watching ofDiscipleship1, 640:(and often, my brother, a battle well fought and successful in its issue) which can make you aDiscipleship2, 21:the Ashram. This is an effort which, if successful, will be the prelude to the manifestations ofDiscipleship2, 46:medium of the Spiritual Triad. If you have been successful, it will be beginning to dawn upon youDiscipleship2, 49:recorded by you, the effort can be regarded as successful. I suggest that you continue with theDiscipleship2, 50:in relation to your individual endeavor might be successful. That was not the major intent. TheDiscipleship2, 58:religion, and hence our effort (not particularly successful hitherto) to do something symbolicallyDiscipleship2, 107:that enriches an Ashram and tends inevitably to successful service in the three worlds. I amDiscipleship2, 116:of the year, after May. Stage II and its successful issue will be largely dependent upon theDiscipleship2, 138:at least and dependent individually upon the successful action of all work previously done) toDiscipleship2, 145:upon the mental plane. If your work has been successful, your original focus will have shifted toDiscipleship2, 149:of this Invocation among the masses of men a successful venture when the right time comes. ThatDiscipleship2, 171:with Krishnamurti. It was only partially successful. The power used by him was distorted andDiscipleship2, 172:register another of the results of the successful use of the new Invocation to aid in this task ofDiscipleship2, 190:The Horizontal Life 1. Unity. As a result of his successful vertical life, the disciple feelsDiscipleship2, 314:exerted by the Hierarchy have proved most successful, and out of the chaos of the world warDiscipleship2, 326:group which has not been outstandingly successful) marks the point where there can be theDiscipleship2, 335:process of individual initiation is proving successful, even though it is still in the experimentalDiscipleship2, 419:a seed thought in an ordered, concentrated and successful meditation. It is well to remember thatDiscipleship2, 454:you can determine their timing, and this - to be successful - will require the application and theDiscipleship2, 495:of making the spiritual work in the world successful." Pause again, trying to grasp the trueDiscipleship2, 506:and deliberately applied, can make for successful work, both in Europe and South America - your twoDiscipleship2, 523:you the key to all success. You are not truly successful just at present. Simplicity does not rule.Discipleship2, 572:The problem of all disciples today is to achieve successful activity in their chosen task ofDiscipleship2, 581:their influence culminated in the highly successful campaign of 1936. The tendency to adapt suchDiscipleship2, 592:movement has been so eminently and essentially successful that today it demonstrates in the form ofDiscipleship2, 613:applied; this method is more likely to be successful than a rigidly outlined and forcefullyDiscipleship2, 700:only one thing to do: to prepare yourself for successful spiritual enterprise when again you returnEducation, 29:bridges between the higher and the lower, but so successful has been the evolutionary process thatEducation, 80:wrought out along wrong lines can be equally successful along right ones. We need also to realizeEducation, 97:Service grows normally and naturally out of the successful application of the other two sciences.Education, 111:not to save the form. This operation was largely successful. The germ, to be sure, is notExternalisation, 42:and magnetic work. The task of the healers, if successful, involves: The bringing through ofExternalisation, 42:and illusion. The effect of their work, if successful (and I would have you note that "if," for IExternalisation, 113:is - in the last analysis - the result of successful evolutionary processes. We are ready toExternalisation, 115:have in the past and will in the future prove successful in bringing forms to birth, to maturityExternalisation, 132:Pacific. The other, Great Britain, through its successful demonstration of the principle ofExternalisation, 180:today. The present war, if carried forward to a successful completion by the defeat of theExternalisation, 224:because such methods seem to have been successful in the past, and because they are told thatExternalisation, 253:world into a demonstration of good and of the successful foundation for the pursuit of trueExternalisation, 352:in your hands. Even if the work done is entirely successful, the time of the Appearing and ofExternalisation, 394:to two sources. The work was relatively so successful that it called forth a powerful parallelingExternalisation, 399:forces of the United Nations to wage war to a successful finish, knowing that there are spiritualExternalisation, 399:at the time of the Full Moon in May and in June successful; to use both the Invocations constantly;Externalisation, 427:those whose duty it is to carry the war to a successful climax, or see their particular ambitionsExternalisation, 429:to realize that this war must be fought to a successful finish because there is no peace or hope orExternalisation, 456:effort of mankind - will make that effort successful. What humanity has now to do, and is alreadyExternalisation, 461:These three groups, however, indicate the successful operation of the Forces of Restoration. TheseExternalisation, 473:forgetting that the Hierarchy is a community of successful men, Who earlier submitted Themselves toExternalisation, 488:of this Invocation among the masses of men a successful venture when the right time comes. ThatExternalisation, 491:of God on Earth would be heralded by means of successful scientific investigation. By this firstExternalisation, 547:and aspirants of the world has been most successful and has greatly enhanced the sense of reality,Externalisation, 559:of the Mysteries. Later, if these steps prove successful, other and more important reappearancesExternalisation, 583:to instruction from some Master. They will be successful in their endeavor because the potency ofExternalisation, 601:uprising of the Christ-consciousness has been successful, and what may appear as reverse activityExternalisation, 603:the things which the Hierarchy, in its already successful procedures, is aiding and will continueExternalisation, 619:star before them - pass unscathed and successful through the midst of all frustrating factors. I
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