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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUCCESSFULLY

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Astrology, 133:needed on any specific point and can study successfully this complicated transitional astrology.Astrology, 279:of the preparatory stage of evolution which has successfully prepared the man for mounting theAstrology, 437:vibratory activity in Humanity that it can successfully and eventually enact the role of WorldAstrology, 495:mind of past experience. These processes, when successfully carried forward, evoke the intuitionAstrology, 579:successes of the Axis. The only factor which can successfully oppose desire is Will, using the wordAstrology, 586:ruthlessly, powerfully, selfishly, cruelly and successfully at the destruction of all thatAtom, 73:religious fabrics tottering, we see philosophies successfully attacked, we see the foundations ofAutobiography, 98:I was too physically ill to combat those phobias successfully. After talking to me for a littleAutobiography, 177:One of the things I have attempted and I think successfully to do is to rescue occultism fromAutobiography, 257:and antagonisms of those who are working less successfully or who fear competition, but he does notAutobiography, 276:when the thinking is sound and the man is living successfully the dual life of the disciple: rightBethlehem, 13:demonstration and example of divinity lived successfully on earth, and lived - as most of us haveBethlehem, 185:and which the history of religion has so successfully veiled, and today refuses to recognize. TheBethlehem, 204:their one hope of treating such moral disease successfully rests in an attempt to awaken the latentDiscipleship1, 93:by the disciple and the particular had been also successfully worked out in its rightful place andDiscipleship1, 122:values and impressions and have done it so successfully that your emotional sensitivity to othersDiscipleship1, 130:[130] You have two things to do which - if successfully accomplished - would very much increaseDiscipleship1, 189:carry out the Tibetan's work and doing so most successfully. Discipleship1, 233:of pride of intellect. This latter you have most successfully controlled. But in this particularDiscipleship1, 310:divinely predestined. The eventual great work, successfully carried forward, which falls to the lotDiscipleship1, 316:of dissipating the world glamor. This it will do successfully just in so far as the individualDiscipleship1, 345:followed by silence. This you have attempted successfully. Continue so to do and preserve ever aDiscipleship1, 614:much longer. Work along this line can be done successfully only by those who are mastering theirDiscipleship1, 629:consciousness. The gain of this exercise, if successfully carried out, in the development of yourDiscipleship1, 634:have secluded yourself. This last task has been successfully accomplished. The first task yetDiscipleship1, 698:soul and evoke the intuition. When that has been successfully done, then comes the unison of theDiscipleship1, 733:to stimulate his abstract mind so that he can successfully find the answer. You can see, therefore,Discipleship1, 750:points of crisis and chaos, replaced later (when successfully handled) by periods of peace. ButDiscipleship1, 771:aspect. They usually play [771] their part successfully, and their success is largely due to theirDiscipleship2, 84:or the Goodwill work, or to throw yourselves successfully behind the work of the School? There areDiscipleship2, 200:Intelligence, through which the third aspect can successfully project and express itself. It isDiscipleship2, 206:formulation of spiritual desire can be carried successfully forward, and the reception of spiritualDiscipleship2, 243:enable you to live through the present period as successfully - emotionally, mentally andDiscipleship2, 407:and is penetrating [407] ever more fully and successfully into the three worlds of strictly humanDiscipleship2, 429:to see the purposes of Sanat Kumara working out successfully through the medium of hierarchicalDiscipleship2, 456:and the chosen field of soul service) is being successfully attempted by you. Where the wordDiscipleship2, 482:the duties and obligations entailed, and had successfully and adequately carried out your taskDiscipleship2, 504:not the various phases of the work you have so successfully launched, but proceed with them asDiscipleship2, 506:the work, planned and intended by me, can be successfully carried forward. Such is your immediateDiscipleship2, 523:of the first ray in your equipment, you have successfully withdrawn yourself from your groupDiscipleship2, 553:gone forth and when the fire that is in them has successfully burned away the intervening barriersDiscipleship2, 611:the place where your heart lies. When you have successfully and rightly freed yourself from otherDiscipleship2, 613:life and the many demands upon you, you have successfully endeavored to live the dual life of theDiscipleship2, 627:going to give you something to do which, if successfully done, may bring you release. Seek each dayDiscipleship2, 640:reaction. This I think you know and are working successfully towards this way of living. I mentionDiscipleship2, 641:as again you know. These difficulties, if successfully surmounted, will lead to greatly minimizingDiscipleship2, 693:impression and mental concepts before he can successfully create under direction of the Ashram.Discipleship2, 698:personality seeks to hide, and often quite successfully? There is an aspect of the relationshipDiscipleship2, 709:love in your nature. You earnestly, and usually successfully, do your duty to all you meet, withDiscipleship2, 