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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUFFER

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Magic, 623:server. When the hidden weaknesses appear, they suffer as well as he. The method of the Great Ones,Meditation, 91:work. Only as the heart enlarges its capacity to suffer with all that breathes, to love all that isMeditation, 311:not; nought but the fleeting personalities suffer. What does matter is lack of aspiration,Meditation, 348:that force according to the motive. He does not suffer from pride over what he has done, nor fromPatanjali, 31:They are Lords of Compassion pledged to "suffer" with, and to be governed by, certain conditionsPatanjali, 147:by his body of manifestation just so far does he suffer. Patanjali, 175:of suicide. The capacity of the race to suffer is due to the development and refinement of thePatanjali, 420:"What dost thou see, 0h! liberated one? Many who suffer, Master, who weep and cry for help. WhatProblems, 92:years of war (1914-1945) and are doomed still to suffer through the years of immediate adjustment.Psychology1, 93:called the soul, which could enjoy heaven or suffer hell at the will of God and as the result ofPsychology1, 161:the physical plane integration and expression suffer as a consequence. The "pull" of the soulPsychology1, 264:The Lords of the sixth great ray forced us to suffer in the cause, yet love it too, and through ourPsychology1, 302:to the group good? Will the group be hurt or suffer if I do thus and so? Will this benefit thePsychology1, 309:and hidden power which gives man the capacity to suffer which no animal possesses, but which alsoPsychology2, 98:and of pain a voice came forth and cried: 'We suffer here. We seek the light. We need the glory ofPsychology2, 175:living and of daily instinctive self-sacrifice suffer from being so vitally familiar and yet - ifPsychology2, 223:of analysis. This factor may surprise those who suffer from the misuse of the power toPsychology2, 377:center within the mystical pentagram, and there suffer until the light in the East rises upon hisPsychology2, 456:unsound and the trouble from which they suffer is practically contagious. They are a menace, justPsychology2, 616:to recognize this fact - are not as yet prone to suffer much from the group life, the groupPsychology2, 618:who have naturally a "technique of isolation" suffer less than many for they know how to shut offPsychology2, 635:determining factor in world affairs. The masses suffer from world conditions and from thePsychology2, 657:more than emotional animals. They live, work, suffer and fight, but have no real idea of what itRays, 91:growing sense of responsibility, his power to suffer for the good, the beautiful and true, hisRays, 156:hazard and as unstable. After that, he may suffer from illusion, but there is then no fear of hisRays, 243:this purpose to completion. The capacity to suffer, which is distinctive of humanity, is the
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