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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUFFICIENT

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Astrology, 159:not incorporated in the signs for the simple and sufficient reason that humanity could not respondAstrology, 292:Out of the mass or the herd emerges the self-sufficient unit which becomes increasingly aware ofAstrology, 434:This, when the consciousness is adequately self-sufficient, opens a door for the entrance ofAstrology, 626:through which this ray chooses by an "act of its sufficient will to act in time and space." Let usAtom, 68:general idea if we approach the subject with sufficient reverence and sensitiveness of outlook,Atom, 88:who seek to protect it, and considers itself sufficient unto itself. This can be seen in theAutobiography, 13:To me, good manners and not God should have been sufficient incentive. Anyway, a charming woman gotAutobiography, 260:are ideographic and symbolic, and - when sufficient stimulation is present - the viewer becomesAutobiography, 298:disciple of the Great Ones with achieved status sufficient to her task and that through her theBethlehem, 16:man and can manifest in full expression. When a sufficient number of people have grasped thisBethlehem, 56:faith in the divinity which is in man. God had sufficient confidence in men and in their reactionBethlehem, 180:his name to the resulting movement? or is it sufficient to suppose the automatic formation of suchBethlehem, 186:from this passage that St. Paul regarded it as sufficient to salvation that one should simplyBethlehem, 253:with the Whole, and not to be simply a self-sufficient individual. Then the life of the whole bodyBethlehem, 276:an innate sense of persistence does not seem sufficient. We know much about the power and tenacityDestiny, 82:The British are just and wise, but their self-sufficient technique and their blindness to otherDiscipleship1, 36:the pouring in of light. When there are a sufficient number of groups, working along these lines,Discipleship1, 63:their interpretation of what they sense is of sufficient accuracy so that they will respondDiscipleship1, 75:future lives even more than in this, you are of sufficient moment to warrant my interest. A groupDiscipleship1, 131:preparatory thinking or without arriving at some sufficient and adequate reason (not feelingDiscipleship1, 270:both as individuals and as a group in my Ashram, sufficient teaching and information to carry youDiscipleship1, 345:establish and you have not worked at this for a sufficient length of time to get your results. TheDiscipleship1, 371:That weakness could be so easily offset, given sufficient illumined desire and spiritual willDiscipleship1, 428:control of your soul is, in this incarnation, of sufficient power to evoke a reaction in all theDiscipleship1, 456:you basically. Such problems provide not for you sufficient or adequate motive to warrant theDiscipleship1, 513:and the love of this group of disciples is sufficient to carry you through... As to your garden, myDiscipleship1, 553:prepared. You have, however, adequate light and sufficient strength to enable you to tread the wayDiscipleship1, 726:can be relatively short. Two lives sometimes are sufficient to cover [727] this period. The chelaDiscipleship1, 771:to be made. Some of you are not thinking with sufficient clarity about the issues involved, beingDiscipleship2, 572:is not the duty or dharma of average man. It is sufficient for him to make good (as it is called)Discipleship2, 587:to the reactions of disciples who possess sufficient strength of purpose, clarity of intention andDiscipleship2, 749:aggregation of spiritual forces of a strength sufficient to create a reservoir of this energy ofExternalisation, 17:laid upon the need for physical purity, and not sufficient emphasis laid upon the avoidance of allExternalisation, 101:and your activities, and when there are sufficient groups thus actuated, then the Kingdom of GodExternalisation, 222:that when a thought-form has been constructed of sufficient potency and [223] has been built over aExternalisation, 245:This, along with the great humanitarian plea, is sufficient reason to impel all men of goodwill toExternalisation, 314:people who love their fellowmen enough and have sufficient illumination to enable them to work withExternalisation, 349:is prepared to use if the appeal comes forth in sufficient strength from the people of the world.Externalisation, 379:is told him if it is said loudly enough and with sufficient plausible force, is well known. TheExternalisation, 396:through the New Group of World Servers, which is sufficient to invoke the will-to-good and onlyExternalisation, 512:with the Masters and of those whose souls are in sufficient control so that the will of theExternalisation, 628:and selfless in their viewpoint, exist in sufficient numbers to make their power felt - if theyExternalisation, 694:The possession of the abstract mind is not sufficient. It is useful, in that it guarantees theFire, 239:of man at this stage of evolution, it is sufficient as a working basis on which he may erect hisFire, 324:principle is beginning to function, but not in sufficient force as yet to do more than keep them inFire, 482:Atlantean days) and the landmarks indicated hold sufficient guidance to enable them to penetrateFire, 599:The three major Rays, being dual, are their own sufficient explanation. They are at present theFire, 816:the substance of the lotus, attracts to itself sufficient of that substance to form three innerFire, 933:system will he assume definite physical