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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUFFICIENTLY

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Astrology, 232:or spiritual aspiration weighs the balances down sufficiently so as to indicate the way that theAstrology, 623:must be loved before that power of the will is sufficiently evoked. Then the vision can become aAtom, 155:Logos, the reason being that He is not, as yet, sufficiently evolved so that He can respondBethlehem, 8:the meaning has remained obscured and fails sufficiently to affect our lives. In our myopic studyBethlehem, 178:checked by anyone who cares to do so and who is sufficiently interested to trace the growth of theBethlehem, 261:has evoked, nor was the intellect of the masses sufficiently developed to profit by their teachingBethlehem, 266:of light which we can see, we do not find it sufficiently interesting to call forth promptBethlehem, 282:was), the time has come, and mankind has evolved sufficiently, for the divine life within it toDestiny, 70:have an esoteric bias. The subject is, however, sufficiently abstruse to deter most people. TheDestiny, 86:conditioning forces make the story of Italy sufficiently clear: [87] Leo - with its ruler, the SunDiscipleship1, 113:and have been too often unduly objective and not sufficiently moved by opportunity. You have servedDiscipleship1, 133:body is on the second ray and this will be sufficiently obvious to you, giving you thoseDiscipleship1, 139:to etheric vitalization. Your heart center is sufficiently awakened for this life and greaterDiscipleship1, 171:it should be. You have a powerful astral body of sufficiently poised control to proceed with theDiscipleship1, 171:the outer tangible environment. This is not yet sufficiently noted by orthodox psychology. TheDiscipleship1, 335:nature to this occult law but I have indicated sufficiently the usefulness of your statement. I amDiscipleship1, 404:as I had suggested doing, because I gave you a sufficiently complete analysis in my lastDiscipleship1, 557:hold. When this is strong enough and the man is sufficiently decentralized, it is the soul qualityDiscipleship1, 627:groups. If the personnel of the group can be sufficiently purified and trained and if the disciplesDiscipleship1, 627:and if the disciples who compose it can be sufficiently welded together into one functioning unit,Discipleship1, 653:in their scope that I ask myself if you are sufficiently aware of the world need to sacrifice yourDiscipleship1, 662:yet come from the Tibetan that the victory is sufficiently gained to warrant more active work inDiscipleship1, 691:the inter-personality relationship and are not sufficiently focused upon the group-soul and uponDiscipleship2, 61:center of all. Is the etheric web of the planet sufficiently stable and balanced so that it canDiscipleship2, 336:planes of the cosmic physical plane) for a sufficiently long period of time to test theirDiscipleship2, 574:1940 BROTHER OF OLD: I wonder whether you have sufficiently realized that for you to bring throughEducation, 146:by the human being. It is anchored, when sufficiently constructed, in the throat. This thread is anExternalisation, 108:and in whom the love aspect of divinity was not sufficiently expressing itself; it was, however,Externalisation, 111:because, in so doing, we shall cover the field sufficiently - I believe - to bring at least someExternalisation, 169:that its vibratory activity would eventually be sufficiently powerful to swing it into the radiusExternalisation, 234:which are not yet present in the world on a sufficiently wide scale. Against these emergingExternalisation, 235:to a peaceful conquest of a people who refuse sufficiently to value the spiritual issues at stakeExternalisation, 249:power-mantram, nor is it easy to step it down sufficiently so that it can be safely used by all,Externalisation, 268:is open to the human sense of awareness, if sufficiently enlightened and selfless. You can see fromExternalisation, 276:take phrase by phrase, as their significance is sufficiently clear) we have plainly put before usExternalisation, 376:of practical value has emerged and nothing sufficiently potent to end the old and horrid ways ofExternalisation, 385:will form a body of synchronized public opinion, sufficiently strong to mould ideas, influence theFire, 82:can only be transcended when consciousness is sufficiently developed to permit of escape. This canFire, 91:functioning, and is a point which cannot be sufficiently emphasized. The remainder is cast off inFire, 134:the spine or spinal column. This is a fact not sufficiently recognized by those who treat of theFire, 138:when the matter of these vehicles is energized sufficiently by its own latent fires that he canFire, 178:or egoic body is the transmitting point (when sufficiently equipped and built) between the higherFire, 280:attract each other as the vibration becomes sufficiently strong. A negative planet will beFire, 340:a Logos "goes out" (occultly) when the fires are sufficiently fierce. As regards the fire ofFire, 542:fire of matter, or "fire by friction," becomes sufficiently intense; when the fire of mind, orFire, 606:with the third aspect. Occult students have not sufficiently grasped the fact that objectivity isFire, 622:mental plane. These three types have not been sufficiently studied, and are: The force which playsFire, 707:two reasons: First, that the subject has been sufficiently covered for our purpose in an earlierFire, 719:enter in until the human type of that era is sufficiently refined for