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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUITABLE

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Astrology, 183:controls what we might call (for lack of a more suitable word) the "hub of the wheel." This is thatAstrology, 645:planetary schemes, and provide conditions suitable only for the very advanced stages. They areAstrology, 692:planetary schemes, and provide conditions suitable only for the very advanced stages. They are theAutobiography, 142:ago interpreted the Bible in one way (probably suitable for his time and age) that it should beAutobiography, 274:up the old ways and instituting new and more suitable methods of teaching occult truth. The ArcaneDestiny, 9:or nations who adopt them. They are none of them suitable for general use (and I say this equallyDiscipleship1, 136:technique of civilization and of group work - suitable for the New Age - are emerging in theDiscipleship1, 429:Then at night, or earlier in the evening if more suitable, use divine indifference as a theme forDiscipleship1, 488:world service. Seek each morning, at a suitable time, to contact them - as individuals andDiscipleship1, 768:can use its instrument if it makes itself into a suitable and available instrument. Are you too setDiscipleship2, 304:it will be apparent to you that it is suitable for all true thought processes, all mental moods,Discipleship2, 649:through, she realized how extremely apposite and suitable they had proved to be. Pain has engulfedDiscipleship2, 722:have you seek (and you will find) a place of suitable residence which will be of prolongedDiscipleship2, 723:for your quiet, gracious, restful living in a suitable abiding place, close to the center of ourDiscipleship2, 724:and your refusal (an interior refusal) to seek a suitable place to live are indications of a mentalEducation, vi:society one is trying to create or preserve as a suitable home for the cultural ideals promulgated;Education, 9:Soul will be investigated. Meditation along suitable lines will be part of the curriculum. ItExternalisation, 14:and then the application of differentiated and suitable methods so that he may progress with theExternalisation, 462:for new ways in government, new modes of suitable living, and for a method whereby right humanFire, 101:web - it permits occasional exit to those of suitable vibration. Fire, 175:intelligent, and the field of his life more suitable for the coming in of this second aspect. TheFire, 447:the molding of the form and the rendering of it suitable to the needs of any particular Entity. InFire, 673:"sin," and also the early "failures" in building suitable vehicles for Spirits seeking incarnation.Fire, 706:failures and will [706] have to wait for a more suitable period for development, while those whoFire, 758:process of: Physical birth. Appropriation of a suitable vehicle, or body. Direct creation by an actFire, 777:planetary schemes, and provide conditions suitable only for the very advanced stages. They are theFire, 1059:until, in the turning of the great wheel, suitable and better conditions may eventuate. RealizeGlamourhowever, should recognize that meditations suitable for special group purposes are not in generalHealing, 193:vehicles which, in another life, will prove more suitable for soul control and more adequateHealing, 343:and indicate to us some esoteric methods, suitable to our stage of development in connection withHealing, 369:flame in a fireplace ionizes the air; that with suitable apparatus one may extract either theHealing, 450:signal for that which is better, new and more suitable for the evolving spirit, to make itsHealing, 608:the stage in evolution where it is a useful and suitable instrument (and will become increasinglyInitiation, 66:in community living with a view to drafting the suitable ones into the colony of the sixth subrace.Intellect, 55:is, however, a sense in which he may, under suitable definition, speak of the soul as distinctiveMagic, 94:and of self will be found inadequate, and a more suitable form of expression will be found, butMagic, 133:the need, - someone perhaps not so fundamentally suitable, but the only one available on account ofMagic, 141:the ideas received in such form as will be suitable for those he is engaged in helping. ThroughMagic, 459:deal with the specifications, look for those suitable for the control of the work, and assemble theMeditation, 14:that guide the teacher in the choice of method suitable for the pupil. Later, when the teacherMeditation, 22:of real moment in deciding wisely upon a method suitable for the individual. We have up till nowMeditation, 40:- No meditation that is truly and occultly suitable can be assigned by a teacher who has not theMeditation, 61:laxness lead a man nowhere. The position most suitable for the average is cross-legged upon theMeditation, 67:groups and their assignment to other groups more suitable will be effected by judiciousMeditation, 285:It is not the love that sweeps all into service, suitable or unsuitable, and that recognizes noMeditation, 345:relaxes whenever possible; he eats wholesome and suitable food and refrains from heavy eating. APatanjali, 386:proceeds these forms become increasingly suitable until the "organs" created enable the spiritualPatanjali, 393:if black-white, they will carry him into a form suitable for the working out of his obligations, ofPatanjali, 398:concealed until a more favorable soil and more suitable condition can cause them to germinate,Problems, 138:teaching, because man has evolved and what was suitable for infant humanity is today unsuitable forPsychology1, 273:Each has been, or is, in turn right, legal and suitable, or wrong, illegal and unsuitable. Each ofPsychology1, 296:decision will meet a natural need in a right and suitable and regulated manner. Today one party orPsychology2, 127:great proportions, and the word becomes quite suitable. There is sacrifice. There is suffering.Psychology2, 231:and manifestation ends, such terms are no longer suitable; they have no meaning. Yet the undyingPsychology2, 424:of an inner program, intelligently compiled, and suitable for the point in evolution but not soPsychology2, 425:employ the terms which seem to me to be the most suitable, knowing that I am failing to express theRays, 11:and no eternal or cosmic fact clothed in a suitable form will fail to receive its meed ofRays, 134:signal for that which is better, new and more suitable for the evolving spirit, to make itsRays, 212:to the fact that when a group can arrive at a suitable point of united tension, non-essentialRays, 452:create a new terminology, for there are no words suitable to define our meaning. Just as modernRays, 549:ease to a level of astral living which is not suitable for them; continual use of this energyRays, 687:the subject of the five initiations in a form suitable for the Christian West. I would like toRays, 744:nothing but Communism; he cannot imagine another suitable form of government; again, a man born inReappearance, 8:the undesirable and make way for new and more suitable forms for the evolving life of God ImmanentReappearance, 118:forms which reincarnates, choosing and building suitable physical, emotional and [119] mentalSoul, 117:has been worked up so as to constitute a suitable vehicle for the expression of consciousness inTelepathy, 67:as it manifests in relation to the available and suitable environment. Note this phrase. All this
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