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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUIT

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Autobiography, 175:about me; I have been able to arrange my days to suit myself except as far as the children wereAutobiography, 228:of a lecture a man came up to me with a small suit case in his hand and said, "I have been orderedDestiny, 9:of democracy as of any other ideology); they suit well in all probability the nations who acceptDestiny, 10:personal life or tradition and which would not suit him as an individual nor meet the need of theDiscipleship1, 725:be stepped down to a generally lower average to suit the least advanced? Let us put it in anotherDiscipleship2, 63:Logos directs them or withholds them to suit the recognized planetary needs of the period. Discipleship2, 64:are being remodeled and rearranged in order to suit the modern mind and needs. Senior disciples areDiscipleship2, 659:strengthening of the ways and the methods which suit those with whom they are associated andDiscipleship2, 764:you to work out the form [764] or procedure to suit yourself, or to do without any form if it seemsEducation, 125:values sensed and the perversion of the truth to suit individual aims and ends. But as man gropesEducation, 125:individuals developing the ideas which seem to suit the national or personal psychology, yetExternalisation, 697:that of the initiate who cannot thus create to suit his purpose and his service. Will all theIntellect, 237:the rules and who are good psychologists, to suit the needs of differing types of people. A fewPsychology2, 597:are not ready, which have not been modified to suit the occidental type of body, and which they
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