their purpose. They areFire, 725:frequently, as its significance is not yet sufficiently grasped. By means of the appearance of thisFire, 750:man is a force center, either for his Ego, when sufficiently evolved, or, via his Ego, of his groupFire, 756:reaching of the many; their bodies also will be sufficiently pure to permit of the over-shadowing.Fire, 790:body the dense physical form. It has been sufficiently dealt with in other books. We will only wantFire, 869:is but small, but when the three petals become sufficiently active and alive through the energyFire, 888:the three factors entering in. This has been sufficiently dealt with in earlier pages. Much thatFire, 970:He has, first of all, to hold the idea sufficiently long for it to be faithfully registered in theFire, 971:Nature. When his will, or the initial impulse is sufficiently strong, and when the imagination, orFire, 993:in three ways. If a man's bodies are not sufficiently purified and their atomic vibration is notFire, 993:purified and their atomic vibration is not sufficiently high, he is in danger of over-stimulationFire, 1052:upon one and all. This is another factor not sufficiently recognized. Finally, the energy of theFire, 1065:which is drawing it to itself. When this is felt sufficiently strongly, the atomic cycle isFire, 1270:much knowledge to the man whose perception is sufficiently awakened. Thirdly, the insertion of theGlamour, 20:so good that the black forces are interested sufficiently to attempt to hinder their fine work byGlamour, 135:expressed brotherhood. These will produce, when sufficiently developed and understood, a form ofHealing, 107:functioning properly and does not transmit prana sufficiently, and when you have an astral orHealing, 145:during infancy and until the will-to-be is sufficiently established so that the incarnating personHealing, 328:the healer's body. These stimulate the patient sufficiently so that he is enabled to throw off theHealing, 378:on this. However, no radio now exists which is sufficiently sensitive to carry sound waves from theHealing, 446:a sleep and a forgetting, for the mind is not sufficiently awakened to react, and the storehouse ofHercules, 142:the over-emphasis of this one facet is not sufficiently inclusive. All pairs [143] of opposites areHercules, 199:makes certain contacts before the mechanism is sufficiently tuned up. World saviors have to workInitiation, 88:knowledge comes added power. The heart is now sufficiently pure and loving, and the intellectInitiation, 88:sufficiently pure and loving, and the intellect sufficiently stable to stand the strain of knowing.Initiation, 111:but something attainable, provided he strives sufficiently. The first initiation is within theIntellect, 66:acquired, should the faith of the petitioner be sufficiently strong. Meditation differs from prayerIntellect, 154:ever open to those individual minds which can be sufficiently quieted and controlled to permitIntellect, 210:and blend. The man who can train himself to be sufficiently one-pointed can withdraw his thought atIntellect, 255:stopped, or slowed down. If the condition is not sufficiently serious to warrant the completeMagic, 54:that all have lived long enough and battled sufficiently with deterrent forces of life to haveMagic, 175:of the writers can be over-estimated or not sufficiently appreciated; the terms used by theMagic, 184:impress and control of the soul. This is covered sufficiently in the first two or three chapters ofMagic, 294:realization offer. Until the mental apparatus is sufficiently awakened and controlled it would notMagic, 300:a sleep and a forgetting, for the mind is not sufficiently awakened to react, and the storehouse ofMagic, 315:body, and its power to attract others who are sufficiently developed to respond with adequateMagic, 395:But this is no true definition for it is not sufficiently comprehensive. It has grown out of theMagic, 404:of probationary disciples who are not as yet sufficiently stable in their endeavor, all canMagic, 448:the statement that if one desires a thing for a sufficiently long period of time one will possessMagic, 529:has found his soul and the principle of unity is sufficiently revealed to him he shifts also intoMagic, 567:the solar Angel wavers in his intent and is not sufficiently interested. Many fine ideas equallyMagic, 623:tend to becloud his way. Because he is not sufficiently detached and spiritually advanced, he walksMagic, 630:the reverse idea, that what they do will not be sufficiently liked, appreciated and understood.Meditation, 3:of the mental plane. This is a point not sufficiently recognized. Ponder on it. Real abstractMeditation, 4:to that of the [4] Ego, aligned itself sufficiently to form a fairly unimpeded channel. Then atMeditation, 30:a point of adequacy; when his physical body was sufficiently coordinated, when he had an emotionalMeditation, 30:when he had an emotional or desire nature sufficiently strong to form a basis for existence, and toMeditation, 30:of instinct, and when the germ of mentality was sufficiently implanted to have donated theMeditation, 71:interest and the interest of all aspirants is sufficiently aroused naught can then be withheld fromMeditation, 186:center is adequately vitalized, every power is sufficiently expressing itself, all impurity andMeditation, 224:by H.P.B. but their significance has not been sufficiently apprehended. One hint I give for yourMeditation, 232:reason of the difference can be apprehended sufficiently to permit the pupil to realize the
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