711:you will not be able to serve as generously and successfully as you otherwise might. Always youDiscipleship2, 715:into the meditation process, and you do it so successfully that the result is that all the energiesEducation, 73:Second, the new methods can be tried out successfully only through the medium of most carefullyEducation, 90:engaged in getting the best of each other and successfully fostering prejudices and hatred. ThisEducation, 110:literature and present their case far more successfully than I can. The protagonists of an ideologyExternalisation, 18:meditative living and one-pointed service, will successfully arouse the entire system, and bringExternalisation, 64:can do because several of the group members have successfully fought glamor in their lives. GroupExternalisation, 104:souls and with each other - may function so successfully that the new civilization and the newExternalisation, 297:form of those men and women who have championed successfully some truth or some right cause, someExternalisation, 310:Path and express brotherhood have produced most successfully a certain changed attitude in theExternalisation, 342:Axis successes. The only factor which can successfully oppose desire is Will, using the word in itsExternalisation, 346:ruthlessly, powerfully, selfishly, cruelly, and successfully, at the destruction of all thatExternalisation, 396:brought about. The Lords of Liberation could be successfully invoked; the Spirit of Peace mightExternalisation, 397:the Forces of Light and Love. It could only be successfully used by disciples, advanced thinkersExternalisation, 398:reconstruction of world affairs. If this can be successfully accomplished, two great revelationsExternalisation, 486:can be rebuilt, that constructive action can be successfully taken, that enlightenment willExternalisation, 495:Lords of Liberation, to Whom invocation had been successfully made; through the impact of thisExternalisation, 495:a weakening of the tension which had hitherto successfully held the forces of evil together, and aExternalisation, 567:cycle also in which the planetary Logos, having successfully taken initiation and thus affected HisExternalisation, 596:and Buddhism) to prove His world mission successfully carried forward. It all seemed impossible,Externalisation, 618:to all men, and that steps must have been successfully taken in the direction of right humanExternalisation, 620:himself and eventually rationalizes himself so successfully that he ends by deciding that he isExternalisation, 654:nothing but the ideal, and who is unable to work successfully with situations and things as theyExternalisation, 659:mental plane can now, for the first time, be successfully anchored on dense physical levels or atExternalisation, 671:individual that the Hierarchy is steadily and successfully working; the concept of unity and ofExternalisation, 676:the work of the White Lodge, and hitherto quite successfully. But the cycle of success is slowlyFire, 545:world; he works upon and through his environment successfully or blindly just in so far as he canFire, 1079:the goal, yet no large numbers have passed successfully through the fires of transmutation, andFire, 1146:here. No system of sociological reform will be successfully worked out without a due considerationGlamour, 18:of thinkers is the method that can be most successfully applied at this time, and here these groupsGlamour, 36:own individual lives, and for the most part successfully. I make reference to this because in anGlamour, 52:seeks to serve, and does all three more or less successfully. The result of all this is that heGlamour, 97:to the world of reality. It is this conflict - successfully waged - which lands the man, as anGlamour, 141:eventually a condition which serves to veil successfully the true nature of the spiritual man. AGlamour, 192:instance: The Technique of the Presence, when successfully followed, enables the intuition to flowGlamour, 214:externalizing) the realization that groups can successfully clear away the glamors which darkenGlamour, 222:the work of dissipation can be carried forward successfully. First ray people can overcome glamorGlamour, 234:of the glamor, knowing that the work has been successfully carried forward. They reorganizeGlamour, 256:under monadic influence who can properly and successfully employ this form of life direction andHealing, 56:exoteric science is concerned, two things would successfully deter me: The whole subject isHealing, 247:by its species and environment, thus resisting successfully any "pull" of the all-enveloping lifeHealing, 341:they are enabled then to meditate more successfully and to attain realization with greater ease.Healing, 466:aura, and it can be photographed more easily and successfully during the process of dying than atHercules, 227:Reality veils itself. In this sign he passes successfully through his greatest trial and [228]Hercules, 228:the strengthening tests which will enable him successfully to pass through the experience of theIntellect, 95:true that the man who can think the most successfully, and who can control and utilize hisIntellect, 220:is an interior act, and can only be performed successfully when the body is relaxed, rightly poisedMagic, 139:whose possessor is one whom the Masters can successfully use. They are guided in their choice ofMagic, 224:ranks of the animal-men. Should this crisis be successfully passed, the second initiation ofMagic, 394:which constitute a personality have been successfully fused and merged and the mechanism orMagic, 601:clarify the main essentials. After that, he can successfully deal with the details. Students
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