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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUDDEN

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Astrology, 388:is revealed at the second initiation by the sudden removal or disappearance of world glamor in theAutobiography, 217:travelling expenses. We naturally could make no sudden decision but promised her we would think theBethlehem, 249:and location. The Christian may believe in a sudden perfecting through the process of death itself,Discipleship1, 143:is seen and realized. There is the method of a sudden and drastic adjustment, whereby the oldDiscipleship1, 469:he with real difficulty has assumed), when sudden changes occur and the work - as far as he isDiscipleship2, 71:and free the energies of dispersion. This is sudden death to the physical vehicle if unprepared.Discipleship2, 96:with the postwar period, you may find a sudden spiritual deepening and strengthening of your life,Discipleship2, 307:be expected to take? Are they to look for a sudden blaze of light, or should they expect a gradualDiscipleship2, 327:ever accompanies true conversion (a rare and sudden happening always when true and real) and whichDiscipleship2, 348:the fourth point of revelation concerns the sudden recognition by the initiate of the potency ofDiscipleship2, 386:started their redemptive work, and is "a sudden blazing forth of the individual glory and itsDiscipleship2, 400:Triad. You have, therefore, the reason for the sudden inflow of transfiguring glory. This is theDiscipleship2, 401:of contemplation; we are here concerned with his sudden apprehension - at the fourth Initiation ofExternalisation, 6:sensitivity of humanity at this time is the sudden inflow of a new form of astral energy throughExternalisation, 308:22 years. Is it possible that there will be a sudden descent of the Prince of Light and Peace toExternalisation, 557:interests. True participation may lead to the sudden conviction of the reality of that which I haveExternalisation, 654:of the Hierarchy on earth will not bring the sudden and the beneficent changes which theFire, 218:volume of vibration, and thereby achieving sudden realization of his essential identity with ThoseFire, 516:plane produces physical incarnation, and the sudden appearance on etheric levels of the sevenFire, 766:fans the central point of fire and produces a sudden flaming. The wicks are naught - the flame isHealing, 42:death is a beneficent friend. Disease can be the sudden and final call to the body to relinquishHealing, 359:true spiritual healing: When the patient makes a sudden and frequently unexpected contact with hisHealing, 446:not exist, except in the cases of violent and sudden death, and then the only true disagreeablesHealing, 461:possible and should not be employed. In cases of sudden death through accident, suicide, murder,Healing, 471:which does the attracting. I exclude cases of sudden death. There the activity is the result of theHealing, 479:rearrangement of its constituent forces and a sudden and unexpected reintegration of its componentHealing, 542:possible care, so that the flow is not too sudden, and therefore destructive in its effects;Healing, 542:too suddenly upon the heart, causing equally sudden movement in the blood stream, and thus of theHealing, 605:of psychic shock, which can be the case if sudden stimulation or drastic expulsion is employed. WeHealing, 606:direction, to hasten the patient's death by the sudden abstraction of needed energy or by theHealing, 703:of circumstances and governing conditions, sudden healings and dramatically arrested disease willHealing, 711:and settled down to live. Ejection - ruthless, sudden and complete - is undertaken by the one whoHealing, 712:[712] This technique is curiously potent and sudden when the healer is on the sixth ray; theHercules, 40:will brighter be," then fanned the light to sudden flame. "He comes with speed," said Arges, "he isHercules, 71:flash of illumination, and lo! it is gone; as a sudden realization of truth, so elusive, soHercules, 130:leads to a tragedy, the death of Pholos. This sudden interjection of catastrophe into theHercules, 182:set foot within his realm on penalty of sudden death. Having performed the task assigned, the sonInitiation, 42:of these Divine Men nothing is left to sudden eventuation, but all moves in ordered cycles andIntellect, 26:and their advent into our consciousness is sudden." - Dibblee, George Binney, Instinct andIntellect, 27:occasionally making its presence felt in the sudden illuminations and apprehensions of truth whichIntellect, 69:knowledge; the belief in a way of wisdom, sudden, penetrating, coercive, which is contrasted withIntellect, 161:infallibly true and arouses no questioning. All sudden solutions of apparently insoluble orIntellect, 256:there is a sense of blinding light, like a sudden flash of lightning or of electricity, registeredMagic, 112:ray dissimilar, you may have those brief and sudden friendships and affinities, that are asMagic, 244:to repeat earlier cycles. He is assailed by a sudden stimulation of the physical nature andMagic, 300:not exist, except in the cases of violent and of sudden death and then the only true disagreeablesMagic, 325:with us, with the thunder rumbling round, and sudden sharp storms of wind and rain upsetting theMagic, 373:ceremonial ray. This must not be pictured as a sudden and violent change. From the standpoint ofMagic, 421:light, an instantaneous electrical interplay, a sudden sensing of a similarity of vision and ofMagic, 560:cells and working out into words. Because in a sudden burst of critical thought, the entireMeditation, 63:be a true reflector of the higher. It causes a sudden rush of feeling from the atomic levels of theMeditation, 181:would lie along the line of over-stimulation, of sudden shattering, and of disintegration throughMeditation, 243:its rate of vibration? Is the patient subject to sudden turmoils that throw the entire emotionalMeditation, 341:and in the helping of others. When this is so, sudden illumination may come, and the realizationPatanjali, 61:obstacles, Determination to eliminate them, A sudden flash or vision of the soul Reality, FreshPatanjali, 207:aspirant, he nears a certain climax which is a sudden perception of the nature of the soul. He getsPsychology2, 81:it might be said that souls on the first ray are sudden and rapid in their desire to incarnate, andPsychology2, 167:nuts. The storehouse now is adequately full... Sudden a spade descends, for the thinker tends thePsychology2, 168:though the Weaver cries aloud, blinded by the sudden light, the sun shines in upon his wovenPsychology2, 248:through the aspirant, tensed for revelation; a sudden realization of a color, a beauty, a wisdomPsychology2, 274:fact that when "in meditation deep" a certain sudden and recognized relationship is established,Psychology2, 366:in the words: "Having done all, to stand." A sudden recognition of the Warrior within, Who isRays, 83:initiate realization is all brought about by the sudden appreciation or apprehension of sound, byRays, 175:of the result of that invocation, which is the sudden and unexpected shining forth of the Star.Rays, 485:may be a flash of the spiritual intuition or the sudden realization of the will-to-good in aRays, 583:either the first or the second initiation. The sudden and powerful emergence of the worldRays, 589:of crisis which will produce a potent (and often sudden) moving forward upon the Path of Evolution.Rays, 695:brings to the forefront of his consciousness the sudden and appalling recognition that the soulTelepathy, 84:and to group impartation of ideas. The sudden response of groups and nations to mass ideologies has
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