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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUCCESSFULLY

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Meditation, 178:only those of pure life and unselfish motive can successfully reach the deva evolution, whereas inMeditation, 276:come the opportunity of the Master to accomplish successfully the scientific definite work thatPatanjali, 411:before the complete machine [411] can go forward successfully in its work, and in the realm ofProblems, 28:be an intensely difficult era and will be only successfully lived through if each nation willProblems, 33:will enable the youth of any nation to integrate successfully into the world picture. We start withProblems, 63:engaged in getting the best of each other and successfully fostering prejudices and hatred. ThisProblems, 161:been known to produce a group stimulation when successfully oriented and focused even to the pointPsychology1, 105:the invisible side of life, will steadily and successfully prove the existence of a spiritualPsychology1, 401:therefore preserved their characteristics more successfully than have the groups of our WesternPsychology2, 24:When this shift, in course of time, his been successfully achieved, then the consciousness is noPsychology2, 115:of World Servers. This work, carried forward successfully and intelligently, should make itPsychology2, 263:they have been assigned and which they have successfully undertaken. This first category of peoplePsychology2, 319:upon the path of evolution. When the battle is successfully fought, and there is a realization inPsychology2, 385:techniques of fusion and of duality are carried successfully forward. Certain questions thereforePsychology2, 454:arise out of meditation processes, which have successfully brought about illumination. This, in itsPsychology2, 457:of some transaction in the money market which is successfully carried through. The time is comingPsychology2, 699:the New Group of World Servers. Carried forward successfully and intelligently, it should beRays, 5:or consciousness, and when carried out successfully produces in time the construction of a higherRays, 39:and the "clear cold light." Only after he has successfully passed these can he - or the group, whenRays, 182:and another begins, and from what level he can successfully bring the swirling and living energiesRays, 234:accomplished by and through this energy is so successfully accomplished that it has produced aRays, 430:gang. The "sealing" of that door had not been successfully accomplished, and it is the part ofRays, 471:case. When the individual antahkarana has been successfully started, and there is even a tenuousRays, 490:of this threefold work, then it goes forward successfully and almost automatically. This he doesRays, 490:there comes a change. Each disciple, having successfully organized the bridge substance, havingRays, 695:he sees and knows) that the antahkarana has been successfully completed and that there is a directReappearance, 42:and Buddhism) to prove His world mission successfully carried forward. It all seemed impossible,Reappearance, 111:New Group of World Servers will be able to work successfully. This active energy of lovingReappearance, 115:He is coming to teach them how to establish it successfully themselves. Reappearance, 130:man has himself so powerfully created and so successfully projected that he is today the victim ofReappearance, 165:regarded as desirable and that steps have been successfully taken in the direction of right humanReappearance, 167:himself and eventually rationalizes himself so successfully that he ends by deciding that he isSoul, 10:of a single point of view. Whether she has successfully achieved the integration remains for theTelepathy, 38:work to be properly carried forward and successfully accomplished. But it is a task which you canTelepathy, 81:when hierarchical invocation is effective and successfully established. This again is repeatedTelepathy, 96:no longer controlled by the astral nature; he is successfully constructing the antahkarana along
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