form. Sufficient energy has not yet been generated toFire, 984:work is fully safeguarded, and at the same time sufficient is imparted to those who have the innerFire, 1006:nature and vibration of the solar Angel proved sufficient protection, but he is now proposing toFire, 1057:therefore of the first Ray. This of itself is sufficient to account for varying and diverseFire, 1063:Radiation comes about when the internal, self-sufficient life of any atom is offset by a strongerFire, 1110:triangle at the base of the egoic lotus. When of sufficient strength and [1111] purity, it affectsFire, 1149:Meditation which - if collated - will provide sufficient data for study for a long time. Not muchGlamour, 74:upward out of the fogs of materiality are now sufficient in numbers to do some definite work inGlamour, 84:not wholly correctly but nevertheless with sufficient truth to warrant the statement) that maya, asGlamour, 139:to the headlights of a car and their self-sufficient blaze, serves only to intensify the problemGlamour, 223:the fact of the Higher Self. He feels self-sufficient. They respond so easily and with suchHealing, 41:The Psychological Causes of Disease There is not sufficient knowledge yet among healers to enableHealing, 71:as well as individual selfishness. I have cited sufficient reasons for the effects of Worry andHealing, 123:reconciliations. When the disciple is of sufficient importance to become the organizing center of aHealing, 463:control and a gentle impulsive activity - sufficient to preserve consciousness, to vitalize theHealing, 560:are hopelessly wrong in believing that that is sufficient; in their ignoring of all scientificHealing, 602:however, especially with untrained healers, is sufficient. Too detailed a knowledge of theHealing, 631:the patient - occultly and occasionally produces sufficient energy stimulation to bring about aHealing, 677:are synonymous terms, or whether he can show sufficient love to effect a healing. Let him ponder onHercules, 16:must the disciple pass before he had acquired sufficient skill to draw that bow. It took him allHercules, 132:that human goodness is overlooked; without a sufficient measure of it, the world could not endure.Hercules, 183:first time in the history of our race there is a sufficient number of intelligent men and women toInitiation, viii:There are those who think that it is not of sufficient immediate importance to engross theirInitiation, 39:in this scheme, is self-sustaining and self-sufficient, being the physical incarnation of one ofIntellect, 16:there still remains a residue of testimony and a sufficient number of reputable witnesses,Intellect, 108:control. Through the practice of concentration sufficient control should be achieved, so that theIntellect, 239:endeavors. Just to love God is not entirely sufficient. It is a step in the right direction, butMagic, 55:thereby keying up their mental interest so that sufficient impetus is generated to enable them toMagic, 168:his karma and carry out his obligations, but has sufficient determination to enable him to handleMagic, 180:higher mental levels; in the third case you have sufficient development to enable the aspirant toMagic, 459:work is necessarily done, and here is reason sufficient for the development, on the part of theMagic, 486:and as a rule, when that is so, character of sufficient stability and wisdom goes alongside. But itMagic, 567:the embryo form is destroyed. Where there is not sufficient energy, or adequate persistentMagic, 567:"in the light of day," because there was not sufficient energy to generate that spark of livingMagic, 632:are at the stage where a home or office provides sufficient experience, that is for them theMagic, 636:disciples to act with wisdom, to give themselves sufficient sleep, right food (which must vary forMagic, 637:which he himself lacks. This is, in itself, a sufficient punishment, and quickly brings the honestMeditation, 71:it seems to you that I have but imparted only sufficient to arouse interest, know then that that isMeditation, 85:and down to the base. This is not in itself sufficient to arouse the fire; that can only be done inMeditation, 92:are non-human; later on, when the student is of sufficient importance to attract notice, the attackMeditation, 107:drew within the circle of manifestation matter sufficient for His project, and material adequateMeditation, 149:by an animating love which will give to him sufficient motive for all that he attempts. I haveMeditation, 193:As yet it is practically impossible to get a sufficient number of people at the same stage ofMeditation, 276:stand before the Great Lord for a length of time sufficient to permit of the initiation ceremony.Meditation, 298:troubled condition of the world at present is sufficient barrier to any general acceptation ofMeditation, 345:disability. He sees that his lower vehicle gets sufficient rest, and adequate sleep. He rises earlyPatanjali, 27:of the soul entails will carry the aspirant with sufficient steadiness toward his goal. ThePatanjali, 214:a remnant of that yoga which was necessary and sufficient for the Lemurian root-race man, whoProblems, 135:only a little food, some warmth, a few books and sufficient clothing. Many are refusing altogetherPsychology1, xxv:so as to be recognizable, and should have in it sufficient intelligent appeal to warrant itsPsychology1, 27:at this time would be a disaster. There is not sufficient intelligence and love in the world toPsychology1, 90:added to heredity and education, are sufficient to account for the phenomena of the human
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