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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUITED

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Astrology, 595:aspects of these three Potencies which are not suited to our systemic life at this point in theAtom, 62:the environing form in order to acquire one more suited to its need. Thus through every grade ofAutobiography, 167:to work out a style and presentation which is suited to the great truths which it is His functionAutobiography, 208:the kind of thing I liked and the colors that suited me and twice a year on receipt of these boxesAutobiography, 226:Morton, six months her senior and admirably suited to her. It is one of those really happyBethlehem, 41:other religions it is called by a terminology suited to the time and temperament of the aspirant.Bethlehem, 57:interpreting God's Plan to the race in terms suited to each age and temperament; The uniformity ofDiscipleship1, XIV:a few cases. They were strictly individual and suited to the person and his peculiar problems. InDiscipleship1, 13:These meditations are each individually suited to the disciple concerned and vary according to ray,Discipleship1, 519:For you the group meditation is peculiarly suited and useful; it brings the strength to you that isDiscipleship2, 237:and new presentation and a new terminology, more suited to the growing mental grasp of theEducation, 85:child will be spurred on to individual effort suited to his temperament [86] and capacity. Thus heExternalisation, 192:recognize that its form of government may be suited [193] to it and quite unsuited to anotherExternalisation, 397:of the Invocation, of great power which was suited to the conditions of war - a war which provedExternalisation, 405:which the World Teachers have brought to us, suited to our need and capacity at any given time.Externalisation, 447:of that impact, and this will evoke results suited to the type of mind affected. Response will beFire, 426:of consciousness to other spheres, more [426] suited to their stage of evolution. This event willFire, 891:or groups, under a form of government suited to their needs in the central caves several milesGlamour, 63:energies for which he is not temperamentally suited. He imposes an energy current upon his mentalHealing, 300:living substance, He threw together those that suited not each other, then saw the end was sorrowHealing, 300:sorrow and deceit. Patterns He made, but purpose suited not. He gave up in despair." The mainHealing, 518:life but - at the same time - responsive to and suited to the period, race and the environingHealing, 518:this statement out and emphasize the words "suited to." Second: The soul then prepares itself forHealing, 650:themselves in the type or mode of healing best suited to that ray; then, when adequately efficientHercules, 133:In other words, the help given must be carefully suited to the needs of the individual involved. InInitiation, 183:by occidentals will be seen, and this upon a ray suited to their type of mind. It is interesting toMagic, 110:are well enough in their way but they are not suited to the world's rough usage. "Can one do aughtMagic, 176:they should transmit. Many methods are tried, suited to the nature of the [177] aspirant or chela.Magic, 408:partial in time and space, and are temporarily suited to the temperaments and conditions of the ageMagic, 459:They search until They find the one most suited to be the focal point of information on theMeditation, 14:spot, differentiated practice may be carried on suited to the temperament of the pupil, and havingMeditation, 46:Teachers, forms of meditation will be planned, suited to nationality and to the temperamentalProblems, 58:child will be spurred on to individual effort suited to [59] his temperament and capacity. Thus hePsychology1, 83:show to man what is his equipment and how well suited he is to the work for which he has beenPsychology1, 336:how peculiarly this Earth on which we live is suited to the development of the incarnating sons ofPsychology2, 348:ready for the Technique of Fusion, which is suited to his ray type. This will bring us to our
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